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These are the notes from the The 317th Meeting of Noisebridge. Note-taker: Naomi ; Moderator: John Ellis

  • Electrician Report (TL;DR - we have to close down the space for a month or more)
  • 4 members up for consensus; 2 new Members, one blocked, one deferred to next week.


Introduction and Names[edit]

  • Evil Dan: “I’m a known quantity SO FAR.”
  • Greg: software stuff, I’m nearby and I like the experience
  • Tristan: first meeting! good ppl, interested in hacking healthcare & making it affordable.
  • Matt: I do music and arts and social hacking
  • Mike: @koalahamlet - I do javascript
  • John Shutt: book scanners! portable scanners for visual handicaps
  • Alma: seamstress, this is where I hang out in the sewing area
  • Jarrod: dirty shop, woodworking, big projects
  • Cory: hang in the library, learning
  • Naomi: trying to take good notes
  • Joshua: represent a evil org determined to rule the world. Naw, just music hacking and mind fuckery.
  • Tim: electrician here to answer some questions, lifelong hacker
  • Jean-Jacques: 3 years, pro handyman, interested in photocell electrical systems
  • Cynthia: kitchen, retired physician, hard of hearing
  • Thor: dabble in lots of things
  • Monad: I tinker.
  • Allen: software, working on autononomous helicopter, looking for AM sponsorship.
  • Joe: crypto embedded hardware & javascript
  • John Ellis: pilot, neurohacking, not an alcoholic
  • Casey: I just got done biking on Market, coming since 2010, keyserver in Go.
  • Emerson: windows hardware hacker, coming here for 2 months or so.
  • Julio: call me J, came from LA, this is my 4th meeting.
  • Daravinne: was late!
  • Danny O'Brien: is also late!
  • Pigeon: “yo”
  • Deja: last name is Dior-Brit

Short Announcements[edit]

  • We're going to reorder the meeting a little because of our special guest, Tim The Electrician, who's here to give a general report about the Noisebridge State of Electrical Affairs.
  • Jarrod is holding a Dirty Shop Meet-and-Greet this Thursday the 12th at 19:30 PST
  • Monad suggests to be more critical of the things brought into the space. Ellis says “especially CRTs”.
  • Naomi: we’re closing the space! Between July 1st and August 1st (or longer, depending on how things go) [see Electrician's Report]

New or Stale Events[edit]

Consciousness-hacking and GodwaffleNoisePancakes this Saturday

Movie screening on July 26th (ask evil Dan)

Membership Binder[edit]

4 (!) potential Members up for Consensus today.

The following members have at least 2 sponsors:

  • CORY (week 5): here, two sponsors
  • DEJA (week 5): two sponsors, not here — oh wait, now she is!
  • JOHN ELLIS (week 4): here, has two sponsors
  • JOHN SHUTT (week 4): here, has 2 sponsors
  • SVEN: seems to be unwelcome here from several different accounts. Making notes on his Member form warning potential sponsors.
  • JARROD (week 1)


Cory and John Shutt are now Members. Ellis voluntarily deferred his discussion to next week.

See below for full discussion.

Electrician's Report[edit]


Tim says:

  • The inspector’s going to look for safety issues, code violations, etc. any work that’s been done without a permit which implies an inspection. You have a lot of all of those.
  • Neil [Tim's partner] did a lot of the original work in NB.
  • We did an initial assessment. Fixed the panel this past Thursday in the course of the assessment. Assessed the electrical loads. “Red flag” items (dangerous, unsafe, done illegally) — we have that list. What are the loads that are going to stay in the space? What do we have to do to keep them supplied with adequate power — we have a list of that stuff.
  • Need to work in the space over the course of 4-6 weeks to make a whole bunch of corrections. July-August. We’ll do a lot before the walkthrough (red flags plus things that were done w/o permit but need to be there so it doesn’t look weird)
  • Some stuff will look crazy to an inspector, e.g. the Laser cutter. (to be removed from the space for the inspections)


  • get rid of the major red flags (late June)
  • get a “survey inspection”, who will comment on Must Dos from there. (line up for first week of July)
  • Tim recommends a complete overhaul of the space (tripping hazards, equipment in awkward places)
  • Panel at the top of the stairs. “real problem panel” / Must Fix.

Both Neil and Tim will come to next Tuesday meeting with the detailed report.

Other safety concerns -- inspections may trigger other inspections (e.g. fire safety).

  • Fire code requires fire escape egress. Needs to be lit and have emergency exit sign.
  • Ventilation issues (e.g. from solder. Maybe put all soldering irons in a locker…)
  • Check the plumbing in the kitchen and bathrooms.

Networking: not so much a concern, just make it less floppy and try not to ziptie to conduit.

We may be able to negotiate with the landlord on improvements to the space, if the electrical work touches on the building in general.

Naomi will check with landlord about extending the lease, maybe getting cooperation on costs to fix up things that constitute improvements to the building.

Financial Report[edit]

Consensus items[edit]

None were discussed this week nor proposed for next week due to the proliferation of Members up for Consensus (yay).

Membership Discussions[edit]

[to be inserted later once they are cleaned up a bit. --Nthmost (talk) 17:55, 12 June 2014 (UTC)]