Meeting Notes 2013 02 26

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These are the notes from the The 255th Meeting of Noisebridge. Note-taker: Tom; Moderator: Danny.

Short announcements and events[edit]

  • Noisebridge board elections start today. If you're a member, contact Leif or Tom to vote.
  • Reverend Mik encourages you to beware the Ides of March, because that's when his new book, the first in the Sorcerer's Sanctuary series, is released
  • Naomi accidentally challenged someone to a coding diversity duel: Python vs Ruby. Join with her to bring coding to under-served communities!
  • James is planning a fund-raising benefit concert for Noisebridge on 29/30th March. Suggestions ensue!
  • Cryptoparty II: Enciphered Boogaloo is happening on March 23 at Langton Labs. Do you know someone who needs to learn these skills? Have them sign up! Have skills to share? There's a form for that too!
  • Mellow Beats and Boardgames is happening a Langton Labs this Thursday.

Membership Binder [edit]

  • James "JC" Cooper. Week 4+. Sponsors: Danny; Linkreincarnate.
  • Nick "heatxsink" Granado. Week 3. No sponsors.
  • Kevin Schisser. Week 3. No sponsors.
  • Joseph C Jackson. Week 2. No sponsors.

Financial Report[edit]

We have $14841.86 in the bank. We haven't paid rent yet; after rent, it'll be more like $11k. The treasurer gave an extended report, which the secretary did not take notes on. High points:

  • Spreadsheet with graphs of individual donations over the last few years.
  • State tax exemption situation has been long and roundabout but looks like it might be sorted out in the next few weeks, including a reactivation of our corporate status.
  • Federal IRS has decided we owe large fees. We are working with our CPA to sort this out.

Consensus items[edit]

There were no consensus items proposed or agreed this week.

Discussion Notes[edit]

Eviction: Junior[edit]

Danny re-iterated his post to noisebridge-discuss.

Eviction: Nicholas[edit]

Miloh reports than Nicholas was sleeping in the utility closet on a sleeping pad and with a pillow. Miloh asked him to leave; there were numerous excuses, but Nicholas eventually left. Mik corroborates this and adds that Nicholas returned on Sunday.

Space usage[edit]

We had our usual 20-minute discussion about


Members in bold.

  • Yan likes physics and Noisebridge, but not the warped colors on the projector
  • Liz is tired, and messes around in the library. She also dabbles in anarcho-feminist hacker hive.
  • Abraham has been here about six months and wants to become a member. He's working on Newhive, a blank canvas for web publishing.
  • Andrew is an interface designer and frontend developer.
  • Mek is an all-around brogrammer & likes open access.
  • Naomi has a new job as of tomorrow and does a lot of python. She's working on her streaming radio bullshit and can now request almost any song in the internet via Youtube.
  • Monad tinkers.
  • Reverend Mik hacks on social issues. His latest book is out soon!
  • Jade is not a member. She enjoys spending time here and learning how to hack.
  • Kyle is an architecture student; he likes space-hacking.
  • Jonathan is visiting from Phoenix and this is his second time here. He's a musician and writer, and hacks psychology.
  • Brandon is a computer engineer, and claims not to be a member.
  • Carlos writes Cobol and Pascal for fun and profit!
  • Tom runs one of our many cabals.
  • Snail doesn't do anything of consequence or get involved, she just pets the Drama Llama. She's also the president.
  • Leif is on hiatus, and has recently been working on an e-waste group.
  • Miloh has highly symbolic paper.
  • Dan is a member in bad standing. He's working with LEDs, and is soon to launch an Indiegogo campaign to bring blinkenlights in Noisebridge.
  • Danah is also working on blinkenlights which are thoroughly mesmerising. She should become a memeber.
  • James is here to coordinate music for a fundraiser.
  • Dan has been getting to know Noisebridge over the last couple of months, and spends a lot of time here.
  • Philippe works with free software research, audio/videos streaming, and GPG
  • Danny
  • MCT