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Noisebridge meeting 2018-08-07

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Moderator: r

Note taker(s): r, also you?

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Introductions (name, pronouns, deets)[edit]

r - they/them - DHCP client in haskell

cel - she/her - distributed systems stuff with kubernetes

matt / @rando - he/him - like electronics, python and some c/c++; laser cut stuff and modeling

angle - - robotics in San Jose, visiting

david - he/him - mostly doing laser, some jewlery, helping out

beka - she/her - functional programming, esp. haskell, plt, type theory, AI; laser trainer

natalie - ne/nem - teach kids and do project management

james - he/him - technical writer, also sci-fi and fantasy

kerrick - he/him - helping out with the NGALAC, professionally embedded software

javier - - video stuff, music stuff

cain - doesn't care - music stuff, linux administrator

Things to consider: safe space, participation, philanthropy, membership, moneys, consensus, discussion[edit]


beka - 2x announcements

- this friday, the 10th at 7pm there is a fundraising group work together; building stuff, doing things, not a meeting; there will be pizza; let beka / lady red / ruth if you have diet requirements

- this saturday, 10 am to 2 pm sunday is the stupid shit no one needs and terrible ideas hackathon! cc ruth

- sunday, 7 pm: noisebridge front page ( hackathon; let's figure out what belongs there and how it should look

[the disembodied voice of gamebridge] - noisebridgers will be showing off games at mag west in Santa Clara, CA; rt from us or stuff appreciated

cain - talk about the dorkroom build[edit]

right now, we're kind of in the middle; we're heard interest in storage above, but that may be tricky

james - door?

cain - we're looking for one to add a porthole to

r - could the materials be moved out of the printer area? [moved to after meeting]

natalie - general question about excellent behavior regarding scheduled events[edit]

natalie - What is excellent behavior WRT scheduled events if the area is in use?

beka - 1 hour, 15 minute warnings, 5 minute clear out

matt - calendar does not mean reserved space; people can still work there

cain - tell people they're part of whatever you're doing if they stay

beka - excellent for people to work together towards happy outcomes

david - access to the space[edit]

- seconded by xavier

david - interest to become a philanthropist

r - Looking for a token that you don't need to renew?

david - looking mostly for non-renewing tokens

r - current formal consensus items[edit]

[r reads out the item]

matt - proposes making this do-ocratic

[discussion continues; consensed]

james - update on the printer[edit]

r - raising donations, at around $140 total I think

cel - key signing[edit]

cel - I'm going to try and run a key signing event in the near future; if you're in the pgp strong set and want to sign keys

matt - is this noisebridge people?

cel - no; we'll talk more after

matt - previous meeting notes[edit]

r - what notes

beka - I missed some; mailing list wasn't working

[people will look through meeting notes history after meeting for lost notes]

matt - @juul's thing in #general[edit]

(juul from sudoroom writes): Noisebridge and sudo room, Counter Culture Labs and the greater Omni Commons (and possibly BioCurious) have a cross-space ban policy. When someone is banned from a space for a violation of the safe space policy then they are auto-banned from the other spaces as well. Spaces can grant exceptions to one of these bans for their own space if they don't agree with the reasons for the ban. We have a mailing list that a few members from each space is part of which is used to communicate these bans, as well as incidents of concern that all spaces should be made aware of. Currently the people from noisebridge on this list seem to be no longer active and this resulted in a person on the noisebridge 86 list who was banned for safe space reasons showing up at sudo room and counter culture labs several times before someone noticed. Please contact with the people who should be added to the safer spaces mailing list so we can avoid this in the future. These should be trusted noisebridge members who are actively co-organizing the space. -- juul

[beka will bottom line]

philanthropy applications / access discussion[edit]

javier describes philanthropy

matt - how can you lose philanthropy?

javier - bothering other people; members can remove philanthropy status

david - can lose it for sleeping

beka - no payment required; bothering may be okay to extent; stop if asked

r - good to clean up after yourself

david - bell guilt

james - most important thing to do is go there, look at the person, see if they look like anyone on the 86 list; give them a tour if their new; give your name, ask theirs

natalie - is checking every single face on 86 a requirement?

james - I guess it's not needed

beka - excellent to let people in the space; no requirement to do so

matt - never obligated to do it

natalie - good to highlight the anti-harrasment / safe space policyt

r - are you responsible for the people you let in the space?

[someone answered yes]

[javier, james, and david were made philanthropists]