Meeting Notes 2012 10 30

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These are the notes of The 240th Meeting of Noisebridge.Note-taker: Tom ; Moderator: Snail .

  • We decided not to buy the gorilla shelves out of Noisebridge funds.
  • Note that there are two "Tom"s in this meeting.

Announcements & Events[edit]

  • Daniella: is taking a month's break from french. She also needs a secretary/PR person for the french class.
  • RYC: E-waste has been removed!
  • Quinn: will be talking about Noisebridge in the context of do-ocracy
  • Krutcher: wants to leveradge fast JS for meta-heuristics, and wants help to hack large distributed systems.
  • John: the neuro cabal meets Mondays at 7. Be there or be neurotypical
  • Andreas: wants to teach a business class to be announced soon; get in touch with him

Membership Binder[edit]

  • Andrew Burns: Week 2
    • Sponsor: Danny O'Brien
    • Sponsor: John Withers

Financial Report[edit]

Consensus items[edit]

Proposals from last week [edit]

  • Proposal from Martin: Noisebridge should purchase Gorilla Racks replacing the current selection of member shelves of the same approximate dimensions. This is estimated at approximately $1200-$1800.
    • Some folks support these shelves, but many folks do not think that we should spend Noisebridge finds.
    • RAYC suggests that he may be able to cover this with a private collection
    • This measure is not the consensus of Noisebridge.

Proposals for next week [edit]

  • Proposal from Tom : Noisebridge renews its lease on the 2169 Mission space, increasing our rent from $3600 to $3960.

Discussion Items[edit]

  • Shelf organization: Tom proposes a shelf organization scheme with a database, filing, and paperwork. Tom volunteers one hour a week to maintian this. Others are skeptical; and suggest coordination with Jake, those who propose champion the gorilla shelves, and other stakeholders.


The following people introduced themselves:

  • John is our first victim
  • Mike is not a quartermaster or a stock-clerk, or a bus-man
  • Leif
  • Tom is not a member; does a lot of costuming and working on a small business painting
  • Sean has been hacking on an OLPC
  • Tom is typing this sentence
  • Krutcher likes systems
  • Zephyr is here
  • Ramone
  • Daniella teaches french
  • Aleecia loves pseudonyms and is not a member. Aleecia does privacy
  • Quinn studies and hacks on do-ocratic social structures
  • Snail probably couldn't moderate to save her life
  • Christopher Altman is building a quantum network