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These are the notes from the The 323rd Meeting of Noisebridge. Note-taker: Torrie; Moderator: AndyMC

  • We raised a lot of money from indiegogo! And we're totally not broke!
  • Next steps for the Reboot: A build working group to regroup, get tasks prioritized, and a floorplan figured out
  • Work on the idea of Greeters and other cultural reboot items progresses. Much community <3 in the air.


  • Torrie - Develops embedded key-value databases
  • Mitch - Co-founder of noisebridge, travels the world a lot teaching people how to solder and give talks and help libraries and museums and teaches circuit hacking monday every monday when in town
  • Carl - Been coming for a few years, writing mobile apps for the last couple of years
  • Josh - Lives and works nearby, once came by 83c, haven't been here in over a year. Just was poking in and decided to see a meeting. Likes taking things apart and seeing how it works.
  • Dan - Coming to NB for two years, participates in neruohacking discussion group. I'm here a lot, or have been. I've experienced noisebridge as an amazingly positive place and a group of people. You never know whats going to happen next. Really interested to see it keep developing foreve.r
  • Jade - Been going to noisebridge for a year and a half, maybe almost two years. I used to go to the python classes and now I've been doing the neurohacking meetup. Yeah. I'm here. A lot.
  • J - Came form LA a few months back, discovered this place and have been coming ever since. Today I'm just a regular sysadmin but I like to tinker with stuff.
  • RAYC - I hack on stuff, taking systems and making them work more efficiently such as the cooling on this crappy HP computer. I have aknack for taking things out of the ordinary and seeing things before most. Hackerspaces are a wonderful place to do that.
  • Scott - My first time here. Been in the city at an internship with a biotech company. On the side I want to learn how 3D printers work and get into the "scene", I supose. Started looking up hackerspaces, saw Noisebridge, and saw that there was a meeting tonight.
  • Scotty - Mostly recently been hacking on a land yacht. Been coming here for the past few years, working on some electronic stuff
  • Monad - I fiddle around and tinker
  • AndyMC - Sometimes I call myself Signal. I'm a committer for the apache project on natural language processing. An expert on hiding things. I really like hackerspaces, consensus process, and hadn't read the notes but now we're up to speed.
  • (RAYC explains the concept of "noisebridge")
  • Some newbies arrived halfway through the meeting:
    • Alex - Working on robotics to facilitate automation.
    • Bill - I'm interested in cooperative sociology and how systems work with cooperation
    • Scott - Checking out how y'all operate up here.
    • Tycor - Came with Bill, just hanging out

Short announcements and events[edit]

  • Torrie talks about Phong
  • RAYC sez: I've been helping with the space a bit. To help get things moving faster, things are more organized. The middle section is going to be used for utility stuff while the rest of the space continues to be worked on. The center of the hackitorium is misc stuff, as Neil still needs room to work on the walls an columns. Once that is done we can put back all the stuff and sort it. We can discuss this too if anyone wants.
  • Andy sez: We raised a lot more than our goal of $25k! $27,277!!!
  • RAYC adds: The electrician is done with that half (hand waves towards the break room area), and theres a few columns that still need ethernet but we're not working our way down this way (hand waves towards the west wall)
    • Mitch sez: As we open, more and more people will start coming by
    • Scotty asks: Whats the best way to "plug in" to the current reboot efforts?
    • Mitch: We should have something formalized for folks to find
    • (Andy moves to discussion items)

Membership Binder [edit]

  • (Monad elaborates on the idea of "membership" and the process of gaining it)
  • Mitch explains: One thing that is changing, is closing hours. Outside of hours that noisebridge is open, only members and their guests are allowed in. Members are required to accept responsibility for their guests. Bee Tee Dubs: There will be a greeter meeting after this meeting, or 8:30, whenever it happens. A discussion about what greeters are, how they're empowered to maintain the space, opening the space, etc.
  • Daniel Lewis - Not here, RAYC claims to know him. Evil Dan says he's a real hacker and a young student as far as I can tell. He's a known quantity and would be a member.
  • Tristan Mosley - (crickets)

Financial Report[edit]

  • Funds in bank: $LIGHTS_ARE_ON
  • Mitch went to the mail last week. There were $13k some in checks last week that got deposited.
    • $10k from the indiegogo
    • A chunk of $80/mo plus $80/mo corporate matching from Adobe
    • Someone from google, fidelity charitable, and some letter of $1k/mo from the last three months
    • We've still got a savings account with ~$2,888 in it.
  • Trash might not be paid still but Torrie is checking on it after the meeting.
  • Noisetor (See the bulletpoints at the bottom of IDK MY BFF JIL

Consensus items[edit]

Proposals from last week [edit]

  • Reciprocal Bans with Sudo Room
    • Mitch sez: Kevin updated the wording from last week
    • Andy asks: Does anyone want to make a counter point to argue that if someone gets banned from Sudo Room?
    • J notes: I think this makes it clear that this is entirely for reasons of safety, not for arbitrary reasons or disagreements
    • Scotty: Would we consider someone who was banned from sudo for sleeping a reason of safety
      • Torrie adds: I would not feel threatened from a sleeper
    • Alex: Is this something that we should need to review on a case-by-case basis?
    • Mitch: There is going to be a bay area consortium of hackerspaces unconference in October. All bay spaces should come, and this is something we should be discussing there
    • Carl: I would like to see some sort of review process requring a review process
    • Dan: It would be helpful to enumerate some examples such as violent, theft, creepy behavior
    • Torrie: A review process might not be needed since you can just undo it through the normal safe-space meeting
    • Scotty: We should fail fast. We should default to safety until we can figure it out. I'd like to see us err on the side of erring quickly so we don't get burnt out too fast.
    • Alex: I feel that we should have an up to date list of this stuff so there is some accountability. Why were the banned, who made accusations, etc
    • Monad: I think part of the problem is that we don't have a way to ID if someone is banned, they might not know if someone is banned two years ago
    • Torrie recounts the story of a few weeks ago when Howard came in
    • Josh: Would it be a bad idea to have a digital list of banned folks and such?
    • Alex: We're talking about this in the security group bee tee dubs!!
    • Andy: Should we continue discussion or is this something we can consense on?
    • Mitch: Do we have a quorum? (a very tiny number raise their hands)
    • Devil Dan: I have a friendly amendment. It'd be great if it said instead of "until" it said "unless". It'd remove the inevitability of it being required for discussion.
    • (Various discussions about how changing wording of things works with consensus)

Proposals for next week [edit]

  • Evil Dan: I think it'd be great to have the closing hours, greeter committee, etc supported by consensus.

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