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These are the notes from the The 379th Meeting of Noisebridge.
Note-taker: Bob; Moderators: Mitch

  • Henner is cruising with the Electronics Parts organizing!


  • Mitch - co-founder of Noisebridge
  • ???
  • Sparr - Travelling. First time here. I hack on software!
  • Henner - organizing electronic area
  • Robin - learning new skills, enjoying creative space
  • Kevin - from taiwan, building facial recognition for easier selfies
  • Bob - here before a couple of years ago. it's like night and day. i like the atmosphere. i like the vibe. definitely. I'm here working on a little project, 3d web design, a website tinkering around. With templates, such as what social media might look like, to present in the main vein of technology. maybe fishing for a job. (also taking notes)
  • Marcus - working on tempurate for mobile phones
  • Devar - working on web rtc p2p
  • Tayopa? - noisebridge was her first intro to hacker spaces
  • Frank - does studies on wireless communications
  • Dan - programmer in neuroscience, part of a neuro hacking meet-up works with eeg and neural networks, always open to new members, heard about noise bridge through mitch on a radio
  • Torrey - cyber-wizard, came here in 2011, left, came back, working on something cool
  • V - not a traditional hacker, but an artivist (, fundraiser, musician and neuroanthropology student. Uses software made by hackers & mainstream programmers to help social scientists & with the various muses, bridging art and the hacker mind, connects people who wouldn't ever meet, works with several non-profits and studios.
  • Greg - web dev with ror, works at starbucks but rather would have a job in web design
  • Andrew - ios dev, working on 4chan browser for ios

Short announcements and events[edit]

  • henner - organizing electronics area. 1700 drawers labeled, need data entry and people to volunteer to help with the project, if interested talk to him
  • dan - got some stuff from downstairs, tables and shelves, on the verge of ok, some might be usable, saturday she (lady downstairs) donated a steam presser amongst the tables, if interested they're on the south wall, the circumstance of moving out was for the purpose of retirement rather than higher rent
  • sparr - small apholstery kickstarter, contact if interesting in helping
  • torrey - 15th of this month, five minutes of fame, the most amazing show and tell you'll ever experience in the rest of your life. last one included defending mayo, getting off anti-depressents, and scanning the north pole. if interested in helping either run the show, gather people for the show, contact tori
  • kevin - if interested in playing with computer vision, kevin has the means to hack on visual recog

Membership Binder [edit]

  • dan - membership is an awesome thing, everyone is committed to paying dues and keeping things on the rails. the process is filling out a form, your name is read off for four weeks, in this time you can get to know people and let them know you, you need two members?? and participate in concencus
  • torrey and mitch - dithering over paperwork half filled out. looking for "doug", need to ask him to fill out the 24-hour form in addition to the 24 hour access form that he's already filled out. in order to obtain this access, you must be apart of the cultural immunity process. a couple years ago, a lot of people that made people uncomfortable here, so there was a reboot, now only people with 24 hour access must read and sign terms of agreement. there's no kind of you do or you don't belong, one rule is be excellent to each other. everyone who comes in gets a tour, and after the meeting people can get a tour to get a sense who this crazy place sort of works. overlapping cultures give the peopele here a sense of a person's integrity. people who belong, bennifit and contribute to noisebridge in a general sense, not financially, taking a class, sharing a smile, keep the enviroment friendly. some people have done some really bad things and have been 86'd because they really just don't vibe along here. things here are free, but feel free to donate. doug hasn't been on the list for a month.


three people are trying to become philanthropists

  • samer - was inducted
  • marcus - inducted
  • torrey - philanthropants must also fill out 24 hour member forms
  • mitch - this is a new-ish concept, to have more people here 24 hours

Financial Report[edit]

(No new news from Treasurer) per mitch's memory: $33000 in the bank, $9000 set aside for noisetor. <-- data ~2 weeks out of date

Consensus and Discussion[edit]

(No Consensus items)

Proposals from last week [edit]

(No items from last week)

Proposals for next week [edit]

(No proposals for next week)

Discussion Items[edit]

  • frank - there is an office desk available downstairs, if interested contact
  • torrey - nb has a lot of stuff, if there's something new coming in then something old should go
  • henner - trent is getting rid of pests
  • dan - downstairs is a strong possibility for us to rent out, and something we should consider investing in
  • torrie - patrick emailed the landlord about the place, but has not heard any response, considering ideas for noisebridge go-ers such as studios, and leaving somewhere in three years, like a metal shop, can we afford it, and is it going to be accessed like here or more privatized, most hacker spaces do it, but it's unique since we don't, just waiting on the details for the downstairs
  • torrey - a studio where art happens, whatever medium you'd like, tried to turn into a soundstudio but MUNI is too loud
  • mitch - anyone wanting to discus ideas for dealing fairly with people accused of harassment at Noisebridge while honoring the feelings and safety of those feeling harassed -- please email mitch: mitch AT Cornfield Electronics DOT com
  • mitch - be kind to everyone

End of Meeting[edit]