Meeting Notes 2014 01 07

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Moderator: Danny O'Brien Notetaker: Josh

Attendees: Danny: work on dysfunction democracies & functional programming languges

Josh: awesome notetaker, programs for IBM and self, supergenius

Ron: hack on liux help people learn

Dana: works on geoinformation

Brashant: first time at noisebridge

Romi: likes to make thnngs

Kate: first meeting, programmer, retro video games

Al: python for kids

Cynthia: retred physician find some to fix macs

Norman: Large events, learning mobile platforms

Charlie: that's all

Naomi : genetic programmer

Ari: android dev. Electro music

Nick: didn't intend to join meeting, dev, from portland, overworked, happy to contribute

Monad: fool around building fixing

Robin: bring art and tech together

Carl: mobile apps

Amy: forgot mouse, still sitting here

Kevin: exploring new languages

John: programmer, neurosurgeon

Douglas: circuit musician

Lauren: read about us

Sara: use darkroom, write, take photos, crafty

Tom: shocked by amount of ambient surveillance

X: Hacks on hacker spaces, midway through week of paranoia


Short Announcements:

Lockers now $10 month

Norman resigning as noisebridge radio operator

X: working to revive spacebridge meets 7:30 tuesdays

Blaire volunteers to take over as radio officer

godwafflenoisepancakes = Pancakes and free vegan waffles sunday at noon

planning on brewing mate for godwafflenoisepancakes

first mothly meeting for book fem for men : fem for everyone by bel hooks

Discussion Items:

Cost of lockers

Agreements without consensus

the bridge

Membership Binder:

chris wipple: last week taylor austin: last week Harry lesenski: week 2 Kanad Hackathel: last week other guy: last week kate kligman: week 1 alex perez: last week alex pique: last week john shut last sam teppa: last madeline: last douglas botten: last ronald kutoni: 1st

Financial Report: 33,214.19 $$ including noisetor ~ 23,000 excluding noisetor

Consensus Items:


cost of lockers, defrayed by rent, something, something

no sleeping at noisebridge

anti-harassment policy


- meeting move to 7 – passes provided it is publicized

prefer 8

get more things done if start at 7

gets up at 4 am

pdp-11's are awesome

7 pm is good 8pm is ok

7 pm slight preference

publicize if we do

- abandon consensus, etc.

continue/delay until they get back from CCC

will not consense this week

just discuss

go to disccussion for discussion

problematic because of block, gets in the way of progress

simply majority has problem, blocking has a problem, compromise supermajority

balances like 51% supermajority

anti-consensus – tyranny of majority, demographic shift have radical impact, gives power to those with politicking ability, dogmatism of majority

consensus fails when you fool all of the people some of the time, you can't fool all the people all the time thank god for consensus, it has passed shitty things,

majority alloows slightly smarter people to fool some of the people some of the time

the way that consensus is happening right now is not working, but there are other consensus models, like mostly consensus with the option for supermajority on

contensious issues, bring someone in to talk about consensus

consensus is great but there are problems wih any social construct exploits are possible especially wih a house full of hackers

express happiness that above was brought up, different process for different issues, don't spoil (kinda) winning tradition

items have lifetime where they die if they are not voted on within time period

emotionalism and theatrics will change if system of voting changes

don't believe that drama is inherent in consensus, hear how consensus has not been working specifically

people have been yelled at for things, their feelings were hurt, feel excluded

different things/discussion emailed to Al

Discussion: - the bridge

what is it? For what will it be used?

X explains:

12 days ago 30c3 starts- logistical challenges with time differences, rearranged things to facilitate area delineated from the rest of noisebridge, work on elaborate projects/have nice things


there's a bed, who will be sleeping there?

X has been sleeping there, if anyone were sleeping there they should: not sleep there more than 4 hours, 2 people on the bridge at all times, be fully aware and accept that it may or may not be available, there was tension

why refuse to mention bridge && sleep in especial on discusss

claims some convo's are on the wiki, he unsubscribed from discuss, purposefully didn't want to do this because he was(n't) a member

there is a clear reason: unfriendly rhetorical techniques, scoial matrix of toxicity

seems like this is a residency, against terms of lease/zoning, heirarchical model that is counter to the space, doesn't know where this is coming from, place didn't get cleaner when this happened

space bridge did get cleaner

this is n the spirit of noisebridge, people take ownership because they stay there which helps people feel engaged

dan doesn't want to use discuss because he is creeped out by al

jc went against rules? For personal reasons, has been reticent to break it down, he is attached

glad we're talking about it, two questions and comment: is the bridge open to public? If not, who determines to whom it's open?

Attitudes toward sleep have changed, cleanliness issue, is this a know part of the space to be used by members guests, what?

Resmebles residece/place people are not welcome, mixed up?

Never been lock or door, never told anyone they are not welcome/ cannot come in, cautions people that innapropriate for children things might be happening, nobody controls access, some people have made use of the pod/space/whatever, no one has directly asked him to disassemble

idea of sleeping there not liked, place set aside not good, people prefer if it were opened up

people spend a lot of time in part of space, develop sense of ownership, at the end of that process need to take a break 8 people out of 30 asked to have pod taken down

not consensus, just asking

does anyone favor jc continuing the bridge

can the pod be turned into something more fluid/ moved

fine with it without sleep pod

agrees that removal of sleep pod can be done

someone took my fishtank

who the people are how many voted yay or nay?

Different topc

Different topic: kitchen, people are upset about things about the kitchen

for consensus next week: anti-harassment policy accepted in current form?. Now that the meeting is over, don't forget to post the meeting notes to the wiki and e-mail the discussion list with a short summary.