Meeting Notes 2013 12 31

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These are the notes from the The 295th Meeting of Noisebridge. Note-taker: Dan; Moderators: JC, Greg, Romy, Johny and all good hackers of teh Moderate persuasion.


  • Ari software
  • Cynthia rosemary pizza
  • Taylor came to wish happy new year, stayed to be Membershopped
  • Melissa nb to be with people people
  • Romy comes to hack and vis-a-video
  • Steven happy hacker at NB on NYE
  • Carlos rubyist comes every couple months and thinks wow
  • Robin hacking on future of art making it happen
  • Greg hacking carbon
  • Hilaire hacking screen text tonight
  • Dan taking notes
  • JC thex moderating
  • Wu from China, in SF for a month, will be spending time at Noisebridge
  • Garrett resident javascript instructor
  • Kyle lawyer hacking code

What is Noisebridge[edit]

a place to make things and learn what you make it a place to act excellently without (too much [ed]) other policy

Short announcements and events[edit]

  • JC relaunching Spacebridge ... tonight! (details on wiki)
  • JC will be hacking till dawn on #fort - wants to see a safe space - party responsibly - know we are here if need help
  • Greg concerned about dominion over space
  • JC announces hiatus in aftermath of CCChaos
  • [moderation change - Romy - announcements continue]
  • Dan is making yogurt
  • Carlos bitcoin project
  • Romy January 3d art party at - theme creating art (with music)

right after art murmer (late). Performance interest? -> Contact Romy

Membership Binder[edit]

  • Romy announces Associate Membership. Congratulations Romy!
  • Garrett solicits endorsements for Associate Membership.
  • Madeline week 3 - sustainable safe community for creative persuits
  • Ari - Week 1 - software engineer, music maker (would like 2nd sponsor)
  • Taylor up for Membership, has been Read 4 weeks & has 2 Sponsors
  • JC comes off Hiatus ... in order to officially stand aside, as promised
  • Taylor agrees Consensus is powerful tool to promote getting along

and thus well worth reaching out for broader Concensus (possibly a chat with Tom for Canonical Consensus Comfort Level).

  • JC explains Associate Membership to Taylor who is not AM ... Notes that there are members that have expressed that they would block any memberships for people who are not yet an Associate Member
  • General straw poll: Put this off till next week i.e. Taylor's Membership


  • maybe spending money a bit faster than it is coming in, but 3-month prudent reserve seemed intact as of last week. Anyway: Donate! Give til it hurts!

Closing Remarks[edit]

  • JC: would like to talk about concerns about "The Bridge" ... after the meeting, on the bridge
  • Meeting Ajourns at 21:25:01.337 PST