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These are the notes from the The XXXth Meeting of Noisebridge. Note-taker: Jeff Jackson; Moderators: Jay.


  • Olivier - did maker faire, does data analytics, has been in SF for about 6 months from France
  • Mohammad - mech. eng. here for about 2 years. comes for classes and projects
  • Bill Hill - around for a few years, is parsing a text file into a db for gay archives
  • Jeff (note-taker) recently moved here from Austin, does design and frontend stuff, interested in EEG and wearables
  • Claudia - has been on and off for a long time, not doing anything now
  • Jeri - maker/educator - came for a M/E meetup, wants to let kids know about space
  • Tori - nothing creative to say today. coming for about a year, first came in 2011. full-time crytpo anarchist
  • Chris - been here a couple of month, here every week, college student, trying to start a company
  • Gabe - organizes the ruby class that meets every tuesday at 7. Just did 3 year anniversary
  • Jeff Green berg - long-time tech / art guy, ran a art situation in NYC for a long time, been out here trying to find artists to work with - created a meetup software in art. seems like a great place to do that sort of thing here “with software art” meetup
  • Dan - been here for about 2.5 years, used to spend all day here etc.
  • Frank - transplant from Ohio, interests in software, radio, data, wired/wireless communications
  • Jay - been coming in for over a year now - sys admin- has been teaching circuit hacking monday for the last month or so


  • Patrick - software enginner, here for about a year, hacks in IF and does numbers and finances for the space
  • Josh Duran - writes software, virtual FS, desiging a new programming lang, looking for work

Short announcements and events[edit]

  • Jeff - going to be doing the art/technology meetup, thinking about two weeks in the future Wednesday, on a recurring basis, but first wants to get the first thing done. Maybe recurring bimonthly
  • Jeff - I’m going to NYC, can poll other hackerspaces and report findings, esp to help figure out the financial component
  • Olivier will be in Paris for two months, will visit hackerspaces in Paris and give reports
  • Tori - consider using the blog
  • Dan - consider using the wiki

going to be leading a week-long summercamp for soldering, circuitry, and hacking toys would like to be able to walk the kids over here during the camp. Would it conflict with other summercamps?

  • Jay - doesn’t look like there are sufficient resources for making the summercamps happen this year - so you should be clear
  • Tori - maker faire was last weekend, went great, the LED table was awesome and now belongs to noisebridge. We also have a pick-n-place machine given by lightPlacer. if you want to know how to use it look for Henner or Miloh or Jake Spaz

Also 3d printer got cleared up.There’s something near the LED strip near the ladder that’s exposed called kasune that can be accessed on network, it makes ambient roaring sounds. On Thursday - 5 minutes of fame - weird stories or weird anything, bring it. We need more people. Daniel Brian will be hosting it, maybe dressed as a clown, Thurs 8 pm at Noisebridge.

Freecon- want to throw a free software conference here in October, talk to her about that after meeting if interested.

5 minutes of fame explained - (5 minute story time) Once a month. Coming this Thursday

Membership Binder [edit]

Financial Report[edit]

from Tori- still broke 31K in bank (probably inaccurate) Has noticed a bunch of new cash - MF brought ~$700 attempt to have a fundraiser meeting on a Friday night, nobody showed up for it We should have another one soon- Rubin has been point on that NB costs $5K / month to keep doors open Our rent is insanely cheap in process of negotiating new lease from landlord want same conditions as what was already there seems positive with landlord we put 20K into the space last year- that is appealing to him that it doesn’t show up as income on his books 10K of capital to noisetor NB has two accts - checking ~27K savings ~2.8K other project that NB did - noisetor - tor exit node. we pay for bank account, we also get a $1K check from adobe for doing that. it profits $700/month. 10K of the 23K savings is noisetor savings Patrick does P&Ls post hackathon, 27K in bank

Consensus and Discussion[edit]

Consensus explained; no items for this week

Proposals from last week [edit]


Proposals for next week [edit]


Discussion Items[edit]

question for Jeff G - what was used in the past for the art meetups and how many people would it entail? Jeff Goldstein - intent is not to focus on technology but rather work. Doesn’t care what the tech is. meetup has 65 ppl interested. Would like to have it here Jay - Wednesday would be a good day. Key factor is to get ppl in the space involved. Suggests 5 minutes of fame. Can run a powerpoint and recruit other projects -

Jeri Countryman- is space mostly used in the evenings? Jay - yes, because of jobs. Would love to have more of the space used during the day. Jeri is interested in getting children / education happening in the space during the day, starting with a single field trip.

Gabe - every summer the sun reflection disrupts classes in Church; wants to get 3 columns of shades to setup. Blackout shades could make a movie night be cool for the projector; wants to make sure it's cool. He'll pay for it. Dan will give heads up if discussion freaks out

End of Meeting[edit]

  • Reprise of the Hackernationale. [This is anarchy - we do what the wiki says!]
  • PGP Key Signing could happen now (if it doesn't happen before any given Meeting). Ask others around the space or check the list to see who wants in on the action.
  • Return the membership binder to its rightful location.
  • Clean and tidy the meeting notes including removing all these really verbose instructions, then save them to the wiki.
  • Send a summary of the meeting notes to the discussion list.
  • Enjoy the company of your fellow hacker, robot, or robothacker.
  • Discuss any items for which there was not time during the meeting.