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You should read the meeting instructions forthwith!
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These are the notes from the The 309th Meeting of Noisebridge. Note-taker: Madelynn; Moderator: Kevin

Short announcements and events[edit]

  • Monad is taking one of the tools out of the workshop that he originally donated because no one has gotten it to work, moving it to Mike's house
  • SF Psychedelic Society's Daniel Jabbor has passed away, there will be a short memorial presentation at 5MOF. Also if anyone wants to speak at SF Psychedelic Society, they are looking for talks on chemical research and neurobiology.
  • Meta working group had a discussion last week, was very productive, brainstormed details on how a working group might work, what problems might arise, and what groups people might want to see.
  • Jean Jaques says we are out of the Do Not Hack slips, if someone could print some more out. Madelynn thinks Al made them.
  • Matthew P. has been added to the banned list for looking up Naomi's skirt. Described as blonde, incoherent. See mailing list and Github for more information.
  • Madelynn and Vi remind people about Noisehack on 4/19, there will be speakers and fun projects, and Johny Radio is looking for volunteers. Ping Vi or Johny if you are interested in volunteering
  • Discussion about how to get rid of mice, several people are not a fan of traps. Also discussion on adding screens to the windows to help combat fly and gnat problem. Adrian suggests that these issues go to a Kitchen Working Group

Membership Binder [edit]

Hepestus, 4+ Kate K., 4+ Qbit, 4+ Xavier, 2

Financial Report[edit]

Consensus items[edit]

Proposals from last week [edit]

Proposal to revoke Tom's council privileges is still suspended until he returns.

Proposals for next week [edit]

No new consensus items brought to this meeting.

Discussion Notes[edit]

Building Inspection Two people made calls on April 8-9th to the building inspector, who came and identified two main hazards.

We need to hire a certified electrician to pull a survey and catalog violations.

The building inspector was mainly concerned about the circuit in the kitchen and the extension cords in church, primarily.

The electrician has to come back with the building inspector to give an official estimate.

If we don't do it in 6 months, it will go to the landlord and they will start putting liens on the property.

Jarrod is astounded that his wiring of the stove is not up to code /sarcasm

Someone needs to scan the note and send it to the list.

Monad things we need to approve a certain amount of money, via consensus to make this happen ASAP. Could be as little as a few thousand or up to 30k.

Questions posed: What would an initial consultation cost? Do you need a certified electrician?

Answer: The survey itself will cost several thousand, and we need a certified electrician to do both the survey and the work.

Adrian tells the cautionary tale of Hacker Dojo, and how quickly it can escalate if we don't do this right the first time. Just because the building inspector seemed happy and only listed two issues don't assume that's all that they will ding you for.

We will start by putting a ping on the mailing list about finding an electrician. Jarrod, Sid, Casey, Madelynn are starting working group to make changes happen.


Daravinne does a recap on the meta-working group meeting via her notes.

Mitch gave great insight into the genesis of Noisebridge

"Tools not rules" Instead of making rules, the tools should be transparent to make the space better. Use the blog, and other things. Lot of good thoughts and ideas.

Discussion of the history of the Noisebridge board, James Sundquist talked about the mediation training that Rainbow does, hope is to train some Noisebridge members to train others.

James suggested a savior fund, budgeting for working groups.

Daravinne is looking into tracking software for working groups, others also had action items.

Created a starting list of working groups, particularly for each of the areas. Then there are the intangible issues like "safe-spaces", etc.

Stay tuned for email to the list for the next meeting date.

The purpose of a working group is to transmit and uphold knowledge, divvy responsibility between a large group of people

Couple of recommendations for working groups (from Kevin's notes): mission statement for each working group

Casey mention's PS: One in Chicago and their "Area Hosts". Jim (who set up the area hosts at PS: One) talks about the process of setting them up, and how it worked.

Area hosts were nominated, and had specific time responsibility (about 8 hrs/week). When they wanted to move on, they were responsible for training someone and nominating another person. Incentive was their membership fee was waved for the month(s).

"It is a lot easier to get things done when you're talking face to face rather than a long string of emails." - Jim Burke, from PS: One


Daravinne is not reading the mailing list

Adrian is not reading the mailing list

Jarrod likes to work in the wood shop

Lilly is new, advertising student, wants to do a campaign for Noisebridge for a school process

Mao just moved here from France

Nuna is also from France, has been here once, has many small projects

Jim draws and makes things

Madelynn makes shiny things

Brian is a programmer at a Bitcoin startup

Dan has been at Noisebridge for a year and a half, is a programmer who is here a lot.

Kevin likes to facilitate meetings and does Neurohacking on Thursdays

Mike is former member, wants to see what's been going on.

Monad just watched Mike zap weeds with a transformer. Likes to tinker.

Jean-Jaques likes giving tours, volunteered to make sure we have enough towels.