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These are the notes from the The XXXth Meeting of Noisebridge.


  • Andreas: new in the city, I do things with robots. Done everything from art and music.
  • Ryan: Hosting an emacs bugfix/hackathon coming Saturday!
  • Patrick: Treasurer.
  • Bill: Interested in doocracy and society of how this place works.
  • Trent: Web developer, teacher of python intermediate class Mondays. 5th week of 6. We'll start the cycle over again in 4 weeks.
  • J: I run circuit hacking mondays to make blinky lights every Monday around 7:30.
  • Jarvis: I come here for a Unity class.
  • Valentin: I teach mobile, Unity and AR stuff Tuesdays.
  • Alex: I pre-write my introduction since I'm the notetaker. I teach gamedev on Tuesdays.
  • Mark: I participate in the game development class and sometimes try to teach it too.
  • Orion: I'm currently one of the people in the Gamebridge class as well as taking a game production class at City College of San Francisco. I've loved being part of maker hackerspaces since I was very young. Grew up in this city so definitely feel at home here and at some of the other hackerspaces but this one is probably one of my favorites.
  • Scott: 8th time at the meeting. I come for Gamebridge. I enjoy the space.
  • David: Coming to Noisebridge forever. I'm a game designer.
  • Marin: My first time in Noisebridge. Work in space in Paris on robotics.

Short announcements and events[edit]

  • Valentin: I just developed an app that lets you make color graphic avatars of yourself and others and put them into augmented reality memes.
  • Trent: Noisebridge has a library app! You can look up and submit new books.
  • Ryan: I sent an email to NB discuss with link to meetup event. 15 or so folks are going to gather and work out events from the Emacs bugtracker. Saturday at 6PM.

Membership Binder [edit]

  • People applying for membership:
  • Julio Fragini: Italian longtime hw/sw hacker with arduino, pi, etc. interested in video production. Week 3. Needs 2 sponsors.


  • Applying:
  • Dave Erwin: Just stepped out.

Financial Report[edit]

  • Funds in bank: Wells Fargo refuses to load. As of last week: NB had $48K. $4800 is about to go out as a check. After that 11-12K is out for Noisetor. That leaves $33Kish, of that we're about to pay $1100 for accounting for the year so we have around $30Kish which is 5 months expenses but it includes lumpy donations from December and isn't reliable. Noisebridge still needs more recurring donors donating.
  • If you have an employer they can match donations.
  • If you're here more than 3 times a month, you're getting value that you should appreciate from the space and donate for. Every time you come into the space, ask your self can I raise my hand today that I've donated recently to Noisebridge?
  • You can donate by any possible payment method at

Consensus and Discussion[edit]

  • No consensus items.

Discussion Items[edit]

  • Question: What's new with the metal shop?
  • A: We're pulling nails and screws out of wood to make lumber re-useable.
  • David: About the woodshop: One of my biggest peeves with the woodshop is that it gets dusty from the shop. The windows ventilation are not close to the woodshop. It would be nice if the woodshop were at the back to isolate noise from the workspace.
  • Nick: I would start talking to Jarrod about it and post on slack. We could build a dedicated dust capture system that sucks the dust into a bag and helps with the cleanliness if not the sound. There are a variety of issues to improve the shop such as keeping sharp blades on hand. Also many of our drill bits and sand paper supplies are low. I would like to be part of a comittee to improve it in other ways.
  • Chris: We could hook a ventilation system up to a skylight if the landlord was okay with it.
  • David: We have windows back there, not that I want to blow it all out the window. I don't want to get dust on myself just by sitting down.
  • Nick: Building a vacuum system isn't too difficult. It wouldn't be too hard to have a big bag in the corner.
  • J: I highly recommend we look into reasons the woodshop is there to avoid noise affecting neighbors who are outside the windows. It would be valuable for people considering changes to look into the original reasons.
  • Chris: It would be pricy but we could soundproof the room.
  • Trent: They're working on metal shop Fri Sat Sun so if you want to help frame and put in windows and do work, go on those evenings and volunteer to help out building it.
  • Henner: We got a laser cutter donated to the space. It has a baseplate and we want to bring it into Sparkleforge as a space which is dust free and has a door so it is not easy to accidentally bump into it. One question is how to get it into the space. There is a place on the wiki with information about how to help pay for the expansion of Sparkleforge to accomodate the larger laser cutter.
  • $6000 At a rough estimate we need to widen the elevator gate to accomodate it and handle shipping, warranty, etc. for the larger cutter. This opportunity doesn't come along very often. Noisebridge doesn't often raise money to buy something this nice ourselves.
  • Put your name down by editing the wiki page with how much money you would be willing to donate and contact info.
  • Patrick: Looking for people who want to help develop the donate page.
  • We're considering rewriting it using a different framework before writing extra features. If you are confident in writing web applications, tell Patrick what your competencies are and we'll discuss the development plan.

If any important discussion happens, it should be happening after forward progress is made during consensus.