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Noisebridge meeting 2018-11-06

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Ryan S.

Note taker(s):

Matt A

Umar Q

Welcome to the Voting Day 2018 Noisebridge meeting! I'm Ryan and I'll be your host. Note: We'll be having a QUICK intro to fundraising efforts after introductions! This is to test new format for fundraising information.

Introductions (Name, Pronouns, Deets)[edit]

Ryan Sternlicht, He/Him, coming to NB for a number of years, enjoys helping VR cart and helping with general space stuff. Come to me to learn how to participate in NB!

Tim Aldrich, and he has been coming to NB for a month and he's been working for 7 years. He goes be "he". Nickname is Nex. Background is in VisFX, computer arts, visual FX, crazy about XR, making creative cool shit in virtual spaces. Former DJ, fixed the Hackatorium amps.

Frank, coming for couple years, interest span from communication, block chain, things that might be income generating but not so interesting like customer support in finance and investing in commercial real estate. He/Him/They/Them. We need to get off this planet and spead throughout the universe!

X: He is currently hacking on blinky stuff, hackaday supercons, gettting this computer up and running, making NGALAC work, returning parts from Bernice

Rat: He goes be "he", he's cool with whatever pronoun though. He is a retired aircraft mechanic. He is currently doing R&D in robotics.

Bernice: Pronouts: they/them/she/her but prefers they/them as Asians have gender neutral pronours. Helps out with gamebridge , work on NGALAC, help with event support, wants to learn more about AI.

Anthony: Pronouns: they/them/he/him. He was a professional coder since the late '80s and '90s. He programmed in C at one point. Currently has a lot of app ideas, and he's at NB to check it out.

Kelly: Coming for couple yeras, into 3D printing, infosec, let's chat about those things. Can make all cheap plastic stuff here! Has a Prussia Mark III. She, Her, Please.

David: Currently works at city college. He enjoys NB's gamenight.

Umar: Make iOS apps, pronouns: he/him, work at 23&me for 6m, likes to make iOS apps, wants to come to peer meet-ups and help out

Zack: Goes by he, into audio stsuff like speech, voice recognition, film transcriptions, visualizing stuff with DSP, analog, and other seeable frameworks

Matt: Goes by he/him and he's into hardware, and doesn't really enjoy software. Interestedin space.

Announcements and events[edit]


The NB fundraising campaign, aka "Raising the Fun" will have update meetings from 8p-830ppre-empting the beginningof the tuesnday meetings so people have a placetoaskquestionsand get information! Otherwise please ask in #fundraising-wg on slack!


Noisebridge has partnered with a fundraising consultancy called S&K. They're helping us get our act together for getting grants and other funds. Look into the slack's fundraising channel for the latest updates. We're thinking of having a 30 minute section before each tuesday meeting to discuss fundraising for Noisebridge.


This coming weekend is Aaron Swartz day and hack-a-thon at Internet Archive. NB is participating as speakers or help running NB's booths: Neuro hackers, gamebridge, some indie gam devs. Want to join? let us know! We need help transporting stuff. Talk toBernice or Ryan!


Put together an app for Remote Height outdooor ciname, but have never written an app. The cinema on Friday has a film crawl. There's 6 venues and each is running their own program(s) of films. A public app can say what the occupancy status is for each progam / theater at any given time. Let's ppl know where they can go. In the venues a volunteer with another app can set the values so can close the show or set seats available, etc.


For the iOS peer meetups, there are some issues. 1) Not on iOS meetups page

2) Keeps getting cancelled, how can help out though? Bringing it up here.

Ryan: can do-ocratically make it continue to happen. X: Do you have access to meet-up page? ryan: he does not X: you can use me as proxy to do so Matt: Mentioned that the event has been active, and agrees to help making another iOS meetup page. Warns that the page and meetups should not be inactive. X: Edit the events wiki page so can c/p into a meet-up Ryan: Discuss more after meeting.


Been attending distributed systems (block, crypto, smart contracts, etc) at Starfish mission. 10-3ish. Look for starfish distributed saturdays blockchains, mission st. Sometimes it doesn't happen, but then again, some times it DOES, so maybe if you are interested you can find it!


This thurs there's an SF hardware startup meetup on couple 100 ppl talking abotu projects they are working on and i can neither confirm nor disconfirm good beer and pizza. San Francisco Hardware Startup Meetup. right off 5th and Bryant at Dragon Innovation office this week. If you're into hardware you'll meet some interesting people.


Umar and Zack have been working on a pair of PCB soles, but need help with applying laser-cut FSR squares on the PCBs.


Noisebridge is a safe space. We don't tolerate any form of discrimination or harassment against others. If asked to leave due to one of these non-excellent behaviors, one is expected to leave. A number of posters around the space explain this in greater detail.



People need to come to Noisebridge at least once to be considered a participant. If people come more often, they get a 30 day RFID access token. The access token is 24 hours at Noisebridge. People need to help make Noisebridge a safe space. Members have more responsibilities than philanthropists at Noisebridge.


If there are people who are interested in knowing more about Noisebridge philanthropy, then they can ask more later into the meeting. Noisebridge is run under a doocracy.



Being a philanthropist at Noisebridge is somewhat of a semi-official level of engagement at Noisebridge. It entails that you be an excellent person in the community who has gained the trust of Noisebridge. You must be a person everyone wants to be around. You can apply for philanthropy at a Noisebridge meeting. Being a philanthropist gives you 24/7 access to Noisebridge via key card. It costs from $80 (desired amount), but it starts at $40 (hacker rate). You can also get a lower rate if you're in need. You need to know how to open and close the doors as well as give tours aroudn Noisebridge.

We have one philanthropist application: Zack Qattan

Becca is Zack's sponsor.

We will need to get into contact with Noisebridge's treaserer to find out how much that Zack ought to donate.

Ryan will be Zack's witness, as he knows that Zack has been an excellent participant at Noisebridge so far. Hopefully Zack will be a philanthropist without any problem.

Zack is a philanthropist!!

Membership Binder [edit]


We're currently in the third week of the membership process.


You should be an active participant at Noisebridge to gain membership.


Membership is not the goal for being an excellent member of the Noisebridge community. It means that you want to be responsible for keeping Noisebridge functioning and that things that are unexcellent don't happen. Membership gives you the same access as a Philanthropist, except you're able to sign-off on new people who want to be philanthropists. To be a member, you need two sponsors from two other members. The members of Noisebridge (including online), will be able to block or consent on a potential member at Noisebridge. You under no circumstances should not feel the need to be a member to be a dedicated person at Noisebridge.


There is no difference between guests, founders, members, philanthropists, or other participants at Noisebridge.

Financial Report [edit]

No financial report at this meeting!



1. Small C: Is the fundamental was doocracy works. You work on a project you want to work on. If the project impacts other people's space, then you need to ask for permission to use the extra space from other participants/members/philanthropists/etc to make sure they're not uncomfortable. 2. Big C: Rarely happens, but occurs when something at Noisebridge may change due to large financial purchases, changes to beauracracy. It's a two week process. During the first week, the consensus proposal is brought up in a general meeting. Other members may be able to block the consensus.

  • Block: if a proposal passes (granted by a member at Noisebridge), you may not be able to come back to Noisebridge ever. To make sure a block doesn't happen, make sure to discuss the proposal with people in the space (whether online through slack, or at Noisebridge).


Proxy Process: everyone should be actively participating in the general meetings if they are to block.


You don't need to be a member to bring up a consensus item. If you're going to block a consenus item, you need to be a member. It's Noisebridge's Checks-and-Balances system. We are still trying to figure out our current online hours.

Proposals from last week [edit]


== Proposals for next week N/A


X: Public Open Hours[edit]

X: This is a do-ocratic process with small-c with current understanding of big C, NB is as open as possible. NB move towards open more than open less. We were speaking about 10-10 or functioning as 10-11. Be open as possible as often as possible.

Ryan: For a long time we have had public facing 11a-10p open hours. Ring the door bell, maybe someone can let you in. Was changed in the system to be 10a to 11p, but was changed back to 11a to 10p. Still planning to do that undo of the undo so we can re-revert back to the 10a-11p. Should match wiki and google maps, social media, etc.

Every Friday Night is Hack Night! where we try to be open from 10a Friday till 11p Saturday night. This is ambitious, and typically ends around 5am as the last person falls, but we're getting there. We see attendence growing and it's a lot of fun! Apparently some people like to sleep, though.

Now for real annoucements.

Matt: That was a real annoucement.

X: I find that commentary useful and valid

Zack: I plan on applying for Philanthropy (and eventually a Member) to help out with Hack nights! I go all the time and love it and want to help out!

X: Would you like to apply right now?

Matt: I second this

Ryan: I third

X: Financials should never be an issue for becoming a Philanthopist.

Ryan: Noisebridge Busniess Card Email[edit]

For use with fundraiding for example. Over the past couple weeks I have do-ocratically discussed that it would be excellent for certain people of hte communite to have actual NB email and a NB "business" card. If they are out in the Big Blue Room and meet someone who might donate or something, they can give some kind of official looking malarky to give this person. Said card may give discounts as well for example, like non-profit discounts on movie tickets, advisory services, etc. As NB doesn't have employees, some kind of Official Malarky is required to prove one is a "member" of the nopn-profit (as opposed to "M"-ember of Noisebridge). Ppl who get these are public facing reps of NB, so should should be capable of being Official Malarky themselves.

X: Do we have access to I saw

Umar: We have .info

Ryan: yes, and we'll use that for email. It will be a domain pointing to our existing serves, but that's where we'll get email

X: Through Rack?

Matt: James purchased the .info domain.

Kelly: Will individuals get them or will it be aliases like "donate"?

Ryan: most likely both, if you want to be a point person to a company, it's probably good that you use a "personal" noisebridge email. Delegates and stuff (X raises hands in victory) can be used so that many people don't respond to same comapny.

Kelly: Do you know any details or planning on infrastructure? Who will set up and maintain the email server? External service?

Ryan: From what I've heard we will run our own, we have ppl with that expertise, and I know people who have done this. if necessary we can use external service. Seems lie we want t run on our stuff

David: Can I recommend that the new server be a full unix / shell account? And also python3?

Matt: we run mailman3 somewhere in the cyberverse and it does a thing.

Ryan: i would recommend on slack contact SuperQ or jslack to contact directly about this. If you aren't on slack, find someone who is on slack to get on slack or ask these questions on slack.

Ryan: Quick notes on Aaron Swartz Day hack-a-thon[edit]

This weekend is Aaron Swartz Day hack-a-thon and parties \o/!! Starting at 9pm at DNA is opening night party. There's a number of DJs and electronic music and visual artists, as well as NB's VR setup. We don't need any volunteers for that, however, on Saturday and Sunday at Internet Archive there's the Aaron Swartz Day Hack-a-thon. Need volunteer. Please email Lisa Rein As well as to be applicable for full volunteering, need to go to IA this friday for a tour and intro to what Internet Archive is. Please google for the time, but it might be something like 11am. NB'ers get in FREEjkust let them know you are part of NB. email Lisa when

Zack: I emailed about volunteering, come IA to Friday at noon for lunch meeting, lunch is provided, couple hours training.

David: I'm teaching, but i'd like to offer services as member of press to cover sunday.

Ryan: will talk to Lisa.

X: Is there a guest list for DNA?

Ryan: Email Lisa and she'll give you an all weekend access pass. I'll probably be at the door so just let me know. Unclear how many ppl are coming, so maybe come earlier. it's 9p till 2a.

Anthony: What are the hours for the hack-a-thon? I can check the website?

Ryan: Yeah but I should put it on here. Sat and Sun the hack-a-thon opens at 11a. It'snot overnight, though NB'ers and ppl who are excellent can sat quite late on saturday. Saturday party at Emporium. Gaming bar. Neat. Many nb'ers including ME, Bernice, Micah are giving talks. Hope to see everyone at that event!!!

Ⅹ: Evil Mad Scientist Open House You’re invited to our annual open house! When: Saturday, November 10, 4 pm to 8 pm Where: Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories 1285 Forgewood Avenue, Sunnyvale, CA 94089

End of Meeting[edit]

Note to self, last BART to the East Bay going South is at 12:09am from 16th Street