Meeting Notes 2011 07 26

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The 171st Meeting of Noisebridge

Note-taker: Danny

Moderator: Rubin

Introduction and Names[edit]

  • What Noisebridge is about: "Noisebridge is a 501c3 nonprofit that provides a space for creation, collaboration, and learning about technology and creative projects. Noisebridge provides space, power tools, and infrastructure to help the public learn new skills and create cool things. Noisebridge continues to exist through and depends entirely on membership fees and donations. Our code of conduct is 'Be excellent to each other'."
  • Round of introductions: What's your name, what do you do, and if you are new, how did you hear about Noisebridge? Start with the moderator and go left.
  • A brief primer on consensus process: We agree and so should you! Only paid-up members can block consensus.

Katie -- from London
Todd -- new here
Rich -- fix computer
Liz -- cutting out stencils of anarchist women
Leif -- steganography

Short Announcements[edit]

Chaos communications camp, we're all going! Katie says people from Hackspace in London are coming too!
Noisebridge now has a facilities closet again!
Spacebridge is doing its launch on Saturday!
Meredith is selling out to Radioshack, she is looking for completed projects to showcase.
Ada says there is a bunch of bikes here
Making cookies late tonight

Cool new projects? Something you'd like people to know? Say now, but keep it short!

Financial Report[edit]

Funds in bank:

Membership Binder[edit]

We have members.

Consensus items[edit]

Tor consensus deferred until next week (discussion continues below).

Discussion Items[edit]

duncan has his personal desk set up on a sewing work table. WTF? we use that table for sewing things. when i tried to talk to him about it he suggested i bring it up at the meeting. i think that using public workspace for individual workstations is unexcellent. -rlh

Duncan agreed to move his stuff to the shelf. He suggested that perhaps Noisebridge was not civilized.

We consense on our lack of civilization. Rachel blocked, saying we were fucking civilized.

Leif explains what Tor is again, and how we would take donations to build Tor nodes as earmarked donations to Noisebridge. Questions were asked and answered!

q. Are the Tor nodes running in the space? a. No.
q. Is their legal risk? a. We are doing this in part to show how limited the legal risk.
q. What about illegal pornography or other unlawful content?
a. Plenty of people here provide Tor exit nodes, and their interactions with law enforcement has been positive -- Tor is well-known, and indeed used by law enforcement. What we're trying to do here is to establish more clearly that this is the case so people don't feel so cautious, and law enforcement have a clearer more well-documented precedent to help them understand what is going on.

Katie -- some ISPs say to use Tor to bypass copyright in the UK. UK three strikes law might lead to a disconnection.
Shannon -- don't use BitTorrent over Tor.
Andy -- the servers won't be here, they'll be at multiple colocation facilities.

q. Who will be helping us legally?
a. The EFF -- but they're not our counsel. But they have indicated they would be interested, and would help us find counsel.

q. What happens if the FBI busts Noisebridge?
a. We have no guarantee, but then we have no guarantee that the FBI will bust us now?

q. What kind of capacity?
a. We're looking at a gigabit switch.

q. Is there any plans to have back-up money in case we go over? a. We are designing it so that we can never spend money that we don't have.

Any more concerns?

There was a general concern about Rubin's hair color.

Katie said your geocache is broken. She is do-acratically fixing it.