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These are the notes from the The 420th Meeting of Noisebridge. Note-taker: Torrie Fischer; Moderators: Mitch

  • One or two bullet points of high-level meeting summary.


Noisebridge is a 501c3 nonprofit that provides a space for creation, collaboration, and learning about technology and creative projects. Noisebridge provides space, power tools, and infrastructure to help the public learn new skills and create cool things. Noisebridge continues to exist through and depends entirely on membership fees and donations. Our code of conduct is 'Be excellent to each other'."

    • (Kevin explains the idea of Noisebridge)
  • Mitch - Cofounder. Travels the world giving workshops on hacking
  • David - Been hanging out the last month or so. Wants to start a night class on Tuesdays.
  • Pasquel - Came from San Diego. Moved here recently. Has an idea and looking for a sounding wall
  • Henner - Usually writes software in the daytime. Becomes a hacker at nighttime.
  • Josh - Weirdo.
  • Torrie - Cryptoanarchist
  • Kevin - Been coming to NB for ~2 years. Learned a lot, continues to learn. Studying golang and hacking some EEG serial devices.
  • Monad - Tinkering. Tinkers a lot. Has been known to tinker.
  • David - Garden hacking! There's a nursery up front.
  • Jen - Founder of open inclusivity. Doing some consulting with sudo room and other spaces.

Short announcements and events[edit]

  • Cool new projects? Something you'd like people to know? Say now, but keep it short!
  • Any happenings at the space of which members should be made aware.
  • Don't hog everyone's time since we all just want to hack!
  • Torrie explains: 5mof this thursday! Bring in donations and stuff! Looking for speakers!
  • Mitch sez: there were like, 30 students from a business school in France. Their prof thought that if they're in business school, they should see some anarchists.
  • David elaborates: The local YMCA has a community garden. We're starting to open it up to folks.
  • Torrie lists: New door strike downstairs, Project X is happening this month, e-waste run tomorrow, things need cleaned up a bunch. Also she gave a bunch of grump about people leaving the upstairs door open during the daytime. Yeah its inconvienent, but the alternative is that Noisebridge catches fire and burns to the fucking ground (metaphorically speaking) just like last time that happened.
  • Mitch goes on: There was an Awesome Foundation mixer over the weekend. (
  • David and Harry say that they cleaned up the front table. It looks marv <3
  • Torrie relays via Patrick: There's a new donate page: It works and things. It'll be pushed harder soon once it is more done.

Membership Binder [edit]

  • Sam Tepper - Week 9ish.

Financial Report[edit]

  • Funds in bank: $9,000. Shit-the-beds panic time.
  • A new is good for taking in cashmonies! You should please beta test it!

Consensus and Discussion[edit]

  • invite a knowledgeable volunteer to give a brief primer on consensus process
  • It is important that everyone in attendance understands at least:
    • Blocking with verbalized principled objections.
    • Why we use consensus over other approaches to decision making.
    • How consensus isn't a legislative process
    • Why consensus isn't applicable to some things like conflict resolution, resolution of time sinks, and the like.
  • (Steve appears out of NOWHERE and gives a stellar explanation of Consensus)

Proposals from last week [edit]

(Add any items which are consensed upon or someone has raised a principle objection for to the Consensus Items History page.)

Proposals for next week [edit]

(Add any new items for consensus to the Current Consensus Items page.)

Discussion Items[edit]

  • Locker discussion
    • Josh says he's got access to a locker, but its shared and always full.
    • Torrie adds that a lot of those lockers seem unused.
    • Monad brings up that someone previously wanted to use the lockers as a secondary income stream for the space
    • Someone suggests tagging lockers with a sticker that says "If you want to keep your locker after this date, e-mail XXXX@XXXXX.XXXX or else the lock will be cut then"
  • Henner has a cool idea for organizing the electronic components, involving lasers. He'd like to find others who are interested in working on this as well.
  • Jen elaborates on Open Inclusivity
    • It encourages spaces to develop codes of conduct and have cultures that take inclusivity seriously.
    • Does noisebridge want to join?
    • David: We're living in a neighborhood that is being torn apart by gentrification. I would like to see more connections being made into the community. I want to see what we can do.
    • Mitch: I'd love to see more people making use of us from da hood.
    • (A longer discussion about safer spaces, and our anti-harassment policy)
    • Steve: Noisebridge has become less tolerant over time. This might be a good thing right now.
    • Henner: We should actually know who's coming in the door, that has worked well so far.

If any important discussion happens, it should be happening after forward progress is made during consensus.

End of Meeting[edit]

  • Reprise of the Hackernationale. [This is anarchy - we do what the wiki says!]
  • PGP Key Signing could happen now (if it doesn't happen before any given Meeting). Ask others around the space or check the list to see who wants in on the action.
  • Return the membership binder to its rightful location.
  • Clean and tidy the meeting notes including removing all these really verbose instructions, then save them to the wiki.
  • Send a summary of the meeting notes to the discussion list.
  • Enjoy the company of your fellow hacker, robot, or robothacker.
  • Discuss any items for which there was not time during the meeting.