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These are the notes from the The 340th Meeting of Noisebridge. Note-taker: Nthmost; Moderator: Jarrod.

  • EXCELLENCE! Let's work on projects.


  • Pirate Matt - back from a little vacation, excited to move forward with the IGG to FINISH HIM!!!!11one and reopen the space with awesome projects.
  • Norman - been here for a while (since mid 2013). Work here occasionally, dirty shop, radio.
  • Matt - my friends call me "Bob". Been here first in February, glad this place is getting fixed up. Figure I'll stop in every once in a while to help out.
  • Rain (Dana) - Here to sew -- painting, building, etc.
  • Nthmost (Naomi) - here to talk about setting positive intentions
  • Signal - picking up some IGG stuff to deliver stuff to Europe via trip to 31C3
  • Mohammed - offering my time to help NB, do whatever's necessary to make it a good place.
  • Jarrod - spend most of my time working in the woodshop, moderating tonight.
  • Alex - came late.

Short announcements and events[edit]

  • Nthmost/Signal: PROJECT X - Feb 7. - an opportunity for us to collaborate w/ folks we've been trying to bring into NB for a long while, people who have demonstrated value in Boston communities and now live here in SF. They also happen to be our coworker fellows. ALSO they want to arrange a donation for Noisebridge on the order of ~$1000 to make this happen. Things we could have: Hexapod, the Convulsatorium, the Orbs, and a modified version of Five Minutes of Fame. Contact nthmost and/or signal for more info.
  • Mohammed: Arduino Programming Class! Would like a couple of teacher-collaborators to help. Arduino & Processing! Contact Mohammed by email.
  • Nthmost: The Hanging Gardens of Noisebridge.
  • Signal: The Memory Palace! Some rooms will be at Noisebridge
  • Mohammed: A lot of ppl come here *and* to Tech Shop. Could we set up a Noisebridge membership so one person at a time could use Tech Shop?
  • Jarrod: Brought the "Noisebridge Against Humanity" card game prototype.

Membership Binder [edit]

Nthmost: Membership is not required to be at Noisebridge. We do require that you be Excellent at all times. There is an ongoing discussion about what is Excellent, which is part of the design of Noisebridge.

Signal: You don't need to be a Member to do excellent member-like things.

In the binder:

  • Signal: "I want to set an example of what Membership means in this community." - week 3.
  • Sam Tepper: "Relieved to be applying as a Member and not as Noisebridge Council." - week 4+.

Financial Report[edit]

Consensus items[edit]

  • Signal: Consensus is fundamentally different from voting. In a voting system, you could have some percentage of ppl that agree on a thing, which means it might happen. Consensus means that everyone must agree on a decision, which means that if you have a principled objection to the proposal, you should propose a way to modify the proposal so that it would be acceptable to everyone. You need a quorum of 3 Members to be able to pass a Consensus proposal, the idea being that you don't pass something in secret, everything is TRANSPARENT. There's a deliberate lag, minimum of 2 weeks, often 3+, to get buy-in from everybody. Deliberate built-in inefficiency.

Proposals from last week [edit]


Proposals for next week [edit]


Discussion Notes[edit]

NAH Card Game[edit]

  • Jarrod: The set came out really well.
  • [cheers]
  • Jarrod: a deck of 550 cards is fairly expensive to print. It costs $30.40 to print, and our IGG reward is at $32. NB needs 40 more. That comes to $1,208 plus shipping (roughly $100 just to our mailbox). I think this is a great thing we've made as a community, so even though we won't make money off this, we should make it and send it out. I understand that money is really tight right now. That being said, we should explore other options. Seems unlikely we can find other options. This is a 1-1 match of their set in terms of numbers of cards and
  • Jarrod: I'm personally willing to pay the shipping to our mailbox. The majority of these shipments are local, so we can ask them to pick these up. The international orders, eep. We might send out an IGG update asking if people are willing to pay the shipping cost.
  • "Bob": Let's just be honest... we're scratching by, we can pay the shipping cost but we'd really appreciate a donation to help with shipping costs. Maybe let's put a flyer in each package talking about Noisebridge and what it is, where it is, etc.
  • Jarrod: these are IGG rewards. These people already know what they were getting.
  • Rain: I don't know the game, but if this is important to people, how about a silent auction at the Project X thing.
  • Norman: Maybe send out a note on the discussion list to get some donations.
  • Jarrod: the choices are to cut down the set
  • Signal: Deferring to Jarrod -- whatever you decide will be Excellent. That's all.
  • Rain: Someone I know has a printing business. Maybe I can get a better price.

Access Control inconsistency[edit]

  • Nthmost: we've do-ocratically decided to keep the door usually closed overnight, and then it's up to a person with a top door key to open it. Noisebridge is "as open as possible" and no opener. "open unless it is closed." A small handful of us have keys and we're going to keep it that way for a while.
  • Signal: already this is now the second time we've had our security system ripped off. Literally ripped off the wall. The more Star Trek you put out there, the more likely it will be to stop working.
  • "Bob": One of the perks of working at the bike shop i work at is that
  • Rain: You can get as fancy as you want, but with hinges on the door, anyone can get in. I watched RAYC pop the hinges off the door.
  • Nthmost: With all due respect, and I know your intentions are good, but this community is suffering from severe PTSD. Nothing personal but it takes months for us to form a trust relationship with someone new to the point where we're going to let someone have a top door key.
  • Signal: +1 nthmost, the do-ocracy is appreciated, but the eagerness to participate can sometimes be a red flag. Also, nobody should be here 7 days a week. You end up getting The Shining [hat-tip to Pirate Matt]. Find a fun thing, be excellent, hack a thing... worry about the door situation later.
  • Pirate Matt: I understand the "ooh shiny" feeling about Noisebridge, but it's a good idea to hang back and familiarize yourself with the history of the space, the projects here, etc. If you want to hack up a facial recognition thing, please do.
  • Norman: Can I suggest that the thing to do when you get here is Help Out! That's what I have done. Don't look for a key, just do things here.
  • Pirate Matt: the hours, this is intentional. Not only are we coming out of the Reboot but we are restructuring the access control. It's the holidays, lots of leaving and coming. A lot of the core community won't be around until January.
  • "Bob": whoever's here in the core group could you raise your hands?
  • Pirate Matt: the community here is fluid. We don't have hard/fast culture here.