Meeting Notes 2019 04 02

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Facilitator: Ryan Note-Taker: Matt ( mpmckenna8) and hopefully others Stack-Taker: Tyler

It is an Un meeting so not everything will be covered.

Link to help with notes:

These are the notes from the The XXXth Meeting of Noisebridge. Date: 4-2-2019 One or two bullet points of high-level meeting summary. Un Meeting so we might not get everything

Introductions (name, pronouns, about): Ryan - he/him keeps NB FUNctional, great at it. does VR stuff in back and announces stuff. Matt - he/him, hacks lots, working on flaschentachen app thing too, wants to play NBA jam with you charles - whatever genders, learning computers frank - connected to levin capital finance and wants to talk about it tyler - he/him web-dev, random and woodworking metalworking and magnets. robert - pythonista, learner, dude jermey, he/him hardware/software, frontend/backend , hack all the things! joel - backend chatbots and stuff jasmine: illustration, laser, music.. comes here a lot R - they/them gimp to send pics to FT ahmed - prototyping those electronics melody - does emails music lyrics, HUGS!

Agenda items: Ryan - Makerfaire and related projects!

Tyler - New Noisebridge Homes

- general discussion on places with a couple new options.

- will post info on discuss tonight Robert -- YO, 1077 Howard 16k /mo ($20k/month officially on the pamphlet, damn.)? v.s. 6k(is this right) / month... ryan - Good locations, but we might need subleasers, start a new discuss thread maybe. thinks subleters are very possible. legal cost of subletting as a company vs. a non-profit, does it matter? jasmine - excelsior has low rent and is very diverse. remember to be exelent to eachother and our community...when thinkig about moving to a new place. How can we impact our community the most to create value, that the city and other people will then see and give us money or work in the form of membership or love. Ryan - lots of hanging out over there and knows we'd get lots of interaction from students at CCSF and provide great resources for them.

Frank - Has spoken to people (including nicole) about something capital finance. tyler - not sure if we have the capital to really get into stuff. Robert- If we don't have the capital for what we want, what options then do we have to.... Talk to people we know...What if we crashed every single tech meet-up and let people know that we have a space for them to come and play? MEDIA PACKAGE__ for our people to talk to other people about what noisebridge is/needs/offers.

Ryan - we are getting our finances in order a lot better, and being able to meet legal requirements of showing our aptitude to pay for and deal with stuff. get your rich people you know to go to the gala and give NB lots of $.

Trello is a bit confusing, but we still don't have historical financial statements, but we do have some one page info things that are useful, like for donations. Discuss (link) ? what is the discuss link? landing page for the move of NB...why YOU ("our future customer") wants noisebridge, and where.


R - what's going on with our finances? I hear we're in a messy conversion, but what's the current story? what's going on with finances and reports what happened to the fundraising meeting that was scheduled bu never happened? not cool Cloud based Accounting software. ---We need access to info from oth. peeps. Tried to port old data to new accounting software, but there's lots of data needed. tyler - maybe next week a financing meeting, and trying to figure out how to get stuff done Ryan- It would be great to make it easier for people to to get involved and showing up to grant application events and stuff.

Charles: maker faire things -- has a cool project involving a bike and projecting things which might not be finishable by makerfaire time.

-- getting elevator looked at or more functional would be good.

-- lots of historical/future things that make really dealing with the elevator hard

make emergency thing for the elevator b/c there,

Matt & Charles - Fundraiser WG discussions we covered at during R's section.

NB slap band static guard, product/fundraising idea