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These are the notes from the The 267th Meeting of Noisebridge.

Note-taker: Dan F; Moderator: Tom L.

There were several people new to NB at the meeting. There were no new applications for membership or consensus proposals. Nor was there any current report on finances. A consensus proposal from last week barring Scud and Chrissie from Noisebridge was passed, after an only mildly dramatic and mercifully brief recap of the much longer discussion from a week ago.

Short announcements and events[edit]

Membership Binder [edit]

  • nicholas d - week 2, no sponsors
  • vincent s - week 2, no sponsors
  • james s - week 4+, sponsors: danny, carlos
  • jeff a - week 4, no sponsors
  • jc - week 4, sponsors: danny, link
  • richard b, week 4+, no sponsors

Financial Report[edit]

our esteemed treasurer has been hunkered down in an undisclosed location for some time now, recovering from Oslo, contemplating Norwegian wood, and attempting to dispell unfounded rumours of mutant android doppleganger shenanigans. We get donations of experimental bitcoin ATMs - we don't need no stinkin financial report.

(PS it's $34,498.29 -- 10K of which at least is Noisetor )

Consensus items[edit]

Proposals from last week [edit]

Passed: "That Scud and Chrissy are are barred from Noisebridge. They are prohibited from entering the space or participating in the community."

Proposals for next week [edit]

no new consensus items proposed

Discussion Notes[edit]

  • Pirate Mike and Val will discuss more with each other some concerns about fruit flies and use of chemical pesticides in the space.
  • Tom - proposal from last week (Casey) that Scud and Chrissie are barred from Noisebridge and prohibited from entering the space or participating in the community ... due to a pattern of problem behavior being repeated.
  • Jake - end of week before last, Scud and Chrissie in the bathroom for 1/2 hour, needle found after they left the bathroom. Pattern of always just bumming around noisebridge not using space as intended. They were asked to leave and not come back until meeting. There is a general agreement at Noisebridge regarding need to respect request to leave and stay away until meeting. Scud and Chrissie did not do that - they came back several times before the meeting, had to ask them to leave twice. Jake found needle, Mitch disposed it. Scud and Chrissie were lying down in shop during MF afterparty. They took a long time to leave, trying to wear people out and make it more trouble than necessary to get them out of the space. They only left when Jake told them he was taking a picture for his records. Jake wasn't here for last meeting to see but was bothered by reports of Chrissie being drunk, totally wasted at last meeting. Just wasting a lot of time. Scud and Chrissie are not offering any reasons for coming here, just using space because it is convenient.
  • Belle - I work every day - I am a lawyer. I can't believe some of the things said here. You people have still not grown up -
  • Miloh - (objects, interrupting)
  • (...crosstalk, moderator intervention)
  • Belle - (leaves abruptly, speechless)
  • Scud and Chrissie - (aghast, speechless / omg wtf, did he leave?)
  • Miloh - Scud and Chrissie, you seem sober for this meeting - that is great to see.
  • Chrissie - I'm okay. I like classes, learning, so many things, would like to see noisebridge move towards a freegeek model ...
  • Miloh - but it's too late, you should find other communities
  • Chrissie - no wait that story was vague
  • Scud - responding to Jake's recap, there were made up things
  • Chrissie - we would have seen needle in bathroom
  • Jake - the needle was not found in bathroom
  • Miloh - it's enough to be drunk - we have one rule: be excellent. It's not excellent to be drunk at noisebridge. People can drink but should not get drunk here.
  • Jake - it's a fact that you were asked to leave for whatever reason but you fought against that. You eventually left, but came back several times.
  • Chrissie - (disputes)
  • Jake - you want to come here because it's convenient and you have no other place -
  • Chrissie - I have a place in [an sf neighborhood], you are making things up
  • Jake - you have shown no concern for community and what it's about
  • Chrissie - I like computers, you don't know me
  • Scud - how many times could we have shown up - it was only once, I remember, I was sober
  • Jake - you came back twice before the meeting
  • Scud - let's go over this - what day were we asked to leave?
  • Dan - wiki page AskedToLeave indicates Friday May 17th and then again Saturday May 18th ...
  • Scud - we only came on Saturday to talk to Mike
  • Tom - okay, okay ... Regardless, are there any members here who object to this consensus proposal? No? Okay, I think that's enough of that ... Scud and Chrissie, please leave and never come back.
  • Scud and Chrissie - okay, whatever ... Bye.
  • fin


  • tom - tor projectionist
  • brian - artist, first time
  • martin - does various thing
  • mondad - fools around here
  • michael - designs and executes direct actions
  • scud - enthusiast of all things knowlegable
  • chrissie - student
  • belle - passing through
  • val - likes to do things around nb
  • mike - technowanderer (not?)
  • miloh - surprised but not interested in various things
  • dana - helps troubleshoot LED
  • jake - building surface mount and taking x-ray pix
  • daniel - new to nb and sf
  • sam - from sudoroom mostly, likes machine learning
  • dan - taking notes
  • julian - new to nb