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These are the notes from the The 303rd Meeting of Noisebridge. Multiple people took notes; Tom volunteered to write them up. Tom also moderated the meeting.

The meeting was split. The first 25 minutes happened before the election returns and board meeting. The remainder happened afterwards.

Short announcements and events[edit]

  • Tom will host a discussion about the planned community working group tomorrow at 7pm in the Noisebridge library.

Membership Binder [edit]

  • Hephestus: week 4+; sponsored by Al, Will, & Ron
  • Kate K: week 4+; sponsored by Al
  • Chris A: week 2; no sponsors
  • Howard T: week 2; no sponsors

Financial Report[edit]

No report was available from the treasurer.

Consensus items[edit]

We used a poll to agree the order of discussion of consensus items.

We substantially agreed that it would be very important to discuss the issues surrounding Lee Sonko as the first substantive item of next week's meeting. Ron C volunteered to moderate.

Proposals from last week [edit]

Publishing the member list[edit]

The major points of the discussion centered around the privacy of the folks whose information would be published in this way. We opted to continue the discssion at a subsequent meeting.

Banning Kyle, Johnny, and Kara[edit]

We agreed to ban Kyle, Johnny, and Kara. Some expressed concern about a joint proposal regarding the three of them. The three were involved in one set of events which prompted the proposal.

Ban Robin[edit]

Robin promised not to return to Noisebridge unless we invite him back by consensus. The consensus proposal was retracted. Robin is particularly concerned about his reputation and good name.

House Rules[edit]

Proposed improvements from last week's discussion have not been incorporated into the proposal. We deferred discussion until a future meeting.

Ban N0_Hat[edit]

The ban was proposed as a result of accusations that N0_Hat has been using Noisebridge as a place to sleep. Several people volunteered to contact N0_Hat so that they can act as his proxy. We deferred discussion until a future meeting.

Proposals for next week [edit]

Suspend Robin's Membership[edit]

There was extensive discussion. Robin did not not elect to resign his membership, though several suggested it.

Discussion Notes[edit]

Police in the space[edit]

We discussed the events of last Tuesday. There was no formal consensus discussion, but the following points are generally agreed:

  • It is appropriate to call the police or EMS into the space if there is a relevant safety concern.
  • If you call the police, you should let everyone in the space know that you've done so.
  • In the absence of such an emergency, avoid inviting or admitting the police into the space.