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Noisebridge meeting 2018-09-25 Meeting starts at 20:35

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Moderator: R

Note taker(s): R, Matt Arcidy

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Introductions - Name, Pronouns, Project(s) / Intro[edit]

R, they/them, Excited about watching videos about clay 3D printers, Delta's specifically William Clark, he/him, interested in what the meeting is going to be about Ryan, he, him, help run the VR system in the back, and take care of the space, bring people in.  A number of annoucements Jeremy, he/him, trying to hack sendmail and do some circuit bending\\ Corey, he/him, build robots and teach people to build robots Frank, -, ethereum and other blockchains with programmable smart chains Jeff, he/him, Science! Marco, he/him, working on my learning platform to help people learn to code Steve, he/him, theoretical Physicest, data scientist, developer Bernice, they/them or she/her, I help out in Game Bridge, work on NGALAC, do sunday streets, do video games for fun a profit (day job) Naiomi/nthmost, any, a brave space of one, new job is director of open science Eric, he/him, work with industrial designers to embed electronics in prototypes; super excited about tiny one or five dollar computers and putting them in clothing.  My husband is a dj and we're often at Eagle or in the Castro Jeremey/jams, any Y'all, Intelligent systems, research, into everything that has to do with that., Matt, he/him, really like hardware hacking but also do c,python,c++; hacking on NGALAC, ordibooth James - he/him, I hack on writing and SF and Fantasy quite often. Also I hacked in to add my name to this as I showed up late again.


Ryan - bought bear earlier which is a bit strong for me, take some Ryan - more discussion items Corey - donated tons of crap, but taking what's left over back at end of Oct 1 Matt - we're trying to create a series of classes that lead to the knowledge needed to make products; talk to me or email me at; instructors welcome ** Matt to edit ** Jams - Gigs board!  Ppl come into space looking for people to fix / make things for possibly money.  Designing, fixing, creating protottype   Matt - for people in the space; please don't just do race to the bottom pricing (discuss with others please)   James - slack channel or something to discuss gig pricing? Bernice - A lot of people want to work at Sunday Streets but Bernice is staying as often as possible, Oct 14th is the next Sunday Streets, at the excelsior, please join the slack channel #sundaystsreets and volunteer! Bernice - channel called #event-support; if people need support running events, you can go there or talk to us IRL


Ryan - to participate at Noisebridge, first off you have to come to Noisebridge usually; you could use a robot or slack, but usually you come to the space or find a way to participate in projects at the space.  The easiest way to join a project or create one is small c consensus.  The small c consensus is only necessary if it uses a loud tool in the space or takes up a frequently used tool in the space.  [Note takers note: some thoughts/words were definitely missed here by the note taker] Steve - Be Excellent.  A lot of neuro atypical pepple, issue communicating, over-bearing, under-bearing.  Being aware of self andhow interacting with ppeople, accepting the fact that we are all a bunch of weirdos.  to get along, put a little extra time to be mindful of self and not jumping to emotional reactions.  Be Excellent is like a coping streategy for a bunch of geniu=s to get a long  Matt - naomi Naomi - Saying that you have to go to the space to participate is limiting and counter-productive for fundraising. Matt - There is another side to the coin: giving people the benefit of the doubt, you can focus on the content of how they're saying something instead of the method of the communication.  You can listen to a person instead of making them talk to you in the way that you listen.  Allow a person to communicate their way and listen with charity: take the content without the method with which they communicate. Ryan - What does Naiomi believe are excellent to participate in Noisebridge without being phycally in the space? Naomi - going around the world giving hacking workshops and talking about Noisebridge; or going around the world talking to people who will donate Noisebridge money James - participation in Noisebridge is rooted in do-ocracy which people say this term little-c-consensus, I don't think they're the same thing.  Do-ocracy is how things happen and you are responsible for your actions. Steve - I think that 3 things about do-ocracy, c-consensus C-Consensus are like a hierarchy of need.  If we are functioning properly, things get done. R - does someone want to talk about 30 day acacess tokens? Marco - If you come around a bunch and are excellent, a member can make a RFID card (such as the clipper card) able to enter during daytime hours for 30-days.  Philanthropists can also renew these tokens.

Safe space[edit]

Jermey - a safe space policy helps blend the sexual harassment  and a copmmon code of conduct.  People should be freee to not be harassed by people around them and free from unwelcome sexual advances. Ryan - it also means you are allowed either in person or by proxy allowed to ask anyone in the space to leave due to feeling unsafe by what they are saying in the space or what they are doing to you or near you.  Also people are perfectly allowed to people on the slack #space-uardians Steve - Around with safe space policy went into effect. summarized by yellow and blue signs, What learned about safe spaces, some people have traume that can be triggered.  In the spirit of what was said earilier about neuro-atypicalness.  Avoid saying things that trigger people.  Also, safe space means people whouldn't feel threatened.  If someone is acting in a way that is makeing you scared of harm, falls under safe space as unexcellent behavior.  Safe space does not mean that you have the right to not be offended.  Freedom of speech does not entitle to inciting people to violence, but does entitle you to expressed self to others.  I brought this up as there has been talk about in the past.  I have the right to not be offended, or we have to be nice to each other.  Part of being part of this community is to be empowered.  Certainly we cannot be assholes, but we cannot shut people down becuase some advice was worded poorly.  Afraid that space might fall apart because of conflict.   Conflict is healthy. Bernice - some people may not have access to slack or may wish to be anonymous when requesting help.  There are signs all over with the url ( that anyone can use Jeremey - the alt-right has perverted the concept of safe-space, calling people cry-babies and turning safe-space into a concept that was mocked. It was originally intended to give people a voice. So that they may feel safe to express how they feel free of ridicule from others. It does not explicitly mean that people should be kicked out just becuase they have been themselves. Ryan - Being kicked out is usually is for the day, it takes a lot to be asked to not come back to noiseridge.  While harassment will get you kicked out, discourtesy will lead to you being asked to leave for the day.  A couple weeks ago, a person thought I was a legitimate robot and asked a number of insulting questions.  I felt unsafe, and that person was asked to leave.  This person had prior issues, inciting and causing a disturbance.  This is an example of when people are removed permanently. Frank - I'll relate one of the situations I've witnessed here: it bears upon the theme of please do not monopolize time.  An individual who over months got the reputation of that; so after another incident around came up, it added up to them being asked to leave.fd3


Applications? Mateo? Not in attendace Ahmad?  David? Jeremy? No sponsor yet Trish? Corey? 

R - What is philanthropy? Corey - Philanthroy means to be generous and to contribute to a cuase.  The NB, I fell that philanthropy has a specific means - having access to space, caring for the space, advocating for the space. Be active and participate in the space.  Not many meeting to get the rote definition of philanthropy means, but this is my personal meaning. Matt - how does one lose philanthropy? Corey - don't know specifics apart from being unexcellent to people Naomi - one member at Noisebridge can cancel; philanthropy is easy to gain and easy to lose Matt - for any reason at any time Bernice - you can lose your philanthropy status if you abuse it or you let someone in and do not take action when they start causing problems Ahmed - you can lose your philanthropy if you're delinquent on your dues for an excessive amount of time or are sleeping in the space or are unexcellent Naomi - when you think you are not able to pay dues, can talk to treasurer to work something out.  Not interested necessarily to have people pay, but th\o have excellent people in space.

Any objections? no; Ahmad, Corey and Truj ish are now philanthropists!


1 application with no sponsors, Peter Zeigler

What is Membership? Matt - having read documents a while ago, not correctly.  My understanding is that members make a real commitment to the space and would like to know what that means?  And I do mean to the physical space.

Steve - had a participation section, anyone can come in, Philanthropy can help get people in and open/close space.  Membership - we want to know you.  Should not apply until Members know you.  Should feel like you are invested into space.  not getting into physical vs non-physical.  The commung that is invested in NB ans comfortable with you.  While people can do what they want, its one big (what).  Members should respect each other.  Membership should not be easy to get.  Everey member hos the power to unilaterally block a Consensus proposal.  This is a life-line: If everyone is on Acid except for 1 person.  Let's burn the space down!.  (Naomi: acid isn't like that).  Everyone is on some other drug which makes people feel like burning stuff down.  Any member can block hte burning of the space down.  This member had a lifeline.  Membership is about understandiong the space, feeling comfortab le in the space, leading in the space.

Naomi (interjection in previous) - can we not talk about acid Matt - I'm sorry to be super annoying and pedantic but you said the space a bunch even though you said you didn't want to talk about physical space vs. non-physical.  What is memberships responsibility to the physical space? Steve - Complicated:  Someone who travels all over the world getting resourfces. Being here and hackiong. Naomi - another example of excellent membership is contributing a lot of code, being a sys-admin Ryan - Another thing membership has is that they can block other membership application.  This has come up in some rather complicated issues.  There has been some disconnects. Naomi - this just came up in the last year Bernice - what if we make these concepts into various topics for discussion. R - I think that there is a certain useful though people may disagree, many people may express views and perspectives of Membership. Naomi - to Discussion item (no objections)


Bernice - Question about donations: I know there is a patreon and also  Sometimes I donate in one or donate anonymously with cash.  I'd rather donate directly through Noisebridge's website because patreon takes a percentage, but some people in the fundraising working group mentioned it might be good to have more people donating through patreon.   Ryan - I definitely agree; I have a hard time with patreon etc. because of the cut they take.  Patreon seems like a pretty excellent supporting because of the amount of artists they in turn support.  I think we may need a more patreon-like way of letting people donate to Noisebridge instead of just sending a single thank you email.  Should we build our own patreon?   Naomi - not that technically hard   Eric - I was wondering what cut patreon takes? 5% or so?  One of the things that may offset the cost is that it is a good mechanism for pulling money out of their accounts regularly.  It is also a trusted platform.   Corey - I view patreon, gofundme, kickstarter as things people are just accustomed to using.   James - if someone can make something new it would be cool.  There is limited time.  Kickstarter, indie-go-go, etc. would help.   Bernice - also has recurring donations   Ryan - I wonder how should we beef up our patreon as well as get the word out that we have one.  There are a lot of other big makerspaces and makers so they could mention us.   R - ko-fi gold in additing, patreon fees clarification   Naomi - Another patreon value add: people who already donate to other people on patreon will see us.   Corey - Question to people who use Patreon - does that processing fee for only bank transactions?  e.g. fees for instant transactions   Bernice - for people to dondate to patreon, cannot use card directly.  Paypal or Zoom or something, that's how they work.   Ryan - that would add more fees?   R - that's not what patreon says, it's for payouts.  Paypal or direct deposit out.   Eric - Might be interesting to do columns and rows to do funding schemes.  How much does donator pay using paypal, how much does service take that would go to Noisebridge?  Are these fixed amts or percentage.  how many members to each service used, how are they maintained?  A nice comparison would be good.  Looking at multiple ones as a winner is not clear.   James - we hired S|K to help with fundraising; this could be a good question for them.  They advise non-profits so they probably have a good suggestion.   Ryan - I agree with James.  We can ask S|K.  Big companies look for small people donating.  Metric are kept well.  Maybe if we streamline metrics going to each one (in and out) so we know how many ppl total as well ..if we can do analytic analysis we can increase reach with minimal effort based on how ppl see how we use it.  It's amazing what can be done with proper marketing.

Ryan - 3 discussion items:     1. City college of SF Maker's sphere (space)     Ryan - Most pepple know SF has a public, kind of chaotic as City college of SF, over past year and a half, i have been part of process helping create maker spaces.  3 separate spaces across 2 campuses.  Making it complicated and there's a lot of beauracracy.  Forward momentum regardless.  Thurday, 9/27 is the 3rd meeting, presentation on what it means to be a maker or hacker, and context to culture.  I would be happy if a few people could show up with a small project done here or elsewhere, and talk about it for a minute.  In City College Ocean Campus Library, old media center - now called collabragtory from 4:30 to 6:00pm.  If you have a small project to bring, that would be really cool.  Photos will be taken of space, so people my want to move out of the area.   James - there may be stuff from the stupid shit hackathon; the chew count may be cool to note. Ryan - bringing flamethrower James - useless thing of counting how much you chew. Frank - wrap up event?  Go to place to close of Market to discuss what the made. Ryan - That's the stupid hackathon Frank - video or audio on line? Ryan - not sure but has video from all 3 years.  My slack handle is @pyconaut     2. Couple of classes to take care of NB to teach       Ryan - I've noticewd over time that there are a number of tools that people like to use and I've seen them be used wrong or in an unsafe way.  The tablesaw's belt area has had significant improper dust buildup.  I'm going to do safety and general free training.  Requesting help setting up classes and editing wiki       Corey - I was an active member of tech shop and was dissapointed that Tech Shop never had a basic shop etiquette class.  I'd like to help but can't spearhead.       Bernice - event support group on slack, Bernice can help Ryan set up         Matt - I'm also very interested in having an etiquette class that also covered the electronics.  Put the tools away, clean up after yourself, don't turn the soldering iron up to 900 degrees     4. Media consolidation for creating a Noisebridge pitch deck or a series of things we can bring/do to show off Noisebridge     Ryan - on Friday, a number of us were looking through the Noisebridge flicker which goes back to the beginning of Noisebridge as we know it.  We also looked how we are represent on Google, etc. and have noticed that there is actually very little that can explain what Noisebridge is except for the wiki.  They might be looking up local makerspaces (we we're third and brought people to a weird page).  I know S|K wants us to do this in some way.  We've been getting more pictures but if you take any pictures/videos of NB, first we'll create a large pool (file pool on the back called the Noisebridge media archive).  We should determine what should be made public. Matt - you reminded me that some of us have discussed putting together a book of photos that we could give out to higher donors Bernice - Sunday Streets!  For sunday streets the booth has been collecting photos for a small album don't provide for electricity.  There are things I cannot bring and cannot carry a lot.  Compiling a small album to show people. Corey - I have one to donate Corey: Resources available to NB for use in space?  time to talk may be appropriate.   James - slack might be good   Corey - This has been something that has been very interesting to me since the idea of finding the space has been an active discussion for Noisebridge.  I'm helping start up another non-profit maker space, human made.  Human made is being helped by a company called SF Made, not Make SF.  SF Made and Ryan Spurlock have offered to give their extensive experience in running non-profits to Noisebridge.  SF Made wants to keep things being manufactured in SF.  They have a lot of experience with running non-profits.  I think they would be a phenomonal resource in helping us with this process.  They mentioned Noisebridge renting as a possibility but that probably won't work. James - Can two things be separated.  SF:Made to help NB as a non-profit. Corey - "That's noise and not a bridge"  SF:Made has resourced in RE and has connections to developers.  May/may not be useful, but making a connection and having a conversations, who is interested in comming with, and steeped in discussions of NB space.   James - Sounds great.  Also, have discussion integrated with S|K.   Corey - SF:Made may have relationship with S|K Ryan - Comment about space, can someone please update the listing for  it's from 2015 and not right in may aspects.  Aren't even on map.  I don't do wikis. Jeremey - Like I said about getting info from other ppl.  Seeing NB as being competitive, how can people be competitive with non-profit do-ocracy?  It's great to get resources. Corey - - non-profit version of techshop.  Be techship with non-proft model.  After 10 years watching NB and techship evolve, good opportunity to see NB and techship coexist and see how models work.  It informed decisions of Jeremy - preserve entity of NB. Corey - if NB is in same building, why go to humanmade? Ryan - We still have good dynamic with in some aspects, but competition may not be the best way to describe the interactions between for- and non-profit. like with Omnicommns and hackerdojo. (Corey visibly cringes)

James - Day job is tech writer, some times when a lot of document Sometimes when there's a lot of documentaition and it all needs updating, sometimes it's helpful to have the team take a day and organize and compile everything.  Rather than wait for other people to haphazardly do it when there's time. Ryan - will create list Corey - Supports pizza and beer triage day.   Matt - Just a quick note: For the past 10 years of my career, I have been editing and creating a lot of documentation.  And one thing that I notice in an environment like Noisebridge is that it is sometimes hard to put away our ego.  This is mainly because there's usually a lot of parts of documentation that would later get dropped.  noisebridge is full of amazing individuals who are extremely intelligent, however the do-ocrtic principle attracts people who are individualistic.  This effory requires a team effort.  Documentation by committee is very difficult, but on the otherside will be a beautful document which will help Noisebridge.  Let's put Noisebridge and the fundraising effort above our individual desires.  Ryan - I agree with this triage day wholeheartedly.  While taking care of things in this space, I can't get anything done.  Because whenever I come here, I end up helping other people or getting distracted with other things.   James - If I could just consider Matt's comments, are you saying that it's better to consider concentrating on fundraising efforts, rather than to organize the website and so on?   Matt - This is not necessarily true, the wiki can be do-ocratic, and we will have a huge pool of great ideals.  Coordination will allow us to have a unified message. R - we already have a Trello board, and there is Slack integration for the Trello board. James - It seems like this would involve a few things, to be organized do-ocratically.  A list of things that need to be fixed, including links or webpages or descriptions or other info.  And also a design which will probably work best if one person designs it and gets feedback on the design, as opposed to 20 ppl changing the same thing. Matt - One thing I have been looking at is for people to take charge of sections, because this would be helpful since the volunteer effort may be amorphous. R - There was a new front page design, not sure if it ended up being implemented.  There is a slack, people worked on it, assignments to sections, it would be good to reasch out to that group.  Maybe unfinished but no need to reinvent the wheel. Ryan - James, you mentioned trying to keep organized while having multiple people try to change it, reminds me of Twitch Plays Pokemon, but instead of playing Pokemon, it will live-update the modification of the Noisebridge website.  Our livestreams are supposed to be us streaming weird and unusual things, and it would be fun to livestream the changes that happen to the website. James - It can be its own separate event. Eric - I just looked at a random discussion page on one of the wiki pages and realized that the wiki is not an ideal discussion or bug-tracking or management tool.  In my day-to-day work, I've used tools like JIRA, but there are probably other tools out there, and for the purpose of fundraising we need to concentrate.   James - have a backlog Matt - I have a spreadsheet that people could update and add things.  We can use this as a repository, because the UI is relatively easier to follow. Jeremy - it's really important to stay organized on the spreadsheet or whichever tools we use for fundraising.  The website is distracting, but for people who just want to know what Noisebridge is about for the purpose of donating money, they might prefer a sleek web design instead of a wiki format. Trish -  Ther hs been pushback against this but interns of my experience of fundraising for NP, we were able to have a one sentence that encompasses everything in the space.  If there is any way to tive me a one sentence for fund raising. Ryan - We do have a sentence from S|K explanations.  I created a one paragraph explanation oof NB, and that's still too long.  We definitely have a one or twl sentence explanation.  In terms of making a sleek website, we have discussed making a sleek website for the non-informed website for non-informed.  Someone hs extra NB URLs that we can use for such an endeavior.  Lots of workpress stuff is a good 3rd party tool.  Postpone modifications of main site, but create new site. I have a list of pages for a secondary website.  Needs more group input, pages may be missed even though there are 50 pages or something.  Shouldn;t be hard if we do 1 page a day. James - That sounds good to have a separate website.  For the 1-sentence elevator pitch, I would like to see that and help out with that.  The best one can go to Trish, and can be useful for S|K & others. Eric -  getting basic info is more compicated than an average website.  Website is a bit of a reflection of the kinds of people and discussions that occur here.  The site reflects the personality.  there's the direction of going to something clean which doesn't reflect the reality of the space.  A first time visitor of what to do. Naomi - Suggestion - kill 2 birds with one stone.  Why don't we try this out on the Patreon, because Patreon has a word limit and is alread "sleek". Ryan - to post link to pitch deck he made. It's under going a lot of refinement. Matt - In terms of content right now, we don't really have use for finalized content.  It's a waste of time because we're going to take things out of it and put it in a single document with a single cohesive voice.  So it's better to have a pool of content or a bullet list.  We just need a cohesive vision, so to have it pull from different pools will cause forks. R - So I think it would be really great for us to have a single pool of content from different sources like Twitter posts or patreon or the wiki or ko-fi.  It would be good to have content and updates, and we should be able to have it modified to fit the format.  Example, for Twitter, the posts would be shorter.   Matt - It would be cool to move these to a fundraising meeting. Ryan - Mention that we can automate a lot of linked postsing.  Creating maker channel for live streaming.  using IFFFT can post everywhere