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You should read the meeting instructions forthwith!
Don't forget to post the meeting notes to the wiki and e-mail the discussion list with a short summary. These are the notes from the The 000th Meeting of Noisebridge. Note-taker: FIXME YOUR NAME HERE; Moderator: FIXME THEIR NAME HERE.

  • Ban Robin consensus decision discussed, will be back for further discussion next week.
  • Banning of Lee discussion

Short announcements and events[edit]

  • Fractals at Noisebridge tonight
  • Protest Chris Inglis, NSA Deputy Director at the 4 Seasons Hotel, 757 Market on Wednesday, February 26 at 6:30 PM. Sponsored by Code Pink.
  • Digital currancy maker with website

Membership Binder [edit]

  • The name of the applicant, the week of their application, and their sponsors.
  • Hephestus, W4+, Al, Will, Ron
  • Kate K, W4+, Al
  • Qbit, W2,
  • Howard T, W2,

Financial Report[edit]


Consensus items[edit]

Proposals from last week [edit]

Ban RAYC permenently or for X seconds[edit]

Publish member list on git repo[edit]


Proposal to change the consensus process[edit]

Should be rewritten as a pull request Language is old, needs to be brought up to date There should be a quarom for consensus to occur

   Should be a seperate proposal

Proposals for next week [edit]

Ban kyle, johnny, kara[edit]

Blood on syrenges found on the floor People in the darkroom and bathroom for hours before this was

Only members can join the council[edit]

Refactor the policy to say member everywhere besides the block privillage Tabled for further discussion

Affirm policies in git repo[edit]

Should affirm the initial state of the repository

Ban Robin[edit]

N0_Hat has been on this for a while N0_Hat reads out concerns with Robin's behaviour See nb-discuss post Qbit reads an independent list of concerns with Robin's behaviour Robin responds:

   I don't use racial slures
   I am enthusiastic about being a council member, not abusing power
   I have been in coflict with N0_Hat, and we do not share space at Noisebridge
   I have never asked anyone to leave

John feels harrassed by Robin Robin asked to leave until next week's meeting Phil expresses concerns with Robin's behaviour Mediation has happend and failed

   Robin disagrees, would like to see more mediation

House Rules[edit]

Add stairwells (back and side) to out-of-bounds list Add exception in case of emergency situations Asking someone to leave may put them in harms way. Ex 4am Short naps not the worst thing Be excellent or leave, Noisebridge is not a space to be policed Define napping, 5 hours?

   From biorythm perspective a nap is 24 minutes

Add comments to git document as needed

Discussion Notes[edit]

Conflict resolution and Lee[edit]

Lee comes and requests resolution Tom explains the concern

   Ex Lee sent 15 emails in 4 months

Consensus process abused in Lee's banning Lee reiterates the story:

   In November, Lee made an edit to the Noisebridge wiki
   Tom undid the edits without comment
   Lee asked Tom why
   Tom responds that Lee should only edit typos on the 'Membership' page    
   Lee made edits to tyops on said page
   Tom removed Lee's wiki privs to edit said page
   Danny restored Lee's wiki privs
   Lee tried reaching Tom on the wiki, private email, noisebridge-discuss email, phone call
       Lee was seeking to understand the conflict
   In the beginning of January, Lee commented on Tom's organizing the feminist bookclub at noisebridge

Tom took the actions, with regard to wiki privs, that a reasonable person would take Tom claifies the story

   The level of importance of the interaction on the wiki much less than the level of importance of the events the followed
   Tom made an email to the noisebridge-discuss list describing the actions to remove wiki privs
   Tom asked Lee not to contact him anymore on the phone
   Tom did not reply to any of Lee's emails

Tom describes the harrassment practice of boundry testing to the group Consensus recap:

   Jan 21 consensus proposed, not discussed
   MCT offers mediation
   2 weeks tabled
   week 3 no discussion
   week 4 consensus
       people not present at the meeting that should have been there

There a weakness in the consensus process that given a queue it is difficult to predict when an item will be consensed

   Should be solved with policy

Much discussion ensues Agreed to come back to this item after we handle N0_Hat's proposed bannings... To be continued next week. Lee asked not to come back next week.

Noisebridge BoD Elections[edit]


   Enjoy Noisebridge creative community
   Teaching, leanring, etc.
   Depart from tradition?
       Strong supporter of tradition. leave it up to others.
   Override consensus?


   Been apart of Noisebridge community since 2009
   Plans to do next to nothing
   Depart from tradition?
       Somewhere in the middle, go with the flow.
   Override consensus?


   Make Noisebridge a place to build new shit
   Nb should be a safe space for people come come and be creative
   Depart from tradition?
       Strong favor to depart from tradition.
       Council should guide vision.
   Override consensus?


   Spend time improving Noisebridge
   Noisebridge not served by do-ocracy
   Put people on the spot to do things
   Board should be responsible for ensuring that things get done <up to code>
   I do tasks as secretary,t he board should have tasks too
   Depart from tradition?
       Good reasons for the board to meet more often.
       Primary decision making should be consensus process.
   Override consensus?
       Only if the consensus asked me to break the law


  • Tom
  • Charlie
  • John
  • Bill
  • Chad
  • Mikey
  • Lee
  • Chris
  • Madalynn
  • RAYC
  • Brandon
  • Ari
  • Norman
  • John
  • Josh
  • Naomi
  • Phil
  • MCT
  • V
  • Monad
  • Robin

Now that the meeting is over, don't forget to post the meeting notes to the wiki and e-mail the discussion list with a short summary.