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These are the notes from the The XXXth Meeting of Noisebridge.

Date: June 4, 2019

Note-takers: Jehan, Tyler{themanmaran}; matt(mpmckenna8) ; OTHERS o_o

Moderators: Ryan

  • followed the general template but skipped someparts.

These are the notes from the The XXXth Meeting of Noisebridge. Date: FIXME THE DATE HERE Note-taker: FIXME YOUR NAME HERE; Moderators: FIXME THEIR NAME HERE.

One or two bullet points of high-level meeting summary.

  • Meeting Summary*


Fundraising Update

Announcements: Tech support

Finances: Tyler

New members: None

New philanthropists: None

Consensus Items: 668 Guerrero Street

Discussion Items: CCC Camp

  • Fundraising Update*

Fundraising team gives update on fundraising (does not occur until later in meeting. See below).

  • What is Noisebridge About? And other Related Items*


Ryan is chatting on the wireless microphone.

Introductions are on their way:

          * Tyler: "hi everybody, my name is tyler. I hack on a lot of stuff here. ..."* Jack: "I'm Jack"* Will * Kap: "I'm a maker, I make all kinds of things. I have my own space up on market street. ... (hacks on everything)"* John * Gwen * Oliver * Matt: "I'm Matt. I like bikes"
      * (see other section lol)

Ryan: "can a volunteer explain what noisebridge is about?"

  • crickets*

Ryan: "Tyler"

  • Tyler describes the space as a hacker spaceship"

"Totally open"

"Totally free to use"

  • talks really fast! :)
  • explains membership * (* explains closing the space & other good stuff *)
  • explains consensus *
  • Ryan inturrupts explaining that this stuff isn't being written down*

We have forgotten the old ways of NB meetings

  • Ryan becomes flustered
  • Ryan says we have betrayed the old ways
  • Introductions*

tyler - hacks on lots, like wood and finances

jack - he's jack

will - yeah, not interesting

kap - maker, has a space on market st. with less cool stuff than nb. Please direct complaints about node.js to kap

john - learning python and DIY-er

Gwen - dabbler

Oliver - artist/muralist/tatoo-er

Matt - Likes bikes and stairs and cutting in line

Gabby - Second time here

Seb - Does audio and c++ essentially

Johan - taking notes

Alice - Tax attorney helping NB address transitions this year

Sir Charles - Do-er

Robert - building thoughtful cases

Mark Hello - game stuff and game related things

Tom - been here since 2013 - studies python and c++

Ryan - Moderator and VR and answerer of questions. Interrupt him whenever!

r - infrastructure and security +

Access and IT[edit]

  • Get a github account
  • log an issue in the tech-support repo
  • subscribe to (star) the repo
  • help when someone else raises an issue
  • It's for NB things, not personal things. It not to fix your laptop. If you are a new philanthropist or member you can raise an issue there to get your accesschanged, for example. Or you need help getting access to the wiki or communication platforms. This is a volunteer org, so don't go acting entitled.
  • it's separate from NB architecture so it does not suffer correlated downtimes.


   - Alice: visit from sudoroom participant who helped get sudorooms building purchased. This talk will happen beginning of july.
       - Oliver: Talking about AndFriends event` 100+ peeps - public art event - July 20 2019
       - Number of issues with techsupport - Matt has volunteered to be full time tech support Matt will help this week with tech issues.  email him Mpmckenna8 (talk)anytimeMpmckenna8 (talk) at (You can for this week only, then you have to use github)
       - THIS SUNDAY WE'RE GOING TO HAVE A NOISEBRUNCH -- Tyler, Time: MORNING,  @TODO - Bring Blueberries
       - GODWAFFLE NoisePancakes will be happening july 13th. Noise band and VEGAN pancakes (noon - two)
       - Ryan: There is a tech support github which will help with problems with infrastructure.
Safe Space:

Alice will explain it although she doesn't understand safe space:

   Be excellent to each other. making people uncomfortable is not excellent. If you are uncomfotable or you witness someone else being made uncomfortable then go to a group on the slack channel called space guardians for dealing with space issues. There is a url:
  • Participation*
   - Jehan: to praticipate at noisebridge is... to... the best thing you can do is to be excellent to each other.
       - *Alice steps in to save Jehan*
       - probably one of the best things to do is to be excellent to each other.
       - the steps for becoming a member are on the wiki
       - M(lol)embers have a block vote
       - The mechanism of how this problem is done does not require memebers to attend. That is why it is a two week process, to give time to discuss and give an opportunity to block.

Described earlier

  • Membership Binder *

No candidates present

  • Financial Report*

Funds in bank: $173,255.69!!!!!!!!!!!!

Noisetor (See the bulletpoints at the bottom of dead (check with elimisteve)

Tyler wants finances to be open to everyone! To acomplish this he will be posting up to date info on a weekly basis! Below are some examples!

   - Weekly cash collections
           - Reimbursements
                   *Tyler tries to hijack projector screen*
       *promises to give it back*
       *matt says you keep the screen! he needs a break*
       - tyler started collecting cash

- shows the audience a spreadsheet

- talks about how he started collecting cash, shows us more data

- matt says he can destroy the old cash box as a joke lol

- the audience is looking at the broken cash box

- A lock may have been able to jiggle open

- "Neet to get Reimbursed? Let Tyler know!" / @themanmaran on slack & discuss

- Use a beefy ass lock / "beefy" ass lock

- We collect around 40-70 dollars a day in cash

- We reimburse people fro contributing to the space

- two funds. one pays 100%, one pays 50%. 100% for fixing stuff in the space?

- For example someone was reimbursed for saw stop

- Alice raises the concept that maybe its a good idea to reimburse 100%

- If you want to buy something new for the space then reimbursement may be 50-50

- info on discretionary fund is in consensus items


- Financials: donations are down, becuase of the cash theft that was happening

- We could put our money into a higher interest accoutn and get an extra 4k per year

- We are above the amount that we were supposed to spend with Scanduzzi Krebs and they have not been asked to stop.

- Scanduzzi krebs is a grant consultant

- The fundraising team has not discussed whether to keep scanduzzi krebs

- We should stop paying Scanduzzi Krebs because the money limit set by the prior consensus items has run out

- Alice has not seen the people in the fundraising commitee because they have not been in fundraising meetings for the past few weeks

- Brief history of fundraising group: Hired Scanduzzi to do fundraising becuase this guy thought that there was no better investment than fundraising, there was a call but it was very hard to get people involved. The original fundraising team has been at each others throats for a while.

- Alice originally came to solve the burnout problem.

- R has a direct response: What happened to the Tuesday meetings


- What is Scanduzzi doing for us? Not Scanduzzi's fault that we've spent a lot of money on them. You have to understand what you are spending money on. We werent' sure what we wanted. Scanduzzi did everything they could. They have presented us with different avenues to try. They are putting grants in front of us. There are a lot of other things that go into grants. They get us meetings with local politicians. They put packages together so that we can try it out.

  • Consensus*
   - We are outside of the proposed consensus limits for hiring Krebs (consulting). The consensus was to cover $29,000 of total spend.
       - Payments to Scanduzzi Krebs will be paused until there is another consensus item authorizing new funds for them.
       Proposal for Noisebridge to move to 668 Geurerro street 

- Rent is about a 50% increase

- Concrete floors

- No neighbors

- Option to purchase for 4mm

- 2.5 blocks from current NB location

- Access to BART

- Geurrero is much less sketchy than Mission

- Early move in clause gives us 2 months of free rent

- 10k per month for the first year, 1k step ups per year up to 13k.

- I am raising geurroro for consensus because it is good for NB

- New location gives NB a blank slate to reivnet

- Option to purchase the building gives a fundraising goal


  • Discussion of Consensus Item*

- Cons: the cost

- But our rent here may be raised again

- There is a 100k fine which may be imposed on us or maybe the landlord at the current location, Details available here (click "Show Site Permit Details") and additional details regarding hte building are available here: (enter address)

- Ruth started a message with Trent and some other people about reaching out with current landlord to renegotiate lease. But there have been no discussions yet

- Jarrod is trying to schedule a 3-4 hour tour of the building and do a timing and cost estimate on what needs to be done to it

- R: Trent is a Member who has communicated with the landlord before

- R: we recently talked to the property manager who says that we are back in an ok standing with the landlord

- Alice has teed up a real estate partner at perkins

- Calling the city is something anyone can do. Communications with the city have been really stretched out over months.

- R: One of the big expenses of staying at current location is potential fees and fines

- The 92k fee is related to the fact that we are in a space that is not zoned correctly for Noisebridge. The $92,000 fee is for the permit for zoning change, which we would cancel if we moved. So moving would make this fee go away.

- Elevators have also caused additional legal risk and have unresolved costs. yo

- Having the option to buy a building is awesome

- A new space gives people a blank slate to create their own stuff. Everyone could gain skills.

- Our biggest issue is defining what the fuck we are as relates to zoning

- (Out of order) We need the views of the architect and electricians who are going to go to spend 3-4 hours to tour the space with Tyler.

- Mark: it's june, we need to pass something now or never.

THIS CONSENSUS ITEM WILL GO THROUGH NEXT TUESDAY and if it is not blocked next week it will pass. Plea for additional Members attend.

- 501(c)(3) status. Deductions are available. Individuals can contribute and deduct amounts contributed. In certain circumstances, appreciated property may be eligible for deduction at fair market value without recognition of built in gain.

- June 25 meeting - board meeting - how will non-members attend or witness the board meeting?

  • Proposals for next week *

Consensus item next week for 668 Guerrero

  • Discussion*


- Chaos Communications Camp!

  - In germany. At a campground. Tents and stuff like that. It's like NoiseBridge 
     - Chaos computer club is a thing
     - Looking to organize a camp.
     - Getting tickets is a fiasco. You need to be part of an organization to get it (hint hint NoiseBridge)
     - Camp is in late august - but the tickets are selling out now. Act fast!
     - This has been posted in discuss.
     - Matt says: part of the impetus (good vocab word) of starting noisebridge was CCC!
        - Matt got access to social media! Woooo that's cool. You can get in touch with Matt. He is Matt. Sometimes he wears a 'Matt' nametag that has LED's on it. @mpmkenna8 on lots of internet things

- Tyler requests a Finance category - Matt (other matt)[rando matt] say ok! NOTE: You need to keep this ^ so the notes get categorized. Post meeting meeting:

   - Michael (polywut?) started a non-profit and partnered with Social GoodFund to make a Musical Non-Profit music recording podcast thing.
       - 1 hour Podcast coming to NoiseBridge Saturday at 8:00PM in the Hackatorium
       - Contact Michael to do musical stuff.
       - Michael has some 'deep shit' remmixed recordings that will be displayed FOR THE FIRST TIME on Saturday
       - There is another thing on June 15th (with Nina - she makes living plant jewelry!)
       - At 24th and Mission there will be an art gala(?) happening featuring some interesting things that were made at noisebridge!
               - General discussion on NoiseBridge things happening