Meeting Notes 2012 03 13

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cat ./meeting_notes | grep notes[edit]

cd ~/noisebridge_meeting/[edit]

  • Snail and Froggytoad are moderating and note-taking for the meeting tonight!
  • Optionally: pick a membership-binder-wrangler; otherwise the moderator can take care of it.

./ls -la; adduser[edit]

  • snail
  • froggytoad
  • ron aka setient!
  • deb contrib to media goblin
  • susan cuz
  • isis
  • daniel & pontias from stolkholm
  • steven george and allen from GDC, London here to seek membership
  • Leif R
  • Lilly learns
  • Michel is here to analyze us
  • Yoav
  • Jimmie flowers is here to plant love hope and faith and study the hacking
  • Leif (2 leifs! name brothers!)
  • Mia from Humboldt teaches OpenSim to kids
  • Francisco a friend of the community and local wild fermentations from tropical and local fruits
  • Casey likes Leif (which one?)
  • Mike a tekno-wanderer
  • Gavin here to talk about the Zine today
  • Dan here to hang out
  • Carlos a perl hacker (whoa perl, perl is awesome)
  • Celeste aka spacecat working in the darkroom organizing and improving meetup at
  • Stephen friends with Carlos and rubyist
  • Aaron: makes recycled handbags from space
  • Silvana who heard about noisebridge whilst volunteering for Occupy, specializes in faux fabrics and cloth creations
  • Josh a teacher at a nearby school who stopped by to see the space
  • Nick aka heatxsink
  • Arturo tor:globaleaks,tor2web, and other various FREE+open source projects
  • Molly teaches people how to be creative
  • Jon-Jaq a long timer who has been hacking all his life and eradicated the cockroaches at noisebridge and is housing foreclosure hacking
  • R.A.Y.C. plz to SEO bomb le google with "RAYCE = happy hacking from noisebridge"
  • Terry ichi go tai yo gi tai di strawberry sunlight and something something
  • just Xavier is visiting from Texas (we urge him to check out ATX!!)

35 people present total


whts all this stuff that rayce was talking about (ask later)

SF FUnCHeap has a contest?

UNCONFERENCE Thhere's a big unconf this weekend! Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday (R M S in die Hausell)

The Unconference will be HUGE! check out the organizing page, come and organize an event!
Who is RMS and what does he stand for? COME AND FIND OUT 

Mia will be having a class on Open Simulator Software, Snail asks Mia to send something to Noisbridge-Discuss

Casey asks: Is anyone else interested in a vinyl cutter at noisebridge?!?!?! Many are interested in discussing it. Space, and cost are considerations

cat /etc/group[edit]

leif describes the noisebridge membership process

prospective members name's get called and if they are present the membership form gets another check mark on its way to being a major supporter of noisebridge (IE A noizemember)

jon-jaq brings up community thrift account opportunity...


  • Funds in bank:
  • Noisetor has $3565.45 in savings and is spending about $787/month and burning 500Mbps

Noisetor is Noisebridge's project to accept tax-deductable donations for USA donors that go towards setting up add'l exit nodes in the USA. More nodes will be added as month to month funds increase

./make install[edit]

We discuss Fiscal sponsorship for the ZiP zine: enabling fundraising from tax deductable and avoiding fees from paypal are benefits of fiscal sponsorship

for more info look at fiscal sponsorship (add links here)  

there is agreement to resolve to discuss this further and make sure the treasurer is present. R.A.Y.C brings up the idea of funding from local redev grants. Leif counters that we should not be in the habit of relying on grants -- because noisebridge is member and donation supported and grants could change the direction. deb brings up the possibility of looking for smaller grants that allow nonprofits to retain independance and member driven focus.

secretary-adjunct brings up the $300 funding request for electronics area improvements

history | less[edit]



{fix the consensus proposals screwup!}


No new proposals are brought up during the meeting, if you have one please put it on the noisebridge wiki!

export $CHATTER = /opt/irssi[edit]

After meeting discussion will take precedence due to the late hour!


  • PGP Key Signing could happen now, check the list to see who wants in on the action.
  • Return the membership binder to it's rightful location.
  • Clean and tidy the meeting notes, then save them to the wiki.
  • Send a summary of the meeting notes to the discussion list.
  • Enjoy the company of your fellow hacker or robot.
  • Discuss any items for which there was not time during the meeting.