Meeting Notes 2016 08 02

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File:Orc.jpg Intros:

  • Charlie - Mostly just plays with random things at Noisebridge, likes to help with things, heard about NB mtg from the wiki
  • Vanna? - architecht of building & construction, heard about noisebridge from John, and came to say hi
  • John - does journalism, gonna talk about grants
  • Mark - visiting SF, wants to use hackerspaces as an epicenter for a new kind of economy
  • Steve- new, used to make a cool OBD to bluetooth dongle found us through google
  • Sandra - webdeveloper, moved back, wants to get more involved now that Sandra is here
  • Andres(?) - from Mexico, some friends introduced to NB and is excite
  • Frank - learned about NB in March 2015 and moved to the area and found nb looking for space to do shit - electro magentic phenomena (I missed the start)
  • Pete? - doing an internship, is working on a 3d Scanner and something to do with freenode, <3 this makerspace :3
  • David - from Germany, student of electronics and wanted to check out NB
  • Victoria - has been coming here for 2 years, is taking over the world through housing advocacy
  • Kiery - Tech director at a non-profit at a homeschooling policy institute. Heard about NB from friends. I moved here. Now I'm here.
  • Syris - heard about the meeting through the internet, is interested in programming and physics, just moved here from Arkansas
  • Matt - has been coming here for over a year, is usually here on Mondays, does map things
  • L..? - from ukraine, hacks and breaks things :3


  • John - we have a google grant to do whatever we want! equipment fund on the wiki woot
  • actually Charlie (I hope) - looking for someone who knows something about PS2's and has an ethernet card
  • B-sides conferences in Ukraine exist - Aug 27th in Odessa

Safe Space Discussion:

  • V: NB is a safespace which means we are inclusive and welcoming to anyone who comes here, we have an anti-harassment policy, it explains how to be excellent. It's posted around everywhere - if someone at NB makes you feel uncomfortable, talk to one of the NB community people who can help. Disagreements are totally okay, being a harass-y asshole isn't.
    • What do you do if someone is homeless?
      • you can use the space regardless of your housing situation, you just can't actually live here, also this isn't a place to hit on people

"Noisebridge is dedicated to providing a harassment-free experience for everyone, regardless of gender, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, body size, race, religion, housing status, or language. We do not tolerate harassment of people at our events or space in any form"

    • how do you screen people?
      • tldr we sort of have a list and the community knows and we talk about it, and we introduce ourselves and people at the door, you learn how to identify people - knowing someone doesn't mean you have privileges

Membership & Philanthropy:

Being a member: You don't have to be a member to be here, you can still do all the cool things. Being a member is because you really want to support the space, it's $80/mo (though you don't have to be a member to donate :333) - to be a member, you have to be sponsored by two members, your name is read at 4 meetings, people talk about it, at the last time you're asked questions and then consensus happens and then yay.

  • No new members!

Philanthropy: One person recs you, it's also $80/mo...philanthropy means you can get 24/7 access, donate money (or lose your philanthropy status) and you are entrusted with taking care of the space. Find one member-sponsor, submit it to the binder, and if no one opposes you, yay. It can be revoked at any point by being not-excellent. No shitting in the woodshop. seriously. don't.

  • no new applications!

Financial Report:

  • We have 50k in the bank, 15k of that is for the equipment fund, and ~$$ is for noiseTOR.
  • Rent is 5k for the next 2 years.


  • Capital C consensus is only used on special occasions. lowercase c consensus, if you're doing something that might disrupt the space, just make sure you're not bothering anyone then go for it. Moving would be a capital C Consensus. The Board doesn't matter
  • we have nothing to do!

Discussion Items:

  • Equipment fund
  • have to raise half of the money first, so the 15k will last until we spend 30k
  • bring up things you'd like to add to the equipment fund in the slack channel first before adding it to the wiki
  • the first grant is important to show other places that we can use grants - keeping track of what we do with it is important
  • this is the first time NB is spending money on a thing that's not rent and that's *really* rad - we've come a long way, maybe we're almost mature enough for a kitchen!
  • if there's a piece of equipment you want, you have to raise half the money yourself :3
  • could raise money during meetings
    • a bed of plastic powder for 3d printing a thing? you can make molds
    • Form 2 (oooh shiny) and Ember 3D printers (Form 2 uses a laser, Ember has a tiny projector and there aren't lines and *drool*)
  • Biohacking Labs exist in Poland and...somewhere else
  • Get deals on shit! :D
  • If we raise 1200 we can get an Othermill :)