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These are the notes from the The 257th Meeting of Noisebridge. Note-taker: Tom; Moderator: Danny.

Short announcements and events[edit]

  • The green screen room is ready: right outside Turing; collapsible for your convenience.
  • Our new vinyl cutter is in! See Casey to learn how to use it.
  • Amber is bringing school-kids here April 2nd & 3rd. Reply to her discuss posting or sign up to help out!
  • Ryan is making a self-powered camera to stream footage off-site for an undisclosed (shadowy) sponsor. Contact him to help.
  • Technoactivism Third Mondays -- run by Yan -- next Monday, featuring Trevor Timm and Parker Higgins, the people behind @drones.
  • Five Minutes of Fame returns next Thursday at 8pm, featuring Lee Felsenstein.
  • There are people setting up a fundraiser for Noisebridge on March 30th. They need help setting up for, planning, and running the event; please get in touch.
  • Hack the Gallery in Berkeley is transitioning to a hackerspace and community meetup space. Join us for a re-opening party on March 22 from 6-9 pm.
  • There will be a Makermart popup at the end of April in downtown SF. Talk to Miloh
  • RepRap Wednesday is coming back to Noisebridge! -- see the Fab mailling list to find out more.
  • Cryptoparty II: Enciphered Boogaloo is happening on March 23 at Langton Labs. Do you know someone who needs to learn these skills? Have them sign up! Have skills to share? There's a form for that too!
  • Leif is setting up some Hacker Stackers Napping Pods in the North-West corner. Get in touch to help out!
  • Alex Peake, teaching kids programming tomorrow. Get in touch to help him out!

Membership Binder [edit]

  • James "JC" Cooper. Week 4+. Sponsors: Danny; Justin "Linkreincarnate" Hubberd.
  • Nick "heatxsink" Granado. Week 4. Sponsor: Miloh.
  • Joseph C Jackson. Week 3. No sponsors.
  • Abram Clark. Week 2. Sponsors: Mek, Miloh.
  • It is our consensus that Kevin Schisser is a member. His sponsors include: Monad, Snail.

Financial Report[edit]

Funds in bank: $11,859.68

Noisebridge Profit Loss Feb2013.png

Over the past year, our monthly income has been averaged $4,600, while our monthly expenses are estimated to be $6,550 going forward. Unless something changes soon, we will be bankrupt in August. The following is an approximate breakdown of our monthly expenses:

Typical amount Expense category Notes
$3,960.00 Rent Up from $3600 last year
$789.08 Tor Project Self-supporting but income is counted in our totals
$526.18 Utilities Will add more info.
$235.35 Accounting Mostly CPA fees for dealing with the state
$192.33 Garbage & Recycling Twice weekly pickup is more expensive
$189.29 Printing T-shirts and stickers
$183.48 Insurance An annual expense
$180.38 Internet Monkeybrains and Sonic
$161.40 Water SFPUC
$104.74 Bank Fees Mostly paypal
$25.33 Misc PO box, misc 2169 repair supplies

Consensus items[edit]

We have the following proposals for next week:

  • Tom proposes that we recommend to the board that they select Danny to be Treasurer, Tom to be Secretary, and Snail to be President for 2013.
  • It is proposed that Shawn Landden (photo) is barred from Noisebridge. He is prohibited from entering the space or participating in the community. (Here is some context.)
  • Tom proposes that we reimburse Mitch up to $1000 to replenish our t-shirt supply.

We are currently out, except for a handful of women's sizes. It would be great to have a bunch before the fund-raiser party on the 30th. I (Mitch) am happy to front the money if there are no objections -- to be paid back to me upon consensus (to ensure that we can have the T-shirts before the fund-raiser). All of our T-shirts have previously been printed locally at East Bay Screenprint. The last time we got T-shirts, we got 200 of them at $7.41 each (including shipping) -- total = $1,481.63. If we buy 50 T-shirts, the cost is $8.74 each (indluding shipping) -- total = $437.00. (I've never bought 100 before, but the price will be somewhere in between.) -- Mitch.

Discussion Notes[edit]

Shawn Landden[edit]

We had an extensive discussion of Shawn Landden's violent and unacceptable behavior. A written deposition was submitted, compiling a compendium of witness and survivor statements. Several at the meeting attested to this same violent and unacceptable behavior. We have initiated the consensus process to ban him.


  • SuperQ is the moderator.
  • Snail is unofficial.
  • Tom is taking notes.
  • David is here!
  • Garret is a junior architect
  • Ursula hacks language! <speaks German>
  • Amber is a physics teacher. She's new here.
  • Miloh is pleased to meet you!
  • Philippe
  • Rob
  • Dan
  • Casey is calibrating or fancy new vinyl cutter!
  • Alex teaches game development on Mondays.
  • Kevin is part of the post waste nexus (also Mondays).
  • Andrew created Satan: the front-end is in Java, the back-end in JS.
  • Johan has 7 regular expressions, and -- now -- 14 problems.
  • Carlos -- gnusosa -- trolls on #noisebridge.
  • Dan has addressable LEDs.
  • Deobek is here for the first time.
  • Will is new, came for 3d printing, and has pie for us (early for pi day).
  • Liz is our self-appointed anarchist librarian, part of the feminist hacker hive, and the Mozilla bugmaster (yes, the Mozilla bugmaster).
  • Ian is an introducer, and is planning a fundraiser.
  • Kyle is an audio engineer, an activist, and a space transformer.
  • Ryan is here to plan the fundraiser and is applying for membership.
  • Joe has applied for membership.
  • Danny is eating the popcorn, and hacks internationally.