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You should read the meeting instructions forthwith!
Don't forget to post the meeting notes to the wiki and e-mail the discussion list with a short summary.

These are the notes from the The 272nd Meeting of Noisebridge. Note-taker: JC; Moderator: Danny.


Explanation of how the meeting works.

Hat of doom points to someone to explain Noisebridge.

Everything is up for change, in legal terms were a 501c3, exist thru and depend on donations, be excellent to each other.

99% of things are done thru, do-ocracy or sudo-leadership: just do it, ignore the little voices in your head. The other pillar of Noisebridge is process, for when we have to decide on something for the whole community.

Explanation of consensus.

Shiatsu moderation technique and attempt to get these things done quickly/soon.

Short announcements and events

  • 1st Friday and sudo room
  • RockIT
  • Board meet and believes did legal requirements
  • Thursday Rev Mik will be throwing all food with garbage
  • We Steal Secrets WikiLeaks Documentary Movie Screening Roxie 8:45p tonight
  • August 10th Shindig Here, 10 Year TPB Anniversary (Talk to James)
  • Wednesday 21st of July Johny Radio build night
  • Rebase meeting discussed kitchen and made progress
  • Video Project for NoiseJam, talk to Johny

New/Stale Events


Review of events...

  • Lit crawl event? Almost certainly happening.
  • This week Post Waste moved meeting, will update wiki
  • MSP Group? Looks dead, april last event
  • Tahoe, not really happening

Membership Binder

Tom gives a detailed overview of the membership process.

  • Wayde Amesbury - 3rd Week
  • Vincent Smith - 4th Week (not present)
  • Richard Bottoms - 4th Week
  • Several others who have been read off a bunch
  • J.C. & James paperwork submitted

Financial Report

Consensus items

Proposals from last week


  • Discussion about history of keypad, and 24/7 or variable time parameters. This is about using a code to buzz someone in from upstairs, not related to using a code to let yourself in downstairs.
  • Discussion about just doing this at night docraticlly, and not go thru consensus.
  • Anonymous block by proxy on the table.
  • Jake would like to see this consensused on when the time is right.
  • Non-capital-C-consensus agreement to take the keypad out of promiscuous mode immediately, with the expectation that someone will improve Baron so that we have you need a code in the evenings and at night, but any button will open the door during the day.
  • We will re-visit the issue next week.

Proposals for next week

Tony Longshanks LeTigre

  • Tom proposes that Tony Longshanks LeTigre is unwelcome at Noisebridge. He is prohibited from entering the space or participating in the community.
  • Suggestion that we should use different language to differentiate this from other bans (based on the possibility of redemption). Patches welcome.
  • Jake would like Noisebridge to immediately pay back the landlord for the cost of Tony's escape, and not to even consider re-admiting him until he pays us back for that.

Discussion about throwing people out policy as consensus item, moved to discussion

Discussion Notes

  • Hygiene
    • Clean dishes
    • Use of toxic/chemicals
    • Diatomaceous Earth (White Powder) for killing bugs
    • Suggestion to keep food trash in kitchen bins


  • Michael Clift (Occupirate)
    • 10 minutes about Mike, maybe more
    • Lief gives an overview of interaction w/Mike
    • Discussion about letters that he may or may not have written
    • 9:44pm continuing inqueizition of Mike
    • 10:17pm still discussing Mike
    • Discussion concluding with take your stuff and leave
    • 10:28pm Discussion about Mike staying at the space
    • 10:31pm Danny's weird thing, Member opinions
    • 10:43pm Danny's not happy
    • 10:48pm Danny is done, we hack on Arduino robots
    • 10 seconds of silence observed
    • Mike has until 11:30pm to come back and get his stuff, after which he agrees to leave and not come back.
  • Mediation
  • Keeping a space radically inclusive
    • And the door


"Make it so" -Danny

Singing of hacker nationale and possibly key signing.



Danny - I am indeed a member, done traveling.
Monad - Fools around here, tinkers
Ramon - Full stack web development
Leif - Really into Firefox OS and device
Liz - Comedy writer
Rev Mik - Working on temples, government buildings an
Justin - Collect Hobbies
Alex - Teachs vid game class monday
Josh - Building a meta mouse trap
Norm - Writes software
John - Still Alive
Jake - I'm...
James - Hi
Robert - 9/11 was an inside job
J.C. - Taking notes
Tom - N/A
Ramon - Python
Naomi - Genetics, linux subverter
Scotty - Big Data and Metal
Chris - New
Greg - Carpenter Wood Worker, digs this place
Tucker - I'm w/Greg
Marc - Starting East Bay WiFi
Dreu - Next 48 hours app on playstore
Cynthia - Natural Brain manipulation
V - Community Builder
Ryan - Came over from freespace
Michael - Helps ppl with problems
Alex - Hear to watch, listen, learn
D - Bringing locks and locks picks tomorrow
Ben - First time
Kim - Unemployed 
Dana - Red Shirt (wearing green)