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  • Darryl - Haskell, category theory, type theory, laser cutter class, etc.
  • Cole - haskell, robots
  • Ryan McCarthy - NonViolentCommunication, restorative justice
  • Corey - techshop refugee, robots
  • Dave (caligrapher, print maker, interested in stereo microscope)
  • Diana Greer - does nothing!
  • Ryan (pyconaut) - games, 3D/VR, and more!
  • Kevin - coorganized a raspberry pi group at techshop w/ Derek
  • Derek - coorganized a raspberry pi group at techshop w/ Kevin
  • Nicole (gaardn) - codes and plays with the lazer
  • Juan - functional engineer, software engineer, daytime hacker of sorts
  • Dany (danyq) - book scanning
  • Michael - software engineer by day, pointless things by night, animation
  • J (J)- runs CHM, teaches kids electronics and cool stuff
  • Michael (mondo) - student, here to learn, yes please! please teach me
  • Ben- internet and internet accessories
  • Alex (lxpk) - teaches gamedev on tuesdays, NVC stuff


  • Ryan - Teaches restorative justice and NVC w/ high impact populations - less theory, more accessible, finger puppets for fun. Interested in holding a class on these things, sometime in December, esp. given the new combination of communities recently.
  • Kevin, Derek - San Francisco Developers Raspberry Pi Jam in late December,
  • Diana - MakeSF monthly meetup, simple basic kits to introduce people to making and hacking electronics/microcontrollers, 2nd Monday of the month 6-8pm
  • Diana - Will set up a small bakeware lending library at Noisebridge!

Safe Space[edit]

  • Alex: Safe space means there's a lot of things that people want out of a space - community, workspace, etc - and we try to err on the side of helping people get their stuff done, instead of being a dating scene. But it's inevitable that things will happen, and so whenever someone feels like they need to have boundaries that aren't being understood, they can enlist help from others, to help get people to understand those boundaries, or if necessary, ask people to leave. It's not a ban, but just a temporary break. Can be mediated if someone's willing.
  • Ben: If I've been asked to leave, what's the excellent thing to do?
  • Alex: Good question! Don't get into a fight, don't take it personal. Just leave. Can ask who to contact to talk to about mediation, etc. But if you do something really bad, you might just be asked to gtfo forever.


  • Juan - A philanthropist is someone who has 24 hour access to the space and also is responsible for upholding the safe space policies and community guidelines (?). They are also responsible for anyone they let into the space, and if that person is not following the guidelines, then the philanthropist is responsible for asking that person to leave and attending to the matter. If a philanthropist is the last person in the space with 24 hour access, they have to close down when they leave, asking people without access to leave as well.
  • Alex - How does somebody become a philanthropist?
  • Juan - Sign the sheet (in the binder,) have a clear understanding of the community's guidelines, volunteer for projects, help out, and, after having established yourself, you can ask a member to vouch for you.
  • Alex - How can you lose philanthropist status?
  • Juan - Breaking guidelines, letting someone in that does something terrible. No sleeping at Noisebridge.


Darryl and Nicole have applications in the binder. 2 and 7 checkmarks, rsp. Merlin has about 9 million check marks and needs to come to a meeting.

Consensus Items (copied from last week)[edit]

  • Patrick - Outside these walls in the default world, we have great ways of making decisons that usually result in the winning side very happy, and everyone else sad. Consensus is the decision process that NB uses to make big decisions, like where should we move, should we sign a lease, what rules we have and to change. For everything else, we have doocracy and don't need to have elongated discussions about it. It's a decision process where we bring proposals to the meeting and solidify them into a proposal. We discuss them to solidfy them until it doesn't change for two meetings. Then it comes up for consensus. T?he only proposal that will pass consensus is one that all the members agree to. If you have a proposal comes up that you disagree to, you have an obligation to make a counterproposal that both you and the person propsing can live with. There is the ablity to block consesnsu. This is a nuclear option. It's saying "if you let this pass, fuck you, I quit noisebridge. This thing will cost the community my participation in NB." It usually doesn't get used.

Everyone is free to participate in the consensus process, and the molding of the process.

Concensus proposals are rare. Proposals are on the wiki. 99.X% of decisions don't need big C consensus, but it exists for when we need it.

  • invite a knowledgeable volunteer to give a brief primer on consensus process
  • It is important that everyone in attendance understands at least:
    • Blocking with verbalized principled objections.
    • Why we use consensus over other approaches to decision making.
    • How consensus isn't a legislative process
    • Why consensus isn't applicable to some things like conflict resolution, resolution of time sinks, and the like.

Proposals from last week [edit]

(Add any items which are consensed upon or someone has raised a principle objection for to the Consensus Items History page.)

Proposals for next week [edit]

(Add any new items for consensus to the Current Consensus Items page.)

Patrick: I propose NB establishes two separate funds for possible moving.

That Noisebridge establish two new funds.


1. A holding fee fund of $5,000 which will be used to "hold" properties forlease or sale that Noisebridge might consider in the future. These funds would allow us time to engage in a full capital C consensus process relating to the ultimate lease or purchase decision about our new space.

2. A moving fund. This fund will collect money specifically for the costs associated in moving, renting, or purchasing a new space for Noisebridge. Should an agreement be reached with the current landlords at 2169 this money would be directed either to rent or to building improvements as required.


Patrick 1. alloc 5k from general fund into a holding fee fund, b/c in the process of doing the final consensus process, we might need to put some money down to prevent the location from going to some other party. Unlikely that it'll be exhausted, but is prudent.

   Lizzie: Can we have a process for when this will be spent?
   Patrick: Probably just little c consensus?
   Lizzie/Trent: Can we spell that out?
   Patrick: It seems unlikely that we'll just arbitrarily spend it
   Trent: Good opportunity to record the way of doing things that is historically verbal
   Lizzie: Good to head off an argument over how many spaces we spend this on, etc.
   Scotty: Whats the range usually?
   Trent: Victoria said she used 1k for a personal apt, at least

2. Moving fund. Looking at many options for financing leasing or buying. There'll be lots of fees, costs, to do this. This fund would be where we collect money donated specifically for the purposes of moving, etc. incl. legal fees to lawyers to figure out our current situation. This fund will start empty or w/ nominal amt for current legal rep. Will add a project to If the fund is not expended and we get a lease, we can convert to rent money or general fund.

 Scotty: Maybe we shouldn't call it a moving fund b/c its for more than just moving costs, but also possibly buying a building, legal fees, etc.
 Trent: Is the purpose of this being separate b/c its going to be quite large ultimately?
 Patrick: Yes
 Trent: We should spell this out in the proposal text, that this is the purpose of it, and why it's separate.
 Trent: Also will this be specifically earmarked for moving??
 Patrick: Yes

Trent is apathetic.

</consensus item>

(Darryl explains consensus and Consensus.)

Alex - Most relevant discussion will take place in #new-space on Slack and on Saturday meetings.


Kevin - If somebody had a fundraising idea that's consistent w/ Noisebridge's ethos, how do you bring it up? Darryl - Right here. Kevin - Cool! So, I think it may be possible to use Pi's + solar power subsidies to fund raise by mining cryptocurrencies. Was talking w/ someone from Chicago about this. Going to do a proof of concept w/ Derek to see what happens. Frank - There's this thing Parallela that might be relevant Ben - So w/ lots of Pi's, that'd be expensive, maybe could do commodity hardware? i.e. not CPU Kevin - The numbers suggest Pi's are better for CPU mining Roy - Here physically? Kevin - Proof of concept, no, but NB could do it! It wouldn't take up too much space for the Pis, the discussion would be mostly on the panels. Roy - No roof access :( A solar panel array would be hard. (Similar for fire escape.) Ben - Also given that we aren't guaranteed to be here beyond August, this might not be feasible. Kevin - Could do it anywhere, someone might want to allow use of roofspace Ben - #make-a-billion in Slack

Ryan - How do I host an event, like a cool NVC workshop? People - Pick a day. Make sure it doesn't conflict with other events on the wiki. Put it on MeetUp / message admins there.

(Meeting closed, with ongoing disucssion about Tech Shop ensuing!)