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Moderator: John These are the notes from the The 496th Meeting of Noisebridge.

Note taker(s): John

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Introductions (name, pronouns, deets)[edit]

John - I help out with Noisebridge money stuff and crypto things

Tom - Do crypto things, not the chain stuff, the real crypto

Justin - Working on really cool project with these guys, building a laser ignition bong, it lights your weed with a laser beam. Talk to it with bluetooth.

Nagash - [is here]

Alex - Working on the bong, trying to flash microcontrollers for the bong

Rick - Working on VR stuff

Jehan - Working on networking stuff and made some bronze

Vanessa - with John

James - Run Audiochurch every other Sunday (at 4pm) and organize our 101 Intro to Ableton class (1pm every Sunday) with Kane


Jehan - have to be excellent to each other, don't leave too much clutter around, clean it up when you're done, and that's probably some important stuff


[John spoke but wasn't taking notes.]


Jehan - There's a meetup on token curated registries, which are a crypto concept, but not the real crypto. So that's going to be on Meetup, at Galvanize, but I might do the meetup at Noisebridge in the future. It's at Galvanize on Thursday at 7pm. Going to have someone speaking from a company that does secure multi-party computations on the blockchain.

Beka - This Saturday we are going to do a social media tool hackathon at Noisebridge, at maybe let's say 7pm. There will be pizza. We're going to hack on stuff for Noisebridge social media, integrations with Slack, Facebook, YouTube, maybe Tumblr or whatever. Basically the idea is to doocratize social media content. Right now you have to go into the socialmedia channel and hope and pray someone posts it.

Frank - Will this also feed to mailing lists?

James - Trent wanted specifically in the notes that the donation link be added for the sawstop, a safer new table saw. We're around 15% of the way there. Our saw is terrible and we should replace it with a safer and more well designed saw.

Frank - Probably in early July the Ethereum study group would be holding some sessions. It would be self-study with occasional guest speakers. We would aim for early July. Contact me or Stan to join.


Jehan is up to become a philanthropist. Sponsor: John

Jehan - philanthropy in the Noisebridge sense is you give a recurring donation of around $80/month to support the space and you get 24-hour access, and you also need to know how to close the space and give tours.

Jehan - I've been coming to Noisebridge on and off for seven years, a few times a month. I want to come here more often but I often want to come in the morning and work, and with standard access I can only come in at 11 and that discouraged me from coming. I've donated to support the space in the past. I usually work on networking stuff for routers and stuff like that and I also like to do random projects sometimes and use the laser cutter and tools in the shop.

Justin - The laser bong is crypto funded.


Beka - Kind of like philanthropy but with more responsibilities and more capacity to engage in the bureaucracy of Noisebridge. Just like philanthropy you should apply to be a member if you are really interested in preserving Noisebridge and where it is going in the future, that it still exists, that it thrives, that the culture of Noisebridge moves in the right directions. You still get 24-hour access and that stuff. In addition, you have the capacity to do things like give out RFID tokens that last 30 days, you can sponsor people for philanthropy and membership, you can block consensus items.

No current member applications.

Consensus Items[edit]

= Trash Cans James - My only question is that maybe three to four members should be present to pass a consensus item, but that's not official. Trent mentioned it last week.

It is proposed that little-c consensus is we only need two members for this big-C consensus item. Further discussion?

James - No one wants to talk about this further.

Consensus is reached.


Rick - The fumes from the laser cutter have been pretty bad. Is there a way to mitigate that?

James - If it stinks the first thing you do is walk to the back to the right side, and those windows if they're open will suck the exhaust right back in the space. Windows in the back and far bathroom should be closed.

Alex - What kind of fumes?

James - Campfire acrylic.


Noisebridge has $100,161.75 in the bank.

_Breakdown:_ $81,920.98 in the general fund $12,278.66 for Noisetor (SEE NOISETOR NOTE) $2,432.14 in the equipment fund $2,791.28 in the laser maintenance fund $200 in the Accessibility Fund $179.77 in the Elevator Repair Fund $358.92 in the Sewing Fund 0.1626 BTC in the HODL Fund

Notes: The broadcast fund was exhausted. Great work everyone! It helped fund NGALAC, a new USB conference microphone, a new projector, coax cables, and A/V and lighting equipment for the 10th Anniversary Party which is still useful for other events.

We passed $100,000 in the bank, which is 1.4% of the way to our goal of $7,000,000. We also passed $80,000 in the general fund for the first time, not counting the HODL Fund, which belongs to the general fund but has wildly fluctuating prices that are not worth recording until we sell our crypto.

The fridge has snacks and drinks now. We seem to be getting enough in donations to cover costs, but not much extra for the general fund. Please donate when you take drinks and snacks from the fridge so that we can continue to keep Noisebridge stocked!

Noisetor Note: is still down, so I can’t calculate Noisetor’s recent revenue, only expenses. The total in this report is therefore lower than the real total. The most recent Noisetor donation I have recorded in my notes is from October 9, 2017, so any donations past that date have not been included in my calculations here.

The laser maintenance fund revenue and expenses are being tracked here: