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These are the notes from the The XXXth Meeting of Noisebridge. Note-taker: Kevin; Moderator: Jarrod.

  • One or two bullet points of high-level meeting summary.

Short announcements and events[edit]

  • Josh: tonight 4D fractal viewing at 23:00
  • Dan: looking for people interested in mediation and technology. Tentatively on Sat.

Sun/Monday: b-sides SF, security conference.

Membership Binder [edit]

  • The name of the applicant, the week of their application, and their sponsors.

Tom with the membership description, suggestion to call it the "council" binder)

Hephaestus: week 4+

Kate Kligman: 4+

Douglas Barton: Cancelled.

N0_Hat: week 2

Qbit: week 1

Howard Tsu: Week 1

Financial Report[edit]

  • $31,517.49 is our current balance.

Consensus items[edit]

Proposals from last week [edit]

(Add any items which pass or are blocked to the Consensus Items History page.)


Robin: Pigeon admitted to and stole personal property of a member. Pigeon has been giving chances to apologize and fix this and they didn't. We cannot accept people who are stealing stuff from others. They have been given opportunity to resolve the issue and they have not. Pigeon: I have had a week to think about this. I feel like i have made mistakes and I had different ideas regarding what is acceptable in the space. I should have tried to go about this though a situation of mediation. I felt that some of the ways to go about handle this were more of a blackmail. I don't think that the story described last week is true. I still hold that the item was not marked. I gave the tool back. I did not attack Robin over this. I gave it back and thought everything was fine. I didn't realize how important this tool was to you, I never took it maliciously. I don't think there was a policy about taking things in the space. If I am not banned I would vow not to take anything from the space, and to take more time off. Josh: I think this is an attack on pigeon's character. Robin: Stealing is definitely stealing. Pigeon is not taking responsibility. I don't think that bad mouthing me is an adequate defense against me. Robin explains the importance of the tool. Rayc: I was there. Pigeon was caught by the tool by robin, and their defense was that everything here belongs to NB. Ron: Why didn't you put the tool away in the shop? You tried to take a tool and make it your own. David: Pigeon is going through a lot of pain tonight and kicking them out is not healthy. I don't think this will be a problem again. Qbit: Robins statements about me were untrue. Al: I didn't know about this. It sounds like it was in the member shelves. Even if it was in the shop, stuff is not up "for grabs". (Kevin: looks for a sense of the room) Kevin: the room seems split. Robin: My tools are important to me. This is conversion. This is not appropriate. Ramon: Where did you grab the tool from? Pigeon: I found it on the sewing tables. I did not go behind the member shelves and did not do this maliciously. Kevin: Pigeon did not take the tool to sell it on the street and Brandon: What Kind of tool was it? Robin: Leatherman. Casey: How long have you been coming to noisebridge? What have you worked on? Pigeon: Research and writing. Making maps of foreclosed homes. Cooking for people. Organizational activities, classes, Casey: What if we propose a 6 week break Martin: It would be a shame to ostracize a participating member of NB. 6 weeks sounds reasonable. They said they are sorry and the tool is returned. Vi: I have worked with pigeon and trust them. In occupy we share our tools and I don't think they are malicious. I can vouch for their character. I think this needs mediation. Dan: We need to draw a line about what is acceptable. I also don't think that people ganging on robin is acceptable. You do have your tool back because it was pigeon who picked it up and not someone else. Robin: I'll make an offer. I understand the situation, if the attacks on me are dropped i would consider. ---: A tool is a tool, I don't care what it is, i'm not going to take it. John: The question is also about where pigeon picked up the tool. Even though this was a poor decision regarding tool policy, i think they can be rehabilitated. think about the dumb stuff many people have done at NB. Ron: I'll make a deal with you Pigeon, if you will stay out of the space for 6 weeks I will block this proposal. Pigeon: I will accept this. Done.

Ban Lee Sonko

Kevin: Tom would you like to introduce the proposal. Tom: Lee has been harassing me for four months. I have never met them. Tom: Lee contacted me thru a variety of mechanisms, it was unwelcome and it persisted despite my requests for it not to. John: does he know that we attend to ban him. Tom: yes, not the particular night but he has not been at any of the meetings. Al: I think this is a clear violation of the anti-harrassment policy. I've talked with Lee personally about this over email and he does not understand "No". (Kevin asks for the sense the room, sees the consensus) Kevin: It is the consensus of NB Lee Sonko is unwelcome at Noisebridge. They are prohibited from entering the space or participating in the community.

Proposals for next week [edit]


Tom: We have previously agreed that we note the council on the wiki. I keep a list of the council members. I think that this list should be added on git hub. This will streamline the process of commits and add transparency to the council process. The list of council members is not currently published. Council can work on github using their member name. Brandon: Is is possible to use pseudonyms? Tom: it is possible, most are not. Tom: I will use only the information that someone wishes to be know by. I would also like to create a team on github that members could be added to. John: have you asked the members what they would like to be called? Tom: i can but in the past members often don't respond to communication. Casey: I think this is a great idea. I hope their will be explicit notification on this. Tom: Yes, and any changes that the council wants to their information can be updated as needed. Jarrod: why didn't you do this doocratically? Tom: I feel that as secretary I have more that the usual power over this data and wan't to address member's privacy concerns

Only members can join the council. This also includes some clarifying re-structuring of the membership and council descriptions.

Tom: It would be cleaner if the language of council process included membership as a step, it makes it clear that council members are also members. Now there would be members and a subset of them would be on the council. Casey: asks for clarification of current membership process. Kevin: My only concern is that membership should still be discussed more. This proposal glues down a policy that I still disagree with. Tom: This would make it easier to patch the membership process.


Tom: Rayc was sleeping on top of the NB elevator. He has admitted to doing this on multiple occasions. It is my belief that Rayc has used the top of the elevator as a primary sleeping location. I think this behavior is dangerous to him and the existence of Noisebridge. For this they should be banned. Monad: wasn't the proposal for 6 months? Rayc: I only took a nap on the elevator on the elevator twice. You stated that people were discussing this in the background. You told me that if you come to a Tuesday meeting you will probably be banned, and asked me to leave the space. I think this was a power trip, our normal procedure is to discuss this at a Tuesday meeting. I think this was the wrong way to handle this and am appalled by it. Kevin: does anyone have questions for tom or rayc. john: I think it is good for rayc to take a break from the space. what made you think it was acceptable? Al: Sleeping is already frowned on. Were you trying to evade detection? Rayc: it is the warmest place to sleep Al: You made a joke about looking for new hiding places to sleep, is that related to this? Rayc: Monad: I think you contribute, but you should take a leave with the understanding that if you do this again you will be banned with out consensus. Howard: Why avoid detection? We have the hackerstacker? Rayc: I didn't want to be bothered. Kevin: This is going to move to next week. Jon: What not have a 6 month ban proposal? Kevin: we can have duplicate proposals. This will be settled next week. Josh: I would propose that we give Rayc 6 months of cleaning duty.

Discussion Notes[edit]

Board Elections

Casey: suggests that we discuss the board elections. Kevin: kevin agrees that we will discuss the elections. See kevin, to cast a ballot. Casey: I have been coming to NB since 2010. I don't think the board exists to effect great change, merely to shepard the community. I would be honored to serve on the board, and you are awesome and I like you all. Ron: I would like to be on the board, I agree with Casey. The board should not have a large effect. Al: I have been a member since 83c, I was previously on the board in 2011. Dan: I agree with Casey and Ron, I agree that the board should be doing as little as possible. Robin asks about how the voting works and Al answers. Kevin reads list of candidates, and ballot text. Tom: I am a candidate, I will be at NB west later to discuss my platform. John: The board is merely to interface with the state, not much else, is that correct?


Casey: we should install a new pony. Ron and SuperQ are working out specs and eventually take a collection. See us and them after the meeting.


  • List of names and short summary. For bonus points, link wiki user pages.

Moderator: Kevin

Notetaker: Jarrod

Brandon: file system related info

Ron: axe, ground hacking

Monad: tinker

Bill: C#

Tina: experiments

Vee: Anarchist community space

Dane: exploring

Al: write prog

ean: dist. systems

John: summon brainwaves

Howard: Arduino


Tom: plug-gable auth. modules

Sid: hacking anything

Pidgeon: experiments

Melissa: hacking life

Morgan: Linux, soldiering

Artum: hacking

Robin: film tech art

Ramon: linux

Rayc: exploiting systems and patching them


Juan: enjoys it here.



Will: enjoyed frozen

Dan: programmer Now that the meeting is over, don't forget to post the meeting notes to the wiki and e-mail the discussion list with a short summary.