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Noisebridge weekly meeting: Moderator: JC Notetaker: Ahhh

291th-ish Noisebrdige weekly meeting.

Noisebrdige is about: Noisebrdige is a hackerspace, peoiple come here to destroy, create, reach space, humor. Supported by memberships and donations, supported by memebers and random guests.

Wonderful Overview. Be Excellent and party on dude.

Concensce process:

Ussual Moderation Techniques. Concludes effectivly at 10pm. Should conclude weekly buisness by then.

Take Stack if peole like, as they raise hands. Introduce self and keep brief.

  • JC: Mod, hacking mostly on LED controlers, sound and visuals.
  • Mikey: Transit hacker, first meeting, one week in.
  • Race: Building an App to evade transit fare. Crowd source.
  • Robby: Hacking on bringing art and tech together.
  • Sam: Hacks Machines learning, stats, music and other good stuff.
  • Alysa: Hacks on computer hardware, likes movies.
  • Jarrod: Junior Archetect, fixed red ring of death.
  • Daniel: 2nd time in space, hacks alot on IP networking :)
  • Josh: Finishing hacking on yoga, taking python and ruby at noisebridge. Liked Gamebrdige.
  • Chris Altman: Working on quantum crpyto, on way to oxford for quantum experments.
  • Dan: teaches pentesting
  • Ally: Not much to say.
  • Leaf: Cleptography
  • Jade: Likes Pysch and CS, studies java and pytho, looking in ML.
  • All: Writes books on Python, and likes hollowed out books.
  • Monad: Tinkering around
  • Louie: Fixing device software development, been here for a few months.
  • Tom: Really sick :( stay back.
  • Morgan: Really likes backdoors and vulns.
  • Dan: Distributed Infastructure dude working on LEDS.
  • Daina: Working on Microcontroller, and LEDS.
  • Greg: Associate Member thing going on and taking lessons.
  • Madiline: 3 years ago came alot, hardware and tinkering.
  • Doug: Math and art
  • Nick: Working on communications platfom and more.
  • Jack: Hacking viechials.
  • Dan: Danarchist. All about Noisebridge becoming a safe space to drop acid and make yogurt.
  • Christian: Likes comp sci and electronics.
  • Aki from Spain: Intrested in deving on all platforms.


  • Things got stolen.
  • Should clean up electronics.
  • Dan would like to give a talk on platforms vs protocols, expert opinions on both sides.
  • Baythreat on Dec 6th and 7th.
  • 30C3 is comming up over Christmas. Parrellel event at Noisebridge that can stream some of the events.
  • Closest fireextinguisher is by the door. Reseting up safty commitie to help make safty things more obvious.
  • Swag for 33CCC,


  • Truth as Tom knows it.
  • 2 Categories: Members and Associate Members:
  • Associate-Members: Can be at space at any time with friends and colaberators, with no specific due payment, but suggested with use. Simply make an account on and get 4 Member/Associate-memeber to sign your wiki page with member confirmation. Should be in the Category: Applicant.
  • Once you have 4 signatures, you need to change your Category to Associate-member.
  • Becoming a Member is more complex, much stronger commitment, to maintain the space and the opperations. Can be here at any time with friends / colabs, and get to vote in consenses. Must fill out paper application, the dues and 4 weeks being there. You get quized, people talk. If 12 weeks goes by, your app gets thrown out and you need to re-apply.

Reading off membership binder names:

  • Chris Whipple: Ask not what your hackerspace can do for you, but what you can do for your hackerspace.
  • Christina Olson: Sonsored by JC and Jake. Week 4. Wants to become a member this evening.
  • Tailor Ostin: Kevin and Monad, Week 4.
  • Robin Nowel: JC and Monad, artist and geek, inspired by Bjork.
  • Roul: Week 4. Spnsored by Monad and Mi*.
  • Alex: Week 4, but no sponsors. I hack and live to serve.
  • Alex Keek: Teaches gamebridge, week 4, no sponsors.
  • Sam: Week 4. JC and Kevin. Likes Stats and machine learning, wants to keep hacking.
  • John: Can finally pay dues. Week 1. No sponsors.

New Associate-Members:

  • Ahhh
  • Deeply_Uncertain

  • Monad reminded to be logged in when sponoring Associate-Members.

Wiki Issues??

Member Applications:

  • Chrisina: Been in the hacker scene and at Noisebridge for over 2 years,

contributes often and often comes at night. Operating system agnostic. Answered on Consenses, great answer, asked when she would block? She said it's a case by case thing, and needs to know the details of the situation. Asked about one situation she would block in, she said she would block a bad person from becoming a member, would not block getting tshirts. Asked if she would block renewing block the lease, she said she would be 68% at not blocking the renewing of the lease.

Christina did become a member.

Robin: Would like more time, to mentor before becoming a captial Member. Wants to study how to be a good Member. Still wants to help the space out.

  • Sam: Wants to be a member so he participate in consense and wants to

help vote and have a voice in the community. He thinks blocking is a bad thing, because it is a signal to end conversation, so he feels as if he will not block many things. Favorite program language is python, because it is fun, everyone uses it. Wants to see more education and groups. Huge amount of knowledge. Wants to see a more wholesome / welcoming feel. More art, more passionate, more involved people. Too many florescient lights. Wishes Noisebridge was more of a safe-space. Would like a more comphorotable space. Really wants to be more welcoming and more inviting. Seems to be very aware of current proposals. Really appriciates existing support from members. Asked about people camping out, thinks that because certain members feel uncophortable then it should be addressed, espc because it could violate the lease, however thinks if people abosultly need to stay, they should be able. However he thinks it is generally frowned apon. Wants more Linux classes!!

  • Sam did not become a member, only Tom objected. Everyone else said yes.
  • //Random question about the membership processes and how it's hard and

we should just shutdown at night.

That takes care of everything dealing with membership.

Have no heard from Danny, regarding dues, assume the lights will stay on.

Consensus items, Jakes proposed changes, and one from Al.

  • Jake Would like to suppose a change to consense process. Wants to take

3 or more weeks rather than 2. Wants to Propose on one week, discuss on two, consense on week 3, and need to consense 2 weeks in a row. This item has been formally submitted.

  • Sam proposed that if an associate member is vouched for at a meeting.
  • Jake is changing the Noisebrdige slogan, and open to clause.
  • Lots of talk about consense votes and member dues and the idea to place

a hold on this consense note, as well as a mention to someone commenting piggy backing in on Tom's proposal. People don't think the consense process should allow for tacking on additional items to proposed consenses.

  • The consensus of October 15 was that of a single group, which is not the

consensus of all of Noisebridge, and thus, the larger consent question is brought up. But based on this discusion, and this proposal, it seems right to continue moving foward with this proposal to modify the consensus modification on 10-15. Random bystander says there needs to be a way to have total consensus, especially for decisions as large ass this.

  • //Comment on that there are two types of consensus, both on Noisebridge


  • Moderator ability has transfered to Madaline during the consensus process.

The idea of countering the consesus of dropping the member dues, was brought up as a consensus item because there is no court to see that conesus was orginally followed, as the issue is that this was a major change and needed more input then a normal / regular consensus.

Really good sugestion to implment changes for the future rather than immediate such that there can be a time that things can be countered. The orginal consesus can not be removed at the moment, so that the new consensus has been raised.

Josh suggested that we find a new system to find conensus with.

Alot of people have said how good associate members are.

Events of October 15 were contentious, members disagree about validity.

This discusion should continue happening untill consensus happens.

Consensus Proposal one. The thing that Jake proposed last week. Proposal Two, extending conesnes to three or more weeks. At a bare minimum that something is consensensed at the very least two weeks in a row. Better description exists on the mailing list and on the consensus proposal page. Proposal Three, the procediural legitimacy of the October 15th discussion. Proposal Four, some combination of associate members and or members should pay some sort of dues. Proposal item five, as yet unspecified changes to the membership and access policy.