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- Steve - 4 years and data science

- Jared - Wood working and working on the space

- Trent - 3 years and python class teacher - BioChem and labs stuff background

- Amogh[bl1] - 1st time at NoiseBridge and with Tor Browser project, (Orfox and Orbot)

- Nathan - Torr project and gaurdian project - been around ;)

- Colin - 1 year working on CV stuff

- Norman - Penetration testing ;) Creating a new meetup time for penetration testing

- Rubeun - Web dev looking for work/Live Music Streamer/Drone Pilot/VJ

- Brandon - 1 year

- Steve - Coder, been around for a month

- Steve - Also a coding specialist - Saturday hackathons, project for collaboration in an encrypted environment with many people

- Blaze - 360 cam launch into space

- Kane - back in town and back to Noisebridge, prototyping, manufacturing, non-profit marketing.

Overview of Noisebridge

Is a 501 c3 non profit organization dedicated to providing infrastructure for creative projects to the public.

One rule, be excellent to eachother, also don't harrass. We are a Duocracy, everyone and no one is in charge.

As long as you are being excellent you do not have to ask permission to do something.

You may hack on things in the space, using your best judgement. What is an excellent hack, consider other people in the space. If you know there is a 'stakeholder' on a particular piece of equipment, talk to them (on slack)

Events, cool concerts, meetups etc: (

- This Saturday, and most Saturdays, privacy hackathon 4-10 p.m. in the room called Church. Hosted by crypto Steve.

    - Tor sub projects
    - police accountability project?
    -python, React, golang, Java, good times

- September 9th - 10th, Noisebridge 10 Year Exhibition and Ball

    - Cram a bunch of interesting stuff from the last 10 years on display in the space
    - Presentations, discussion groups, classes, activities.
    - Please come and participate, propose it on the link above
    - Tell people and come, there is music and chillz
    - Created a special reboot logo for Noisebridge in 2014.  We would like a logo for this aniversary 
    Will have a submission contest!!  Post it to the contest wiki page

- Tomorrow (Wed.) Library working group 8 p.m.

    - NBDSM - Quantum Steve's Meetup, reading, study group on Thursday night ~ 7 p.m.
    - Noisebridge Deep Learning, Statistics, and Machine learning
    - This is a relatively high level meetup (PHD level discussion)
    - Focus on theory, will be talking about Boltzman machines etc.
    Must Know:
    - Linear algebra
    - Stach mech
    - Someone make a drawing of whipping computers.

Safe Space Policy

We have had harrassment issues, we have a protocol now.

Posted on the walls around the space. Be aware of what you are saying, it is a safe space in San Francisco, keep particularly radical comments to yourself.

If something happens that makes you feel unsafe, bring it up to a member, and they will try and help take care of the situation.

If someone expresses discomfort with a discussion, please be respectful and move the discussion elsewhere. We can have discussion while still making the space ...

3 levels of participation:

   Anybody is welcome to come and participate at Noisebridge as long as you are being excellent.

You can hack on what you'd like When you come here you are a member of the community, we want to hear your ideas about noisebridge and the space. Duocracy - Must ring doorbell to get in, unless you get a token. To get a token, find a member, get to know them, and if you earn their trust they can grant you a token for a 5 dollar donation for fob (can also use clipper card for 2 dollar data transfer fee) -We have moved to Slack for a lot of our discussion, if you have been coming to NB for a little bit, you can ask for Slack access. Anyone can request that someone be added to Slack in the 'general' section. There is nobody in charge of keeping creepoids out of the space Policy: If you answer the door, give them a tour if they haven't been to the space, safe space info, etc. IF YOU CANT DO THIS DONT ANSWER DOOR - But answer the door because that is how we get new people! - You are responsible for who you let in


You get 24 hour access with some reservations..... If you have been around the space for a little bit longer, and you want to donate to the space You may get a starving hacker rate if you qualify You have to know late night closing procedures Must get member's approval, and have them sponsor you on your application during the tuesday meeting. Talk to treasurer to get donation set up For Philanthropy and Membership a good sign that you should apply is that many people already think you are one. 24 hour access protocol: Ask a member who can do this. Bring your token to the door, scan it on the green scanner, take a picture of your unique ID Post picture to rack on Slack along with your email address, and it will be added.

   A responsibility, for people that decide that Noisebridge is important and would like to contribute to its continued existance

Expected to keep the space running, bring projects to space Participate in Consensus, Large ticket decisions that effect the space significantly Keep Noisebridge hackable.. You will be grilled if you apply to become a member, it is a serious process. It doesn't get you anything in particular, except the ability to block consensus and grant tokens. This is not something you need, but the best indicator you should become a member is that many people are suprised that you are not one already. Must be submit an application and that application is read out at 4 meetings, any member can block the application during this time period

Philanthropy Applications:

   Cryptography Steve - Why do you want to become a philanthropist?
   - NB is awesome, I can meet a lot of people, host meetups, I think that NB is better than Santa Barbra hackerspace (which Steve founded)

- Application Approved

  • Trent goes through a list of already done applications*

Membership Applications:

   Lee - Made the ordibooth, runs NAR audio meetup, has two sponsors...  
   Merlin - (Alex) Workshops, awesomeness, microcontrollers, was a pervious member Alex and Mitch sponsor

Financial Report

Financial report for the meeting 6/27/2017. We have $84,694.31 in the bank. ~$30,000 for Noisetor, $7,318.89 in the equipment fund, $783.29 in the laser maintenance fund, $1,151.81 in Thomas’ memorial fund, the rest ( about $45440.31) in the general fund. This is slightly over 9 months of regular expenses. We have not yet paid our rent for July.

Buying the space? The landlord isn't that interested... but make an offer anyway

What is Consensus?

If we are going to spend a bunch of money, we will have a meeting and everyone must agree... Any member can block any large ticket decision (this is why it is hard to become a member) Two types, little c and big C.

little c is related to small duocracy changes -

an example is sewing machine modification, must obtain little c consensus if the change is non reversible. You must talk and get approval to the stakeholders, people who regularly using the equipment. Hang out by the machine to find these people, leave a note If the request is vetoed, you may raise half. the money for a new piece of equipment and it will be matched by equipment fund

BIG C consensus (burning building down, removing member, spending large amounts of money, relocating, etc.)

Used by Quakers and American Heart org. Helpful for preventing major decisions which will effect a small amount of people negatively. We don't want decisions that f over 49% of the community Anyone can propose consensus items, this can be done on Tuesday meetings. The item will be read out for two weeks, if the item is not vetoed or extended it will become part of policy Any member can block these consensus items If this happens, it is a sign that the consesus item is bullshit or the process is broken

Discussion Items None!

1 Hour meeting for the win!