Meeting Notes 2012 11 27

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These are the notes from the The 244th Meeting of Noisebridge. Note-taker: John; Moderator: Snail.

Short announcements and events[edit]

  • Industrial sewing machine is broken, need a tap and die, but our set has been stolen. None of the others seem to be working optimally right now.
  • Sysadmin group has been rebooted as a sysadmin class, this week was user permissions and next week is xorg. 3:00-4:30pm in Turing, 6-7pm in Church.
  • Linux for newbies class by Eric is gone and people keep showing up. Might want to point that out.
  • RAYC has pointed out that people come from out of town for Alex class on unity and he hasn't been showing up, so hopefully he will be showing up in the future.

Membership Binder [edit]

  • Andrew Byrne has four weeks.
  • Thomas Harper, 3 weeks
  • Colin Anderson, 4th week,

Financial Report[edit]

None of those who should know these things are here. But we think maybe we have about what we had last time. Possibly less, possibly more.

Consensus items[edit]

There were no consensus items.

Discussion Notes[edit]

  • Discussion about letting the payphone call in. Getting access code setup was talked about. Nothing really squared there.
  • Very, very long discussion about a tag tracking/bug tracking system that (John, who is a US Citizen) has developed in order to track equipment in the space and the status of the equipment. The system is independent of this application. Discussion being used to after meeting.
  • RAYC is now going to build a parallel NB wiki.
  • Chris apparently became confrontational with a number of people in the space at 2am some day last week, Josh and others including RAYC, saw this incident and became disturbed. Some discussion and a mediator is probably in order. John and Snail are going to give a run at this.


  • Snail
  • John
  • RAYC who is racing around
  • John who is a US Citizen
  • Chris, crazy mad scientist
  • Mike, technowander who isn't a quartermaster
  • Thomas, member shelf excited person who's small business took off and dropped that. Has giant fish.
  • Mischeif, likes plan 9
  • Leif, store clerk, quartermaster and not a technowanderer.
  • Jonathan, a meat popsicile
  • sheldon, first time.
  • brian, elec engineering.
  • Rob, dish washer and linux newbie
  • Super Q, not wearing any shoes.
  • Visitor from Ukraine and Portland who refuse to introduce themselves.
  • Apostolos, from NYC visiting from NYC resistor, robotics, hardware, electrical.
  • David, a game designer.
  • James, sysadmin.
  • Philip, member of the tokyo hackerspace
  • Josh, the guitar person who does songbridge.
  • Martin, electronics enthusiast with a new haircut.
  • Casey, who is in the cloud.