Meeting Notes 2016 03 22

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These are the notes from the The nth +1 Meeting of Noisebridge.

Date: 2016-03-22

Note-taker: User:patrickod

Moderators: User:m4r1.

  • Jarrod introduces the noisebridge


  • Hassan - mostly does web dev - helping with flaschen taschen a little bit
  • Austin - yesterday was his 1st time here
  • Juslin - came here last for class, but back for fun!
  • Alex - teaches games and music on tuesdays
  • Patrick - I type
  • Jarrod - I build
  • Kendrick - coming here for a few weeks - learning scala - wrote a game of life for flaschen taschen
  • Julio - multimedia producer and software engineer - hardware and software hacker
  • Michael - visiting, likes to spend time where he can - built his first hardware thing recently which was fun

Short announcements and events[edit]

  • Patrick - Stupid Shit No One Needs and Useless Technology Hackathon returning to the space May 14th/15th
  • Jarrod - this weekend Friday evening and all day Saturday there'll be work on Flaschen Taschen! Ready to build a whole bunch of crates, wrapping bottles, packing crates - you get the drill. All the LEDs just arrived today from the faraway land of China (thanks Scotty!)
  • Patrick - Toorcamp is happening in June and you should come with Noisecamp!

Membership Binder [edit]

  • Jarrod - membership at noisebridge is not like a gym, it's a position of responsibility and stewardship for noisebridge. They have no power over others in the space, and are expected to promote excellence in the space. They have a financial obligation to support the space with monthly dues. The best way to become a member is to stick around for a while and get to know the members, and see that it's the place for you. It takes time to determine if it's a fit for you. But once you decide you fill out a membership application and stick it in the binder, get two other members to sponsor your application, and have it read out at 4 consecutive meetings. After 4 meetings if you're present and have the sponsors your membership becomes a consensus item to be discussed and passed.
  • Alex - things that come with membership - granting 30 day anonymous RFID access, sponsoring philanthropists, and having a say in the acceptance of philanthropists and members.


  • patrick -

Financial Report[edit]

  • patrick - $48,000 in accounts of which approximately $16,000 is noisetor

Discussion Items[edit]

  • patrick - we're raising money for laser cutter - we need $4,000
  • jarrod - we are raising money (as always) for fraschen-taschen. if you take beers out of the fridge you should drop money in the box.