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These are the notes from the The 266th Meeting of Noisebridge.
Note-taker: Yesac; Moderator: Wiretapped

  • One or two bullet points of high-level meeting summary.

Short announcements and events[edit]

  • Timon. Just came back from Notary Public school. He can create convertible debentures, which is a way to create your own currency.
  • Daniella: June 14th is the party for her multilingual keyboard (at PariSOMA), with possible afterparty at NB. Been working on the project for a while
  • JohnnyRadio: Sat June 15th is the 2nd tri-annual music hackfest. Learn to program, circuit bend, and build with wood your way to a handmade instrument. Concert on the 22nd or the 23rd. MIDI music company giving a bit of a discount for NB hackers - get in touch with Johnny for details.
  • Carlos: The most recent version of GPG can handle 4096 bit keys in a SmartCard! We talk about smartcards for a bit. Talk to Carlos if this interests you.
  • Timon: If you are interested in building language learning tools, see me.

Membership Binder [edit]

  • Nicholas DeAnda - Week 2 - No sponsors
  • Vincent Smith - Week 2 - No sponsors
  • James Sundquist - Week 4 - Sponsors: Carlos, Danny
  • Jeff Arnold - Week 4 - No Sponsors
  • Chris says his form is meeting - somehow it got lost. Several people confirm he was read several times. He is asked to re-fill out the form and his weeks will be re-checked.

Financial Report[edit]

  • Funds in bank: 34,144.36
  • Noisetor: About $10,000.00

Consensus items[edit]

Proposals from last week [edit]

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Proposals for next week [edit]

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Discussion Notes[edit]

  • Luis wanted to take the vending machine as scrap. Is that the case?
  • * Leif: It wasn't the consensus of noisebridge to buy it, so I don't think we need consensus to get rid of it
  • * Dan says he knows someone who wants it for $200
  • * JohnnyRadio suggests it should be up for hacking first
  • * Chris? What's the history of the vending machine?
  • * Leif: About 2 years ago, we had a vending machine. It was independently purchased and stocked. Ultimately we discovered it cost about $80/month in electricity.
  • * general opinion is to find someone to sell it
  • Chrissy: If anyone cares about wikileaks, does anyone have resources to help with something against StratFor

  • Discussion about Scud and Chrissy and their behavior. They are being accused of using intravenous drugs in the space, along with misuse of the space in general.
  • * Dan asked them to leave most recently. He says "they caused a lot of drama and bullshit" but "you're alright by me". "I hope you get it together sooner or later, and then join this community"
  • * Michael: I was gone during some of their talked-about issues re: sleeping, hanging out in the bathroom. I am disappointed by their drug use in the space. I do not see them creating disruption in the space during business hours. I don't want to bar them from participation because they are dedicated activists that need NB resources and don't disrupt work.
  • * What are the allegations against?
  • * Dan: Pattern of poignant meeting a few months ago (maybe january, but Chrissy yells that's wrong). They were in the bathroom for about 12 hours. Left as mediation will happen with Rev Mik. (he agrees)
  • * Mik: On the previous occasion where S&C were asked to leave, I did volunteer to mediate. It was not easy arranging. The compromise we reached was to ask them to leave for a month. They did do this. Was explained to them that drama, crashing in the space, suspected drug use were definitely uncool. Now we are back to square one: drama, fighting in the space, crashing in space and 2nd floor lobby (behind garbage cans) and scaring the shit out of the other tenants. Back in Feb. I was willing to fight for you guys, but that is no longer the case -- it's back to square one. Hanging out in bathroom and drinking. Will not be an advocate for them
  • * Martin: It's difficult to be around people who aren't doing well. It's not conducive to creativity and the noisebridge ethos. It's hard to see and be around, and they're not even listening (true). I'm concerned that it will make these types of behaviors more prevalent and accepted. I'm concerned that it will be acceptable to drugs and crash here. Told S&C that it was unexcellent to come back without coming to a meeting or saying anything.
  • * Star: We say, let's all be excellent, which is relative. Is it excellent to assume that S&C are doing drugs? Sometimes i have some alcohol in the space. I don't like hipocracy, i like solutions. But that's what we do: we tell the truth, then we prop the people up so they can get better. We shouldn't throw people out who need the help. We should step up
  • * Chrissy and Scud are asked to respond.
  • * Scud: First off, to martin, we wanted to step back in to NB slowly, over a few days, which is why we didn't come back straight to a meeting. As for the mediation, I don't remember the drug allegations. I do remember the drunkenness and passing out allegations. We like NB a lot, and as for not keeping ourselves in control, I'm sorry for that. Both of us failed to come to mediation. And I'm sorry that our relationship drama was here earlier, but I don't think we've done that now. We never did heroin in the bathroom and I shouldn't have disposed of the needle without announcing it due to the reputation surrounding us.
  • * Chrissy: I don't have anything to say. I think scud is stupid, and everybody knows that. I'm sorry I love him a lot. I love you babe. More incoherent rambling. We learn a lot of shit here, man..... (drift off). (Scud and chrissy argue). We like to go in to that fucking classroom and, fuck, learn, fuck, that fucking stuff (Scud: Perl) No! Python. We're assholes, we're losers, but we're fucking really interested in all of this stuff. I love that they were making a videogame, and it was so fucking cool. (More incoherent rambling)
  • * Dan2: I'm neutral - there are things about them I don't like, but there are things I like. When I approach them about an issue, they are willing to communicate and learn. However, they also have issues. Being here helps them. Being here with our supervision helps them become better people. I support them being here, but I don't support drug use here
  • * Johnnyradio. I've always gotten good vibes from and scud and chrissy. Scud is a friendly and kind person, and likes old school heavy metal. If anyone here is going to be scrutinized for what they're doing, then everybody should be scrutinized. Probably there are other people who could be accused of the same thing. I'm aware that they sometimes have relationship drama, but they don't share it
  • * martin: there hasn't been any relationship drama between them since they came back. However, you are mis-using the space
  • * General argument about drug use and lying. Note taker would like to note that Chrissy is obviously under the influence of a lot of substances.
  • * Rhody. I am extremely upset about sleeping in the space and sleeping in the lobbies. You are putting this whole space at risk. You are putting the whole future of this space at risk. We all want to help people the best that we can, but this is not a help-people-with-everything-space. I love your optimism, but I haven't seen you do much of anything in the space other than be fucked up.
  • * Dan1: I want to be very clear that I don't know what you guys were or were not doing in the bathroom, but we did find needles. I want to be very clear that I'm apologizing for contributing to a foregone conclusion. At the time, when you had been in the bathroom for 30 minutes. Back off, guys: Please don't screw up your last chance. Someone asks what happened after the bathroom incident. They were asked to leave and didn't stop to argue. I can't say what happened though. They came back for the party and were later asked to leve
  • * Scud: We came back to the party to get her phone and a book.
  • * Michael: Some bullet points. 1. I can say that the needles were not theirs. 2. Tuesdays are for this but i agree it's not no-cost. 3. We have an enforcement issue. C&S were asked to leave and they came back. How do we make people abide by the wishes?
  • * Mik: I do not hate / dislike you. I have offered help on a number of occasions. But no, we gotta handle. Chrissy, you are not sober right now, and you're in bad shape. If you can't come to this meeting with it, then what assurance do we have that you're going to abide by the wishes of the community. Chrissy holds up someone else's beer but says nothing. You have admitted drug use, even if it's not in the space.
  • * Casey: I'm extraordinarily disappointed in your decision to come to the meeting unsober. This meeting is the most important thing NB does. It is the only expression of noisebridge's existence.
  • * Daniella: I just want us to remember that there a lot of people who are trying to get off drugs, and it's very problematic for us to tolerate people doing drugs.
  • * Scud: If there are people coming here with a substance problem, then places like this can be heavily endangered by stuff like that
  • * Martin: I'd like to say it's inappropriate to point the finger in your manner (in the meeting, more specifics were discusssed).
  • * Star: I am extremely concerned at the social dynamic of using inuendo and putting people on the spot. This is a lynch mob. I have known these two people for a long time. the problem is alcohol. I've had to call the ambulance on them for alcohol poisoning.
  • * JohnnyRadio: Can we re-state what the mission of Noisebridge is? (It is read from the front page of the wiki) I think we should keep that in mind
  • * Julan: I haven't been here to meet you. I have a question - is it a rule to not come here fucked up? Leif summarizes the current social convention.
  • * Leif asks star (who has to leave) what course of action she would take.
  • * Star: I think we should have a contract with them that says: don't get fucked up, don't come here fucked up. I am offering to mediate if people have a specific concern at a specific time.
  • * Miloh: Will you be here to chaperone them?
  • * Star: Only when I'm here
  • * JohnnyR: Are you suggesting that we ask them to avoid intoxication for their benefit or for the space?
  • * Martin response: As someone who previously liked to do a lot of alcohol, I find that it's difficult to work under its influence
  • * Monad: I think that anyone who doesn't have the common sense to come here straight and maintain their decorum is not okay. We have kids around! Do we want the sort of people who need a contract to understand that?
  • * Dan2: Noisebridge is not AA. We happy to create a supporting environment
  • * Mik: I'm not worried about people / kids seeing inebriated people. My worst nightmare is seeing someone unsober hurt themselves badly ( proceed to list a number of ways to badly hurt yourself in NB - left as an exercise to the reader). There is a danger in you coming here and hurting yourself and others.
  • * Chrissy: I'm not going to do that when I'm under. Scud: (something). Some arguing
  • * Ramon: I like some of what we've said, but I can't see that working in this case. I think one of the biggest things I feel from that you guys is seeing you guys argue.
  • * Chrissy: I was in a domestic violence shelter before I came here
  • * Johnny: Mik, that's only of concern if those people are actually using tools
  • * Julan: It's about being responsible. It doesn't matter if you say you won't use the tools, but accidents happen
  • * Rhody: +1. I don't agree.
  • * Daniella: I think this has been unusually long for something this personal. Let's solve this and wrap it up
  • * Mik: It has happened in NB past that people were asked not to drink / come to noisebridge drunk. A contract might be over the top.
  • * Martin: I'd like to propose that you not come to the space under the influence, and not share the bathroom
  • * Dan: Let's start the consensus process next week if they don't
  • * Chrissy: I am not coherent. I cannot speak up for myself. Let's have a conversation.
  • * Mumbling, argument, incoherent rambling
  • * Casey proposes that they be banned from the space. The item will be discussed next week.


  • leif likes Tahoe-LAFS
  • Rhody here from rhode island. hardware
  • Julan - neuro reading
  • Dan
  • Mik: World builder, hack social issues, other
  • Jeannes-Jacques: Repurposing hardware
  • Monad: Tinker
  • Carlos: Wearing an EFF Hats
  • Timon: Former butler, stuck in east bay, wants to make a foreign language tools
  • Felipe: Research free software for a living
  • Katya: from the HK hackerspace, opening a hackerspace in Rio
  • Tom: from the HK hackerspace
  • Scud:
  • Chrissy: from Portland, from freegeek, likes turning old donated hardware to working old donated hardware. Says something about CMOS
  • Carl: I'm Carl. I like hacking.
  • Daniella: inventor, launching an invention on June 14: (multilingual keyboard)
  • JohnnyRadio: teach kids in the 'hood how to make boomboxes
  • Jay: likes helping out with the space and hacking on karaoke machines
  • MCT: I do (software|hardware) stuff
  • Mischief: likes bitcoin and golang
  • Zephyr: Concurrently programming and hanging out.
  • [Miloh|Carly Jacobsen]: I like bare conductors
  • Ted: embedded systems, hacking in-car networks
  • Chris: artistic innovations
  • Martin: learning to use the sewing machine right now.

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