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Name (pronouns)

  • Darry/Augur (they/them) - Teaches Haskell class, trains people on the laser cutter. Interested in functional programming.
  • Cole (he/him) - Does robots. Errr.. builds robots.
  • Elias (he/him) - Likes Haskell.
  • Lujan (he / any) - Does robots for a living.
  • Alex (any) - Interested in generally improving his environment, "Making the world a better place", math, FP, automation, getting along with people
  • Sloan (she/her) - Photographer, student at SFAI, doing a project on NB
  • David - Former techshoper, has been meeting to stop by for a while, met NBers at makerfaire a few years ago, mostly interested in laser cutters for packing for jewelry
  • Ryan (he/him, El Jefe) - works on lots of things
  • Alex / @lxpk - teaches gamedev on tuesdays, we used to do ableton music, and will hopefully be starting up a class again

Steve (@fineline) - physics, machine learning


Augur - No Haskell class this wednesday since its a 5th wednesday, but we can chat anyway!

Augur - We do not have copper wire, someone is trolling us, please stop asking about copper wire


Up for Philanthropy: Alex Alekseyenko

Alekseyenko: Get a 24 hour access token to noisebridge, donate ~$80 a month, expected to know how NB works, what NB is about, should be able to handle situations relating to escorting people out, know how to give them a tour and explain NB, need to know how to close up, you have NO special rights, access can be taken away by any member at a moments notice

Alex is now a Philanthropist!!


Augur 3 - Membership is when your brain has been infested with nanoviruses and you hang out in the grove and... shitshitshit--secret plan. As a member you don't have rights so much as responsibilities. You want to contribute to Noisebridge as much as you can and see to the survival of Noisebridge as well as its culture. Noisebridge makes decisions by consensus of its members (or, more accurately, by non-blocking by its members), not majority rule. This means that blocking is a very serious thing. You block an item because you feel so strongly about the issue that, if it were to go through, you would be inclined to leave. It also takes a couple of weeks and the details are on the wiki. For this reason, most things are done through do-ocracy, which is kind of the opposite of bureaucracy. If you believe that what you're about to do is excellent and that others won't object, you might just want to do it and talk to Noisebridge about it.Also, members can grant limited (30-day, 11am-10pm access to others).

Merlin gets 9 checkmarks.

Alex Peake - Proposes that incrementing Merlin's checkmarks be added to standard Noisebridge unmeeting procedure.

Augur - recites a beautiful piece of writing detailing his experience with Noisebridge and professing his undying love for this unstitution. Steve Young and Trent sponsored Darryl.

Consensus Items[edit]

Patrick brings forth a consensus item remotely and asynchronously:

Copy of previous text:

   Patrick: I propose NB establishes two separate funds for possible moving.

That Noisebridge establish two new funds.


1. A holding fee fund of $5,000 which will be used to "hold" properties forlease or sale that Noisebridge might consider in the future. These funds would allow us time to engage in a full capital C consensus process relating to the ultimate lease or purchase decision about our new space.

2. A moving fund. This fund will collect money specifically for the costs associated in moving, renting, or purchasing a new space for Noisebridge. Should an agreement be reached with the current landlords at 2169 this money would be directed either to rent or to building improvements as required.


Patrick 1. alloc 5k from general fund into a holding fee fund, b/c in the process of doing the final consensus process, we might need to put some money down to prevent the location from going to some other party. Unlikely that it'll be exhausted, but is prudent.

   Lizzie: Can we have a process for when this will be spent?
   Patrick: Probably just little c consensus?
   Lizzie/Trent: Can we spell that out?
   Patrick: It seems unlikely that we'll just arbitrarily spend it
   Trent: Good opportunity to record the way of doing things that is historically verbal
   Lizzie: Good to head off an argument over how many spaces we spend this on, etc.
   Scotty: Whats the range usually?
   Trent: Victoria said she used 1k for a personal apt, at least

2. Moving fund. Looking at many options for financing leasing or buying. There'll be lots of fees, costs, to do this. This fund would be where we collect money donated specifically for the purposes of moving, etc. incl. legal fees to lawyers to figure out our current situation. This fund will start empty or w/ nominal amt for current legal rep. Will add a project to If the fund is not expended and we get a lease, we can convert to rent money or general fund.

 Scotty: Maybe we shouldn't call it a moving fund b/c its for more than just moving costs, but also possibly buying a building, legal fees, etc.
 Trent: Is the purpose of this being separate b/c its going to be quite large ultimately?
 Patrick: Yes
 Trent: We should spell this out in the proposal text, that this is the purpose of it, and why it's separate.
 Trent: Also will this be specifically earmarked for moving??
 Patrick: Yes

Trent is apathetic.

</consensus item>

(Darryl explains consensus and Consensus.)

Alex - Most relevant discussion will take place in #new-space on Slack and on Saturday meetings.

Consensus reached w/ Alex and Steve present, no blocks.


Roy and Ryan discuss making more 3d printers work