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These are the notes from the The 369th Meeting of Noisebridge. Note-taker: User:tdfischer; Moderator: User:Patrickod

  • There's gonna be an awesome party on Saturday! Come and be punk
  • REFRESH 2015 Reboot 2.0 let's get the space awesome again.


  • Maria - Noisebridge is an anarchist space.
  • Joyti - here for 2.5 weeks learning to program @ the space
  • Dan - Coming for almost 3 years! there was a time where I was here 7 days a week 25 hours a day!!!! it's tough. Salutes the hackers
  • Josh - Musician. Bartending the refresh party!
  • Naomi - AKA nthmost, happy to be surrounded by excellent people
  • Irwin - Software engineer, told about the noisebridge by a coworker. First time here!
  • Paul - been here for one hour! here in SF for the week. interested in hackerspaces. Is from LHR secops.
  • Signal - I am Saturday! this saturday!
  • Chris - Indie game dev. Coming for 6 months. Loves the space, and the awesome people
  • Anna - Vsiting from singapore. Member of the signapore space. Would love to meet folks aft
  • Nana 2nd - coming since *before* there was a space!!! came to check if the space is still standing? (spoiler: it is)
  • Kai - Just moved here from Santa Cruz! Worked on a bunch of anarchist projects there
  • Alex - Freshly neurohacked. Into agriculture, video games and going back to school for EE
  • Torrie - Historical preenactor from another timeline
  • Leah - 1st day here!!! Found out through the Google searching for "hacker seeks sewing machine"
  • Paul - runs the montreal hackerspace! here in SF for a few months.
  • Gwen - from oakland
  • Matt - here for 2 weeks
  • Mark - here on tuesdays for the unity class. into game dev
  • John - Web developer, who also does journalism. About to start a micro book store out of a bike.
  • Louis - 4th time here. does game stuff.
  • roy - developer from PA. here a couple of times to meet folks
  • chris - full time human. here to explore SF. coming a few weeks
  • Maria - student @ sfcc doing design.
  • Mari - Easily excitable, likes to make all the things
  • Patrick - Gets frustrated with computers, comes here to "hack" "things"

Short announcements and events[edit]

  • Signal talks about this Saturday's Punk Rock rewnewal party. We're now the only punk rock venue in the mission! Y'all should come!
  • torrie - last week I went on a rant RE the refresh thing. first thing we did was we hacked a zine called ZiP (Zine in Progress) Come Sat to help out
  • Anna - Early september there'll be a zine fest.
  • Torrie - Next Thursday there'll be 5mof. Come and be weird. Be weird on stage. You'll have 5 minutes to be weird on stage. Everyone has to listen.

Membership Binder [edit]

  • John Shutt 'splains membership- You don't have to be a member to do cool things, or even get 24 hour access to the space. It's about saying "I've been here and I care about the space, and I want to take on the responsibility to keep the space running. You don't have to be a member to donate. You need 2 member sponsors to get membership. Your application is read out for 4 weeks, and after that you're eligible. You should already be known to people before you apply to be a member. If you're concerned that you'll not be accepted, chat to more people and talk to folks to make sure it's going to be a thing.
  • Signal - Membership is about signing up to do chores, to help out in the running of the space. Not a whole lotta privilege, just responsibility.
  • Torrie - Membership gives you warm fuzzies cos it means you love the space. If you contribute then you should be a member, get fuzzies; pay rent.
  • No member applications tonite :(


  • Torrie - Membership is a long process, and a big thing. There are folks who do excellent things, and who don't want to go through all the process, so then we have Philanthropists. It's ***not*** membership. You find a member who can sponsor you. They bring it to a Tuesday meeting, they vouch for you, they explain who you are and the like, and if nobody objects then you're designated as "cool" and you get a key. It helps people stay here, and it helps us pay rent.
  • Mari is now a Philanthropist. Sponsored by Torrie.

Financial Report[edit]

  • Funds in bank: $33,527.28 - $11k (noisetor) = ~$22k.
  • Noisetor (See the bulletpoints at the bottom of
  • Any other details by those participating in handling our financials

Consensus and Discussion[edit]

Proposals from last week [edit]


Proposals for next week [edit]


Discussion Items[edit]

  • Saturday's parrrrr-tay - nthmost
    • Naomi - We're going to have a party here in the whole space at once! there'll be a band, and 8 bit games. Mari is heading up the games. We need help with things like drinks, we need a green drink (we got red and blue down). Jarrod posted a list of cleanup things to do before the party. It'd be amazingly excellent to help us out checking things off the list. He'll be here @ 9pm Saturday to help out and get the ball rolling. Running events @ the space is fun, you get to meet people and make things happen. They're always great, always unexpected fun things. We like participatory things. There'll be a simulated version of Noisebridge in Turing! The headlining band is "1F", they're friendly people. The theme is "INSERT COIN TO CONTINUE"
    • Mari - would it be neat to post things to the social media?
    • Naomi - yep absolutely! We're also up for another (short) appearance if you know someone who's interested
    • Signal - You can bring a thing. We're on the side of "do a thing and don't think you need to ask" Be punk as fuck! don't sit on laptops!
    • Naomi - Would love your input! It's the discussion time.
    • Alex - Is the minigolf still happening? Do you need decorations for it?
    • Naomi - That'd be cool. Didn't seem like it was going to happen due to lack of humans. It's not a guarantee. If 4-5 people want to help out with creating a minigolf course that'd be awesome. Felt to cover the floor is required.
    • Maria - I can get the felt. Anyone have golf balls?
    • torrie - bring it all and see what happens!
    • Dan - Contributing on the meta level to the game thing. "Winning". Putting it in the mix.
    • Signal - It's great to come and do anything!
    • Naomi - We'll have to move a bunch of things around. If you can help with heavy lifting then it'd be great to show up at 5pm!
    • Torrie - I have no skills and am doing nothing on Saturday. should I show up?
    • Naomi - yes!
    • Mark - Have you enough video games?
    • Mari - never

  • Refresh hacking and work and stuff! - tdfischer
    • torrie - you may have heard a rant about broken things last week. afterwards I created a wiki page Refresh. It's going up on the front page with big bold letters to proclaim it is happening. Add your ideas on what needs done to the page. It's a wiki after all. I want to bring this out of the Tuesday meeting. Next Wednesday let's get together and actually discuss this. An example of things to do is to label our trashcans such that we don't just gather wandering recycling bins. What's broken and should be fixed?
    •  ??? there's no ventilation system in the shop. Want to build a vacuum system and get it up and running. Cut down on the sawdust.
    • Torrie - There used to be a thing at Noisebrige - the wall of excellence which is a bunch of headshots above the bike rack. Nobody here is on the wall. It'd be great to revive it.
    • Alex - what's needed for more things like the information board on the wall?
    • Torrie - more projectors and mounts.
    • Chris - a computer lab (more powerful computers). needs a healthy donation. we'd set it up in the classroom.
    • Torrie - you should guesstimate how much it'd cost fro grants.
    • Alex - Would like to improve the tour literature. To improve the Manual on the wiki and make everything clearer to people.
    • Mari - Want to help with creating alternate revenue streams. We should get grants. Maybe we can do hacker days / hacker nights where we drive a lot of folks to the bar, and we split the revenue.
    • patrick - lets wrap the columns in LEDs and light the space well at night. simple, just glue RGB LED strips on the walls.