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332nd Meeting

These are the notes from the The 332nd Meeting of Noisebridge. Note-taker: Nthmost; Moderator: Signal.

Membership, what does it mean, really?


  • Mitch Altman, travels to teach people how to build circuits and
  • Camilo, Parque Explora hacktivist in South America
  • Louis, architect, science center
  • Camila, designer of exhibits, building a makerspace in an Exploratorium
  • Bao, first time here, checking out the place
  • JB, friend of Bao, new here too.
  • Greg, new to SF, just from NYC. Interactive technology in the corporate scene
  • Nthmost, takin da notez
  • Signal, I like the hacktivists over there. Machine learning, hacking the planet.
  • Patrick, security software projects and other things
  • Torrie, I spend too much money on LEDs
  • N0_Hat, ethical social engineering group.
  • Juan, linguistics and security
  • Christian, 3d printing
  • Fred, weird game design related stuff, i miss making stuff
  • Calvin, 4 years old
  • Alma, antistatic garments, donating to the IndieGoGo campaign
  • Josh, tinker & take stuff apart
  • RAYC, i hack the planet and the universe
  • Kenny, just moved here from Delaware, EE and hardware, firmware, any size, IC circuits
  • Judas, new here, help desk and carpentry experience, maybe i can help out here.
  • Jonathan, culinary student. picking up electronics
  • Sheila, “I’m the girlfriend”

Short announcements and events[edit]

Fred: Journey to the End of the Night —

Torrie: Rubin ordered $4000 of A/V equipment, we’re soon going to have nice things! I patched a hole!

Patrick: on Saturday we’re going to fix the physical access problems. Come if you know how to lock down a payphone after we’ve drilled into it!

Membership Binder [edit]

Torrie: Noisebridge is a space for hacking in San Francisco that is where you can hack. Follow the one and only rule of Noisebridge: BE EXCELLENT.

RAYC: NB is open to everybody, after 11pm it’s open just to Members and their guests. Only Members have ability to make a strong statement in saying they will block Consensus. People should hang around for about 3-6 months to get familiar with how we do things here, and then fill in an application when you and we feel comfortable. 4-week process, two signatures

Mitch: Consensus — someone brings up a proposal we consider worthwhile. At the first mtg there’s discussion, if anyone objects to it in its current state, there’s a discussion about what would make the proposal acceptable to everyone. Discussion proceeds until there are no further objections. It has to be at least 2 mtgs at NB until that can happen. Everyone’s welcome to be part of the discussion, but calling for Consensus, only Members can block. But if the facilitator is doing their job, they should have already noticed a problem ahead of there being a block. A BLOCK means “I can no longer be part of this group if this Consensus passes."

Torrie: week 2, two sponsors: Mitch and Monad.

Patrick: week 1, two sponsors: Mitch and Naomi.

Financial Report[edit]

  • Funds in bank: ~$40k in the bank

Consensus items[edit]

Proposals from last week [edit]

Striking all members from the Rolls[edit]

Nthmost: [introduces the proposal]. i missed last week, what did people talk through?

Mitch: people didn’t really understand the proposal.

Signal: Torrie’s applying for membership to find out what’s valuable about being a Member in this community. I’d like to be convinced that if I applied, that becoming a member would mean something useful.

Naomi: proxy blocking is a problematic anti-pattern

Mitch: that wasn’t a valid pattern. in order to state an objection or block, you have to be able to propose ways that the consensus can go forward.

Signal: the proposal is not to remove Membership as a concept, just to Reboot the memberships. So pulling the plug on the computer, to reset the memory.

N0_Hat: what if we made it so that Membership has to be reapplied-for?

Mitch: finding out who and who isn’t a member is a task for the Treasurer. if you haven’t paid dues or made arrangements w/ the Treasurer, they are no longer Members.

Naomi: I’m proposing this b/c i think there’s a point in a spiritual renewal, not just administrative clearing.

Juan: what if I became a Member and moved away

Signal: there are members still respected who live far away, e.g. Jake Appelbaum

N0_Hat: ppl who are members and taking that away from them, you might have to deal w/ strong negative emotions

RAYC: i moved the Member shelves and ppl felt weird about that. this proposal might do that.

Mitch: we’ve had the full spectrum of Members who don’t contribute anything but dues and non-Members who contribute a ton.

Torrie: I want to be a member b/c I want to contribute financially. It’s rahter clear you don’t have to be a Mmeber to contrib financially, but i understand the sentiment. I wonder if an alternative would be a Subscriber where you get nothing but the title assoc w/ the financial contribution.

Mitch: important background: we chose a nonprofit, educational, membership organization b/c a California org like this has a lot of rights given to the Members. It’s very difficult to get rid of a Member once they are in. we need Members to have decisions made. One way to get rid of Members we came up with is to eject those who haven’t paid dues. A way of weeding the rolls of ppl who no longer belong.

Nthmost: I wanted to propose this not to necessary go through with it, but to have this very discussion.

Signal: this is a great item to keep talking about over and over again. Examples like Torrie and Patrick contributed a lot during Reboot. it should be clear that: “in what way does becoming a Member make the outcome of my being here BETTER"

Torrie: I support the idea of an Archive Member. When i was here for the second time in Dec 2013, JC asked me why i didn’t become a Replicant of NB. But i haven’t found out what that is.

Patrick: great discussion to try to quantify, but it’s a kind of a convergence thing — the more we talk, the better we come to an agreemnt. it’s a kind of STEWARDSHIP of Noisebridge going forward. You’re here, contributing, and that in itself is a lot of fun. NB’s future, making sure that NB lasts & continues.

Signal: I love this concept of members becoming Stewards and Archivists.

Mitch: I’m having trouble seeing much advantage to your proposal. i see the purpose in spiritual cleansing, but not necessarily the harm in keeping Members on the rolls.

Nthmost: another confusing aspect of having a lot of inactive Members is that Members have the right to vote for the Board every year. If we're interested in having a Board that represents the community in a useful way, it's unclear what it means for non-engaged voters to participate here.

Proposals for next week [edit]

(Add any new items for consensus to the Current Consensus Items page.)

Ditch Associate Membership[edit]

proposed by Torrie, with exactly zero complaints.

Discussion Notes[edit]

Soundproofing Turing to attract musicians[edit]

Signal: Let’s soundproof TURING. It’ll attract people who want to hack music.

RAYC: maybe we can just do certain zones.

Signal: this wouldn’t be in lieu of classroom, this would be in addition to being a classroom. Rent rates make it very difficult

James: Turing is really the best choice. Recording here is in general a really not good place to record.

Torrie: there’s a hidden secret room that we walled in, maybe we can repurpose that.

Nthmost: we can easily tap into existing communities


RAYC: buses really shake the place, definitely in the back is better for this purpose. It’d be awesome to bring in more diverse communities here.

Mitch: I visit hackerspaces all over, they have rooms that have

Nthmost: it’s not all about recording, sometimes it's

James: late-night would be a great time for ppl to make use of the space. one thing you do in a studio that’d be really fun, you have a series of jacks to run through the space and back into the room so you can record things going on in the space.

RAYC: yeah you could have zones that are mic’d so ppl can record their classes.

Treasuring Woes[edit]

Mitch: we have to get our act together. Do we even have an ATM card?

Nthmost: Danny gave me a stack of albatrosses to carry around. It might have an ATM card in it, but I didn’t see it last time. We do have checks though.

Mitch: describes how the board can give permission for people to have access to the bank account.

We’ve had an inactive treasurer for a while. It’s a lot of work. coming up with a way that all of the treasurer duties are automated would be great. Torrie mentioned software, couple of other ppl raised their hands about that.

Signal: sounds like the responsitbilites are akin to what you expect from someone doing taxes, which is a lot of grueling crap. sounds like your friend Pat can get us in order, and we can work on

RAYC: automation — if we have simple notifications, we should tie that into what Membership is, upgrading the Members infrastructure and tie that into the automation treasuring


Signal: too much money to fuck this up with someone who is a novice.

Church Classroom[edit]

RAYC: capacity of Church is insufficient for how crazy it gets. I have a solution based on making some benches that are half width, they include seating.

Signal: Cool!


RAYC: their tools are still here, there’s about 20% of the expected work that’s not done. Can i get access to the original scope of work?

Nthmost: yep, email me.