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These are the notes from the The 274th Meeting of Noisebridge.


Leif moderates Noisebridge meeting #274 ; 2013-07-16 20:43. Henner takes notes.

Leif welcomes to the meeting. Cacey describes what Noisebridge is all about. Concensus process: Henner describes what he understood, explaining a voting process. Leif refines: no explicit vote only veto (thus more anonymous).


Interested in privacy enahcing technologies.
Kitchen person, interested in having access to unrestricted information.
Mendocino, spends time in Berkeley. Electronics background. Here with daughter Molly. Had been to Maker Faire quite a bit.
around NB 6 months. {...} Pizzaland.
Just had class about LEDs.
interested in sustainable communities. environmentally as well as economically. Likes to tidy up.
interested in LED strips.
interested in different projects at NB. LED meetup. different groups.
Johny Radio
Hacks. Learns. Teach hacking.
LEDs, game design, JavaScript, Writing.
interested in ?? technology. the web. buoys.
interested in science, math, photography, printing. Spending summer here, from UCLA
lighting, learning, finding job
software development at day, hardware hacking at night.

Short Announcements[edit]

  • Dana and Jake made progress RFID reader on the door.
  • Vi Friday, 6p to 9p. Potluck at Sudo Room. Topic Cooperative economics. 2141 Broadway, Oakland.
  • James: August 10: Noisebridge party. 8 bands, 2 stand-up comedians. 4pm to "late". Learn some fencing. Demonstrate your cool project.
  • James: Freespace 7th/Mission, open till 10pm. Worth checking out.
  • Henner: replaced electric strike plate.

New or stale events[edit]


Membership binder[edit]

Tom explains membership process.

  • No new membership forms.
  • Anyone believes to be up for membership ?
  • None.

Financial report[edit]

Treasurer - not there. Leif: Last time there was money in the bank and probably still today :)

Consensus items[edit]

Michael "Occupirate" Clift is not welcome at NB.[edit]

No Veto.

Cynthia: (not member) he seems to have an alcohol problem that he needs to leave behind. Leif emphasizes that it is less that, but more his behavior.

Leif concludes: consensus on this.

Only service animals are allowed at Noisebridge (Monad)[edit]

  • Tom: Suggest to amend how the service animalness can be determined. There is not special tag that is easy to be determined.
  • Dan?: Looked at DMV guidelines (cut and pasted it into wiki)
  • Someone: is not really a problem.
  • James: it has been a problem: animals have been behaving badly.
  • Dana: People are allergic to dogs.
  • Jacob: Animals might not know if things are dangerous.
  • James: doesn't see why there is a reason to have animals in the space.

Leif asks for final comments.

  • Cynthia: people come late at night and might find safer walking through the Mission. As long as they wear a muzzle in the space.
  • Casey: suggests a temporary solution, like 3 months.
  • Leif: Thinks that the vast majority of dogs behaved well. There is one dog that was misbehaving recently and asked to leave, but returned. So he feels like that this is mostly about that dog. Independent of some people being allergic.
  • Joy: people coming in to the space to eat and cooking. Is this for homeless people ? Found the dogs come with these homeless people. Concerned with people not stealing; keep an eye on shady people.
  • Cynthia: felt bad because she wanted to pet a dog that then barked. She assumed that he was asked to leave because of the bark. Leif said that this was because this dog was fighting with other dogs and he was s**ting in the space.
  • (?): Dog owner of Chase. He has service tags for his dog. But he can see that this could be a problem.
  • Leif asked what his dog was trained to do. (?) explains that he can answer "no" to the question.
  • Niclas: describes difference between service animal vs. companion animal. SF could see that as as a prescribed thing, but Casey explains that there is still a difference.
  • [ADA] page says that animals are trained to do a specific task and this can be asked.

Leif asks for consensus item.

  • Tom: asks to remove Tag requirement.
  • Leif personally thinks that we shouldn't do this, but he is not currently a member in good standing to block.
  • Someone: good example dog "Stewy" with owner who tought Ruby class.
  • Leif: There are two side: Some people don't come because there are dogs. Others might not come because they cant bring their dog. Conversation is about well-behaved, non-service dog
  • Tom: distinction between well/poor behaved is fuzzy. People that are not comfortable with dogs might see normal behavior as threatening.
  • Cynthia: Dogs should be muzzled.
  • Tom: Does not cover edge cases. Cynthia: people are typically afraid of dog bites.
  • {The dog owner of Chase}: if a person is afraid of a dog, then there is not much you can do. Chase is well behaved, listens, but if there is a dog that causes a problem ... muzzle is a good idea.
  • Dana: could the policy be that a dog is explicitly included rather than to be excluded, e.g. introduce dog at meeting.
  • Tom: {...}
  • Leif: suggests a different consensus item: if someone is uncomfortable with a dog, then they can ask that dog to leave.
  • Niclas: original proposal but with trial period. Could be abused to ban random dogs.
  • Leif: The consent should be designed to be human centric. So asking a dog to leave is not _ab_use.
  • Tom suggests: 2.5 months until Oct 1st.


"From now until October 1, if any person at Noisebridge requests that any non-service animal leave Noisebridge, the human responsible for that animal should remove it from the space immediately."

Consensus of the above. No one disagrees.

Item by James: {not this week}[edit]

The guy with the cheesecake incident(Mark) shall be banned.[edit]

  • Leif met him, asked to come for the meeting.
  •  ? describes how Mark slept in bunk bed. Thinks as well should not come back.


"Mark ${cheesecake incident} O' Neil is not welcome at the space [standard wording]"

No one disagrees.

Cynthia: NB shall disallow the use of poison but rather use food grade diatomaceous earth for 4 months and see[edit]

  • Tom: disagrees.
  • Cynthia asks Tom if he is ok with the use of Raid. Yes he is.
  • Johnny: asks if this was raised before. Tom says he disagrees on the topic, Casey says it is not appropriate.
  • Tom: Casey and Tom are close in their opinion, but they use different words.
  • Cynthia: didn't actually propose that, but Jim {member} proposed it (Stockwell?)
  • Tom: thinks it is different from consensus.
  • Cynthia: 20% of population have deficiencies in some enzyme ...; Describes problems with historical problems with Sarin, Deed. Stories about personal journey with changing IQ. Enzyme might have a racial component.
  • Tom: even though we don't need consensus about this, but should be an open discussion.
  • Leif asks for more opinions
  • Johnny: would be consistent with Hackerspace to encourage the use of non-poisonous stuff. He doesn't think that it needs to be consensed on.
  • Vi: opposed a couple of weeks back to spray the kitchen. Suggests to clean dishes, don't leave food out instead. And if 'poison', then the food grade earth stuff.
  • Joy: knows that it creates neurological deficits. In favor of using natural things.
  • Dana: suggests that people interested in this should work out a proper solution, but this is not really consensus item.
  • Summarize:
  • We should not use Raid in the kitchen, but there is not consensus to exclude poisons.
  • Cynthia: if someone uses Raid, who cleans up the mess. Leif: this cannot be solved in the consensus process.
  • Leif: done with discussion item.
  • Johnny: he agrees with the proposal to not use poisonous pests. But we won't be able to consent.
  • Suggests to bring it up at the rebase meeting as the main problem is the (lack of) cleaning.
  • Leif: People use different tools.

Proposal by Monad[edit]

Vague proposal; asked for clarification. Nothing happened so far.

Next week items[edit]


Discussion items[edit]



Meeting is over. 22:02