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These are the notes from the The 313th Meeting of Noisebridge. Note-taker: Naomi; Moderator: Jarrod.

  • Consensus: how the F does it work?

Short announcements and events

  • VOLUNTEERS FOR MAKER FAIRE - check w/ John Ellis
  • Kevin: we refilled our fire extinguishers. We have 6, we might need 4-6 more. We spent SEVENTY EIGHT DOLLARS!
  • Monad: new CNC mill coming on Thursday at 7pm, AWESOME. "designed to be user-friendly", donated to us. AND wants to make a class here to show us how to use it. Donator requests that we don't take it apart to build robots.
  • Monad: using a propane stove is against code, they need to Go Away. Electric stoves are fine.
  • Vii: Reminder: trash day is Monday and Thursday only.

Membership Binder

  • Deja - week 1 - 2 sponsors
  • John Ellis - week 1 - 2 sponsors
  • Cory - week 1 - 1 sponsor
  • Qbit - week 4+ - 1 sponsor
  • Hephaestus - week 4+ - 2 sponsors
  • Kate Klingman - week 4+ - 1 sponsor
  • Xavier AM - week 4+ - 1 sponsor
  • Sid - week 1 - 1 sponsor

Financial Report

           There are $5576.33 earmarked NoiseTor funds
           Colo service has been paid through Mar 7, 2013
           There are enough funds to pay for an additional 7 months of colo
           This information was updated at Tue May 13 21:30:02 2014 

Consensus items

Proposals from last week


Proposals for next week

nothing consensed, lots discussed

Proposal: NB should revert member dues to previous state.

Monad presenting this:

 - presently there are 0 dues mandatory from anyone.
 - Monad: no Members i've talked to think that $40 to $80 was a huge burden.
 - mitch says getting rid of dues is not a good idea.

Kevin: I don't like to see financial barriers to membership. The way that dues were abolished was "shady":

   One meeting there were 4-5 ppl here.  "We're going to figure out how to make this Assoc Member concept work."
   Kevin proposed a rider about eliminating dues making the Assoc Membership thing work.
   Now feels (as do many people) that elim dues was a radical move and should have been talked about more.
   A last-minute add-on to a very different policy that Kevin in retrospect believes was awful process.
   We should at least have a proper discussion and settle on A or B.

Vii: I think it's interesting that you're proposing this when 2 people of color are up for Membership (Cory and Deja). You don't really want a democratic all-inclusive group. There are many ways ppl contribute. Deja once put up $77 for food, and that doesn't include their labor. How can you exclude ppl like this

Sid: Can we make provisions for ppl who contribute parts & labor in lieu of membership dues. Not saying I won't pay dues, just something we should look at.

[Deja and Dan had good points but riseup pad disappeared...]

Dan - many great ideas here...

Ellis - reservations about reinstating dues: a trend that # of actual Members participating has dropped off (at least at meetings) — we shouldn’t look at reactivating dues until we work on building up Membership.

Naomi - isn’t that kind of a bait-and-switch? invite more Members in while there are no dues, then reactivate dues?

Kevin - financial sponsorship is a possibility. I’d offer to pay (say) 2 Starving Hacker memberships to support ppl who participate.

Steve - seems a lot of ppl who are here contributing time & funds. If we reinstated dues, would they stop outlaying funds & resources & labor? There should be a way of quantifying. I’d give more money if that would let me continue just coming here and USING the space.

Deja - where do the Membership fees GO? can we see these funds turn into benefits for the space?

John - can we consense on what a contribution is “worth”?

Sid: Johny Radio tried to get $10 / week for electronics. They rejected this idea at a meeting.

Naomi: I'd say that happened b/c NB has never had a real framework in place for disbursing funds regularly. Occasionally, yes (ask the Treasurer or take up an informal collection), but regular, no. We should have groups requisitioning funds, not individuals. e.g. the Electronics Working Group (or whatever).

Sid: good idea, then we can have groups making use of NonProfit status when they buy stuff.

Deja: let’s work on getting free stuff, donations — need to get NB’s act/story together. “Some of this [mf’ing] shit needs to go.” You gotta have ppl working on donations.

Vii: Why don’t we have our Treasurer here? We don’t even know what’s in our account. Memberships have dues, that’s normal. My concern is about passing inspection. If we don’t have enough money we should make sure we get it (via dues).

Ellis: as a matter of custom don’t we usually have the treasurer informally say “yeah go right ahead”.

Dan: we DO need money. and we need Members. what’s the benefit of having ppl invest/ownership of the space… i’d like to see ppl dropping dollars into the donation bin rather than taking it out.

Kevin: interested in this concept of giving time or money as membership dues. More ideas about formalizing the process?

Alma: Maybe Sid should keep his receipts and put the receipt in the donation jar.

Naomi: our Treasurer has ragequit, and our Secretary has ragequit as well. [Note from Hannah: This statement is false; the secretary has not ragequit, he is still paying bills, cashing checks, paperworking, etc.]

Deja: these meetings sometimes turn into business ideas — how about we establish some new innovations. Let’s have a separate meeting to move NB to the next level.

Jarrod: Al was having mtgs every Monday, meet and greet…

Deja: i want to talk about COMMUNITY and technology, and what’s going to help improve NB’s reputation and status in the hackerspace community.

Proposal to Revoke Tom Lowenthal's Membership

Naomi: situation is we have a Member who doesn't come around, and a stuck Proposal item, and a Secretary (same person) who refuses to step down [Note from Hannah: the secretary asked for people to step up to take secretarial duties off his plate, but no one has volunteered to actually do the work] but isn't directly involved in the space. Also, Madelynn apparently never told Tom that he was expected to stay away from NB and come to a Tuesday meeting.

Deja: we can get an interim person for Secretary.

Monad: the Secretary doesn’t have to be a Member at all. The board should get together and decide whether he’s in as Secretary or not.

Kevin: I think to move forward on this, we need to get Casey and Ron involved to do this. I’ve requested mediation w/ Tom for months now with no response. We should have a new Secretary. Let’s work on both of those things.

Jarrod: Madelynn has an explicit block on this going forward until Tom comes to a meeting.

Alex Glowalski: getting a new Secretary in is something we should do.

Dan: getting a new Secretary is something we can decouple from the immediate proposal. Meanwhile we can reach out to Tom… roll it back another week, be proper about it.

Vii: why are we talking about this — Kevin responds: Tom has rewritten Consensus Item History in ways that don't match the actual group consensus, and rewritten Meeting Notes. Other people have raised concerns about Tom’s use of Consensus.

Ellis: Unless the board makes an affirmative decision, we should appoint a Secretary & Treasurer until we can have an election. Also, isn’t the deferral for a specific amount of time? Let’s check w/ Madelynn. We shouldn’t do what Tom does and pass a Consensus item with just 3 capital-M members. [Context: there were at-most 3 Members in the room. --Nthmost (talk) 18:00, 14 May 2014 (UTC)]

Deja: if Tom was asked to attend a meeting and he has not stepped up in weeks, that’s a blatant slap in the face. [Note from Hannah: the request was to stay away until he could come to a meeting, Tom has fully complied with this request by doing all of his secretarial work remotely and not entering the space] I compare it to what we asked RAYC to leave for.

Ellis: I think we should decide what’s the most Excellent way to move forward, not “what would Tom do” or “what’s the opposite of what Tom would do”.

Naomi: sounds like we should have the board do a thing, and then we should find a new Secretary and Treasurer.

Jarrod: We need reach out to various folks and see how to move forward about this Proposal.

Discussion Notes

preparations for Maker Faire

John Ellis: preparations for Maker Faire — email is neurofog at gmail — there are a small # of tix (at least 4, probably 6, maybe a lot more) — i want to give them to established members of the community who help with transportation and at the booth.

Monad — ppl can ride down with him if they show up at Monad’s house. Check the MakerFaire page on the wiki b/c we need some volunteer coverage. contact email is immonad at yahoo

Julio steps up to help w/ transport.

Anybody have any EPIC HACKS to put on display at the Noisebridge table?

Putting up more lockers / replace Member shelves with lockable cubes

Kevin: this was championed before by a guy named [find out later] — Gorilla-like lockers.

Steve: lockers as a perq of being a member?

Monad: these lockers were about $500, super sweet deal. Normally you pay a lot more. Lockers are good revenue stream.

Ellis: if we can find a decent size installation at good price we should go that route, although Miloh came up with a scheme about better organizing the shelves.

Deja: where do we put all those lockers? [Naomi: over there where all that bullshit is, the member shelving area] — but let’s think about projects of all different shapes and sizes and setting up lockers that accommodate them.

Sid: having dealt with that area, collapsing shelves, etc. There’s so much dirt, trash, rat shit — we have to clean it up. There’s a health hazard here. We need to get going on this, I’ll can head the group. [Naomi: i was volunteering myself…]

Dan: “re-deranging the space” — putting more effort into re-imagining the space

John: everything’s really crowded and disorganized, doesn’t feel like there’s any room to do anything. Maybe we can move the space around a bit to make better use of space.

Naomi: if we all worked together to clear out that mess in the middle we’d have it SORTED within an hour of this meeting.

[General positive sentiments about actually doing that.] [Then the meeting discussions ran until 10pm and I was too tired to rouse people to action. :( Next time, Gadget, next time. --Nthmost (talk) 19:29, 14 May 2014 (UTC)]

Jean-Jacques: make an account on Freecycle, put up a request for lockers!

Access Control

Henner is working on the RFID reader mounted above the front door.

Jean-Jacques: 2 people who were banned showed up here on Monday (yesterday), Dante (mid-day) and Harvey (midnight)

Sid has asked Harvey to come to a Tuesday meeting (no results).

Deja: I saw Harvey took a whole jar of jelly and jar of peanut butter.

Vii: He used to hack the red phone so no one could use it.

Naomi: this would be an appropriate time to ask for volunteers for the Safe Space Working Group — Daravinne and Adrian are heading it up.

Monad volunteers (“have them contact me”)

Naomi volunteers Dan and he agrees.

Dan says Harvey knows he’s not really welcome here. It was disappointing to see someone who has not changed, showing up and instantaneously making people uncomfortable. I thought we’d invite him to a Tuesday meeting...

Naomi: we’re NOT inviting troublesome people to the Tuesday meetings anymore, that’s what the Safe Space Working Group is for. That’s why we need to get it going.


  • Naomi - wants to make a nervous system for Noisebridge.
  • Kayla - place to build stuff over the summer
  • Sean - just moved for the summer, looking for a place from which to take over world
  • Cory - here to increase technical writing
  • John - here to learn, be inspired by physics/design type ppl
  • John Ellis - not a neurosurgeon, but organizing Maker Faire.
  • Dan - programmer and amateur neuroscientist, fine arts of memetic chiroprocology
  • Kevin - neurohacking w/ Dan Wednesday nights 8-10, functional programming
  • Steve - theoretical physicist & dev from Austin TX. presenting a thing at 5MoF this Thurs.
  • Alma - hacking textiles, wants to make materials available for kids. Has been fixing up sewing area.
  • Chris - @crw on Slack -- sysadmin, programmer.
  • Deja - working on a sidewalk cart, making signs around NB, learning to DJ on a touchscreen.
  • Vii - hasn't been here much lately b/c she feels unappreciated. "important that we keep the kitchen, that's why I'm here."
  • Monad - tinkering around.
  • Julio - "J" - just came from LA for work as sysadmin.
  • Chuck - brings food from the food bank on Saturdays
  • Jean-Jacques - photovoltaics, science, the brain. "sense of ownership in the space"..."maintenance things" -- there was graffiti in front of the building and he cleaned it up WAY TO GO MAN :)
  • Sid - is working in the corner and chuckling at things Dan says.
  • Jarrod - has an unusual moderation method that he would like to explain.