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These are the notes from the The XXXth Meeting of Noisebridge. Date: 2017-02-07 Note-taker: Several Moderators: Lizzie

Meeting Summary[edit]

TLDR what happened at the meeting:

  • Announcements:
    • Robot class Sunday!
    • Light-up protest sign workshop on Feb 15th!
    • Steve copped a cool copy of Coilhouse magazine!
    • Mini-reboot continues to approach
    • Natalie wants to start a class for kids!
    • 5MOF on Thursday! Next Thursday, 5mof but with NO MALE SPEAKERS!
  • Finances:
    • We're doing alright but we're gonna need a buttload more cash.
  • New members:
    • None, but Lizzie is in the pipeline!
  • New philanthropists:
    • Drew!
  • Consensus Items:
    • We're not burning down Noisebridge!
  • Discussion Items:
    • Maybe we want a wicked-good gaming computer?
    • Club-Mate #group-buy could STILL HAPPEN!


  • Invite a knowledgeable volunteer to explain what Noisebridge is about:
    • J: Noisebridge is an education 501c3 designed for you make all kinds of cool stuff. There is only 1 rule: be excellent to each other: to the space and to the tools and people in it.
    • Victoria: Anybody can use Noisebridge.
  • Round of introductions (remember, announcements come later):
    • Lizzie: Leading this meeting, does security, math
    • Daryl: Does AI and robots, teaches laser cutter.
    • Jervon: Accountant by day, comes here for community.
    • Kieryn: activist with computer skills, in and out of noisebridge
    • Sterling: Does web business right, but also does web business at his day job (lol that's literally what he said)
    • J: does the blinkenlights
    • Natalie: Teaches kids STEAM
    • Sanae: Programs and knits
    • henner - programming, and electronics
    • Patrick: didn't hear what he said
    • Hassan - security consultant who is forming a nonprofit to help nonprofits
    • M or Mo or Mohammed: Coming here for 3 years, involved in the community, preparing a class for Friday 7-9 about CAD.
    • Victoria: Sues cities to build housing.
    • Steve: Scientist + Engineer
    • Mike: Works on Tor and Tor acessories
    • Li - Researcher in Education from China
    • Yu - From China working on building maker space with Li
    • Drew - distributed systems, comes to nb to hangout
    • Alex - helps people with bad credit get rideshare thingies
    • Matt: Benefits from the python class, likes data analysis and wants to give up things
    • Alex 2: dabbles in tech things, been in J's hardware class
    • Bill Hill: in and out for years, wants to develop and online databse of archives so they can exhange matrial
    • James: Has been using the laser cutter a fair bit lately and working on projects. Likes to get up early and would like to come in early.

Short announcements and events[edit]

  • Robot class on Sunday the 12th at 1pm
  • on Wednesday 7pm that is not tomorrow, workshop on light up protest signs
  • both are on meetup
  • Steve: a cyber art magazine, coilhouse? has a copy for the space, hooray
  • J: Noisebridge reboot: Starts prepping Friday. Noisebridge is closed Saturday and Sunday, unless you want to hack noisebridge into a better place! We accept donations of food and cleaning chemicals
  • Natalie: Wants to start a class, maybe once a week, for kids to do fun tech projects. If you're interested, contact her.
  • Lizzie: 5MOF on Thursday. Currently nobody signed up for Thursday. Next week, no-man 5MOF.

Safe Space[edit]

Nb is a safe space.. inclusive as possible.. somtimes that means excluding people who are assholes. ACTUAL safe spacc policy is posted around the space. If you're making someone uncomfortable or vice versa, ask them to leave. Go to #space-guardians on SLACK to report transgressions! If you don't feel comfortable confronting the person, just use the #space-guardians channel.


Steve: Noisebridge is open to everyone. You don't have to be a member or philanthropist to come here and and use all of our cool stuff (except the laser cutter!) from 11am-11pm. We're all collectively responsibile for the space. If someone rings the doorbell, you can let them in. If you can't or don't want to let them in, don't.


Philanthropy is a way of saying I am involved and want to be more active and take more responsibility for the space and donate on a regular basis. In exchange you get loads of responsibility and 24/hr card access. To be one, you fill out a form, someone vouches for you who is a member, and then one meeting happens (that you have to be at) and people okay it. James and......someone else is applying today. Read their names and their answer, members are allowed to block.

Philanthropy Applicants:[edit]

  • Drew - has been endorsed by Victoria, and (informally) Steve
  • James - needs a sponser, someone volunteered for next meeting

Membership Binder [edit]

Membership is similar, but the names get read at 4 meetings and you get two people to vouch for you. Membership means you have magical powers like your brain is uploaded to the noisebridge server to become one with the space, you can block consensus items, and grant people 30day access. Membership gives you more responsibility than priviledge, be a Tank, make friends (being a tank will help). You get questions asked on the 4th meeting which is worse than PHD disserations. TL;DR you would take an orange for the space. Also as a 501c3 being a member is a serious thing and comes with Actual Legal Responsibilities, thus requires more vetting and more commitment. NB runs on consensus. Giving a tour is correlated to being a good noisebridge member, and telling stories, and passing on the cultural immunity, and telling people yes, shitting in the woodshop did happen once. At least.

Member Applications:

  • Lizzie
  • Miloh, who isn't here

Are there any objections? goes for the next two weeks.

  • *crickets*

Financial Report[edit]

Patrick: We have money, but please give us more - lease is up Sept 2018, we need to either try and buy the building or negotiate the lease again. Need money to be able to do those. Recurring donations are best <3 Money means spreadsheets! people love spreadsheets! Victoria: a year plus 9/mo is a lot faster than it feels like. Email if you wanna help is where you do the money things


Patrick: in the default world, people make decisions by majority rule, usually. Noisebridge isn't like that, we use consensus, lowercase c, and capital C Consensus. Capital C is like a legal process and big things, little c is getting feedback from people in the space "I wanna tear down the wall, do you have feelings about the wall?" and then you figure out something everyone can live with. When NB wants to do something big we use capital C Consensus for things like rules changes. This happened when we introduced philanthropy. The only thing that will pass is what is okay with everyone in the group. If you have an objection, then you need to be part of the solution. it goes through a series of meetings and once it's gone through two without changes, then it comes to a meeting where you need a quorum of Members. Everyone is welcome to participate, only members are allowed to decide. Consensus is slow and cumbersome for a reason but it's how we make "We" decisions. For everything else there's doocracy and little c consensus J: We also Consense about membership, everyone gets to participate but only Members decide. consensus is a good measure of the health of the space, we have enough communication going so we know what's going on and talk about it ahead of time so we're not wasting time.

Consensus items:

  • Burn Down Noisebridge?
    • instantly blocked
    • this was a good test.


Longer discussion items belong here. This is the last part of the meeting so that people can break off and continue their discussion afterwards.

Discussion Items[edit]

  • Ryan: We have a Vive in Turing, some people have thought about getting a PC to run it and bring some stuff for makerfaire that we made in Unity University, gonna see about asking companies to sponsor/donate so we can build a rad AF gaming pc.
    • Noisebridge might really benefit from having a gnarly good computer. Perhaps some tech companies would sponsor a build?
    • How can we legally accept donations or sponsorship, as a 501(c)3?
    • weekend computer build-a-thon if we get that figured out
    • J: getting donations for noisebridge is great, what we ask from companies is no strings attached. Classes are great, anyone who's interested in doing this, J will be happy to be point person locker #11 has info too. @CircuitHackingJ on Twitter
    • Drew: when people get sponsored to build PC's it's usually someone doing super custom stuff. There is probably a person like this who exists that we should talk to to ask for parts and shit and also they can build it and we can get a computer.
    • Ryan: building it _by_ noisebridge would be more fun and we could maybe do custom acrylic waterblocks and things. Definitely want the nb logo to be on it, and wants to design a NB logo reservoir for cooling. There's a lot of people here who have the skills that a lot of modder's do too.
    • Talk to Ryan - does gamebridge every Tuesday and will be teachng laser cutting classes, easiest on slack, @pyconaut
  • keep the front space clear
    • The vending machine got moved across the room to make more bike parking.
    • There are lines on the floor which demark moving spaces for people with mobility impairments. Keep the walkways clear.
    • Just keep the front space clear, if you can.
  • mini reboot
    • A week from Friday! the 17th is prep day, 18th & 19th is the day we do the things.
    • Needs: Donations of broom & dustpan, new curtains! Kyle is on that - insulating and sunblocking <3,
    • Help Needed: Someone to help installing the backup power supply to Earl (the access control system), a truck or truck rental donations so we can take junk out. hit up J.
    • Lockers: if not on slack, talk to J, or Alex if you want to help with the lockers.
  • someone has nice color paper for art
    • Bigger, thicker colored paper. Too dark to print. Huge stack of it from a company called Nina in WI that makes nice-quality paper
    • Bringing it in soon, and we might keep it after the reboot or something?
    • We do want the paper, please bring the paper.
  • reviving the club Mate thing - everyone's ears perk up like cats
    • need people to help buy crates of the full pallet. $80/case which is 20 bottles.
    • in the #group-buy channel in slack, also the wiki
    • Club Mate is the nectar of the gods. It's hacker fuel, you can buy them ONLY IN OAKLAND. Or $5/bottle at Golden Eagle corner store at 20th and Valencia