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The 196th Meeting of Noisebridge

Note-taker: Brian

Moderator: Tom

Introduction and Names[edit]

  • Jordan - new here
  • Super Q - hates us all
  • Oliver - checking us out
  • Nick - his first meeting, likes freebsd
  • Carl - perl hacker
  • Casey - he hates spam
  • Christopher - leads spacebridge
  • Rayc - creating business
  • Mike - techno wanderer
  • Gavin - talk about the Zine
  • Brian - likes hacking on android
  • Tati
  • Ron - trying to be a member, fights spam
  • Yohab (sp?) - wants people to play jeopardy from home (looking for people with IR experience)
  • Scotty - his first meeting, collects data on apps and the app store
  • Weev - criminal
  • Justin
  • Synvan (sp?) - clothes hacker
  • Snail - is a snail
  • Miloh - is miloh, maybe
  • Kelly - neuroscience
  • Florian - visiting from Germany, here til thursday

Short Announcements[edit]

  • We are planing for Makers Faire, May 19-20. If you would like to help out with the booth or show any of your projects, please visit the Maker_Faire_2012 wiki page. - Christopher
  • The kitchen was turned on! This is cool.

New or Stale Events[edit]

Thinking of starting weekly meeting with Zephyr, assembly demos

Membership Binder[edit]

Ronald Catani - three sponsors! has two checks

Carlos - sponsors sponsors sponsors! might be a sleeper troll (he does enjoy perl after all) has three checks

Casey "suck it rms" C - four checks!

Harold - noshow Daniel - noshow Cowlicks (???) - noshow Blake Griffith - noshow - nosponsors

Casey "suck it rms" C is up for consensus!

       Consensed that Casey is a member!

Financial Report[edit]

  • Funds in bank: $19,233.04
  • Noisetor (See the bulletpoints at the bottom of
    • There are $2778.45 earmarked NoiseTor funds
    • Colo service has been paid through Apr 7, 2012
    • There are enough funds to pay for an additional 3 months of colo
    • This information was updated at Tue Mar 20 14:30:03 2012
  • Treasurer Would like volunteers to help add more payment options than paypal.
    • Would like to spend money on, will edit this page after meeting

Consensus items[edit]

Considering fiscal sponsorship of Zine. - would allow donations to Zine to be tax-deductible - kelly, would block if they want thier own account, otherwise likes idea. - gavin, would only rarely need to access account anyway, so shouldn't be big burden upon kelly - kelly, wants Zine to make detailed proposal outlining what fiscal responsibility means. Suggests they make separate landing page which donations can go to, and consense at a meeting when they want to spend money - RESOLUTION: gavin, miloh, and kelly will discuss and have a more concrete proposal next week.

Wants $300 to improve electronics area. - passes! Miloh will be given the money

Proposals from last week[edit]

(Add any items which pass or are blocked to the Consensus Items History page.)

Proposals for next week[edit]

Kelly (our treasuror) - wants to migrate to using invoice tracking. This way we can tell who is paid up. Freshbooks. "spend the money required to accept payments with, not to exceed $400 followed by $80/mo" kelly will gather more details and present a more detailed proposal next week.

proposes to take sewing machines to apparel city, buy spare parts, and fix/repair them all. estimates the cost of missing parts will not exceed $60 , cost of fixing timings on two machines with broken machines is $70 each. (less than $250) - should mail sewing list and see if anybody could help fix / start a collection (traditionally NB doesn't spend money to fix things) - RESOLUTION: will go to mailing list, will not consense next week.

Discussion Items[edit]

Nothing was discussed.

End of Meeting[edit]