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These are the notes from the The 480th Meeting of Noisebridge.

Date: 10/17/2017

Note-takers: Scott and Kevin

Moderator: Nicole

Meeting Summary[edit]

  • Announcements: 2017-10-30: Google "Playcrafting" game dev expo; ADA compliance in floor markings added; City College adding maker spaces
  • Finances: we have 9 months rent in the bank
  • New members: open apps: Nicole (3rd week), Merlin (4th week; deferred: not present)
  • New philanthropists: open apps: Kelly A (1st week)
  • Consensus Items: Zach's proposal to allocate general funds for elevator repair was consensed ($400 to start)
  • Discussion Items: (none)

Round of introductions[edit]

  • Scott - 1st visited in 2013, been a regular for the past 1yr
  • Yei - 5th time here - usually here on Tues. Heard about from TA from Ryen in the Unity class
  • Zack - offered up candy corn. (I hack video game systems). Been coming since 2010. EE, hardware hacker-guy.
  • Nick: Professional Magician - likes to work on electronics (he says, while he works on electronics
  • Mark: helps teach game dev glass on Tuesdays & comes in to hack on random other days. also running gaming archivist to build a gaming cabinet for
  • 3 Visitors from 2 conferences.
  • Diego: heard about from Tracey at the Internet archive
  • Kolja: 1st came during wrap-up of Google Summer of Code (from Germany) with Diego
  • Garrett: Brought rPi, loaded with Kodi & the Retro Player Project loaded on it. Setup over in Gamebridge area tonight for some excellent gaming.
  • Kevin - likes turtles and cats. Been coming for ~8 months. Likes to help-out & learn new things
  • Nicole: Coming sporadically for the past 3-4yrs. She hosts a weekly meetup & provides mentorship around learning to code. (freeCodeCamp)

What is the NoiseBridge?[edit]

Nicole read the default description from the wiki.

Kevin described safespace policies and procedures, encouraging NB inhabitants to be excellent in regards to.... communicate when they feel harassed, to tell the harasser to stop, and to reach out to other Noisebridgers for assistance and to report harassers, so that the group is aware of problem visitors.

Mark said NB is all about the rule of being Excellent to each other.

Announcements and Events[edit]

Mark: On Oct 30th, event happening at Google Launch pad "Playcrafting" - mini-expo for SF game developers to show off what they've been working on. Tickets are $5

Zach: Kevin & Zach worked on floorplan for ADA compliance, marking the floor with emergency tape - especially around the elevator. Daryl removed the last bike mount to ensure there was enough clearance by that egress. Scott & Daryl cleared the laser exhaust (the inlet to the blower was clogged with fine particulates.- we have suction again!

Ryan: City College is starting 3 maker spaces They got a $350,000 grant, two at Ocean Campus (just 3 stops away on BART). Ryan is organizing field trip/tour for them to visit here.

  • One in library is 4k sq ft
  • Science building 1k sq ft
  • 1 at Evans Campus (? size)


Nicole: A Philanthropist is somebody who has been sponsored/vouched for by a full-time member. Perks: Default contribution is $80/mo (can work out another rate with the treasurer as a "starving hacker rate", 24h RFID access Increased Responsibilities: Close/lock the space when you are the last Member/Philanthropist in the building. Kelly A. is being sponsored by J. Prospective Philanthropists

Members: Notice is placed in The Book and mentioned formally in meeting for 4 weeks, giving members a chance to comment & initiate a block. Silence by members is taken as approval. Prospective members must be present at the 4th meeting (or later, if arranged) to give NoiseBridgers a chance to ask questions.

Merlin is on his 4th (+) week of member application process, but not present for today's meeting. Confirmation is pushed forward until they can appear for a meeting.

Nicole is applying for membership (this is 3rd week) Lady red is applying for memberhsip (this is 4th week)

We need some clarification on rules around presense at meetings for Member confirmation (and ability to have somebody act in one's stead as representative if not present).

Nicole read Merlin's application aloud - available in white notebook. (Alex & Mitch have sponsored them)

Nicole read Nicoles application aloud - available in white notebook. (Sponsored by Trent & J)

Daryl gave the rundown on Membership & Consensus. Memberhsip is jsut like Phil - with more responsibility. You can grant people 30-day access tokens. The big level-up is the ability to block actions during official "big-C" Consensus.

"Small-c" consensus, really a facet of Do-ocracy - like moving furniture. Big-C is reserved as a veto for big actions that would either "change what it means for Noisebridge to be Noisebridge" or would result in the Member deciding they could no-longer be a part of Noisebridge and would leave.

Nicole read Lady Red's application aloud - available in white notebook. (Sponsored by Trent and Ruth)

Financial Report[edit]

No official report this week without treasurer. Zach gave brief recap of last financial report. ~NB has ±9mo of rent, and is financially healthy

Consensus Proposals[edit]

Proposals from last week[edit]

Zach had proposed that some portion of the general fund be used to get the elevator in full working condition.

Kevin asks if we (as tenants) are legally allowed to work on/hire contractors to work on elevator (as this hardware is more legally regulated than most)

Zach and others have done some work on the elevator, and added signage to help keep people from getting trapped/frustrated while using it. Especially after it was damaged by an outside visitor having a panic attack after being asked to leave the space for stealing.

The elevator was out of commision for 2 months, which is more than the 30days stipulated by city policy.

Daryl: Patrick (treasurer) did note that there has been a process for using general funds for maintence of the space. The fact we're having this convo proves we need a trackable, written-down policy on this consensus item.

Zach mentioned he has been told that this must go on Noisebridge Discuss, and it has indeed been openly talked about there.

Zach's proposal is to start with a modest $400/yr set aside for this, to be tweaked as needed in the future. The written proposal is in the meeting notes from last week and is posted in Noisebridge Discuss.

(There were no verbal objections to this proposal, therefore it is consensed.)