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Noisebridge meeting 2018-09-18

Meeting Notes are at; help us take notes!

Moderator: Rebecca

Note taker(s): Rebecca

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Introductions - Name, Pronouns, What you hack on[edit]

Rebecca - She/Her - type theory, FP, haskell, laser cutter

Andrew - He/Him - Gamebridge, gaming archivists, NGALAC, games and programming

Mark - Any Pronouns - Gamebridge, gaming archivists, NGALAC, games and programming

Silver - She/They - Makes clothes from recycled fashion, art shows, music events

Pavel - - Building a motorized bicycle, needs help w/ battery stuff

Shaman - He/Him - New here! Working on school

Jeremy - He/Him - This parallax propeller thing w/ C code, helping out w/ CHM

Meeks - She/Her/Sir - Fashion designer and jewelry design, does a lot of laser cut work

Tim - He/Him - Biotech stuff

R - They/Them - hacks on -'s

Matt - He/Him - Laser bongs, hacking on NB, NGALAC, Ordibooth, 3d printing, laser cutting, likes helping people


Tim - I made a mailbox! If you bring mail up and don't know who it's for, please put it there and mention it in #general, thanks!

Jeremy - CHM has been in limbo for the last few weeks, Matt, NickP and I are going to restart it!

Matt - CHM was cancelled for 2 hours, the longest living NB hack now lives on! Huzzah!


Andrew - Philanthropy really just means a higher responsibility at Noisebridge, opening and closing up at night, being excellent while helping others be excellent!

Meeks - Letting people know about things like the anti-harassment policy, having non-expiring 24 hour access. If you see things that need to be tidied, do so! We're here to keep Noisebridge clean and nice and functioning!

Matt - Can I ask a philanthropist to explain how you lost philanthropy?

Meeks - Beeing a dick, not being responsible with locking up, etc.

Andrew - Sleeping at Noisebridge

Matt - What is the procedural way?


Matt - Any member at any time can take away your philanthropy!

R - Are any new philanthropists required to open the door?

Andrew - No! But we're responsible for people we let in!

Matt - What else can philanthropists do wrt access?

Meeks - Renewing tokens!

Andrew, Meeks, and Tim are philanthropists!