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These are the notes from The 545th Meeting of Noisebridge.

Date: 2019-11-12 Note-taker: Tinnei, Ait, Fredi (help take notes at Moderators: Ryan

Meeting Summary[edit]

FILL OUT AT END OF MEETING - One or two bullet points of high-level meeting summary. What happened at the meeting:

  • Announcements:
  • Finances:
  • New members:
  • New philanthropists:
  • Consensus Items:
  • Discussion Items: #test



Ryan: him/he, I generally help take care of things in Noisebridge. I currently in charge of the VR area in the back. Willing to help whenever anyone need help.
Steve He him:been around for a while, working on ai
Ian he /him sw engineer, game dev
Tinnei she / her designer, here trying to help out on the website and signage for noisebridge 
Freddi, he him, helps out at noisebridge, currently working on library improvments
KJ: make school, been programmer for a year, helping stage and coordinate event
Sage: she/her, I'm event planner, also help out Axe Latina as a journalist, love sewing.
Ben he /him I do data enginneering i guess , also music, trying to learn more about human computer interatction
Aditya sw engineer, becoming a roboting engineer
Jamie exec director at non profit library (society library)
Chris interested in game dev, wating to get more involved
Ait syrian refugee, animation, coding, play music, secret agancy militia torture slave tortured with the same devices that was used on the American and Canadian diplomates in cuba,
Tim: he/him, software, bio tech, creator of

Short announcements and events[edit]

60-second description per item in bulletpoint.

[Sage] Wepa (Centering on decolonisation, and the climate crisis)- Dec 21st Asking for someone to speak for brief introduction of noisebridge. Life poetry + dancing. Meetup link:

Ryan: couple of announcements So, sunday nov 24th is the next audio church potluck for anyone that likes music and likes to hang out with other music makers Meetup link:

Then, on nov 28th is the queer game dev meetup at NB, if you like game dev and you generally feel like you fit in a more diverse spectrum of sexuality /gender/ relationship /identity come by hang out to some game dev Meetup link:

Last announcment, sat dec 7th there's gonna be another hack comedy event at NB, it was extremely fun last time, hope people come by! Meetup link:


Our One Rule is to Be Excellent to Each Other.

(What does that mean? How does the Anti-Harassment Policy fit into this? Are we SURE we know what being Excellent is? Also let's talk about Security in the space? This is an important and fundamental conversation at Noisebridge, so let's give it like 120 seconds.)

Excellence: you dont have to be nice, you have to excellent. What do you guys think it means?

Ait- giving tours
Jamie - Sometimes being excellent doesn't call for just being nice, but can be firm/direct/respect.

How is security excellent? what does it mean to be excellent about security?
People in this space care about privacy, so when it comes to security please do not take photos or videos or recordings of people without their consent.
If you're hosting an event in the space ( this is excellent) and you want people to record it, youll have to let other people know that it may happen (by telling people or putting up signs)

Security is also watching after other people's stuff. Ask the person next to each other if they can watch your stuff for a min. 
ask the person next to you to watch your computer if you are going away for a minute.

If you are ok with looking after stuff, actuall do it

Anti harassement policy: 
    This is important. Remember, we're not exactly a safe-space, we're a brave-space, there are events taht can make some people unconfortable.
    There may be culturely grey area type of events. If a person is making you feel unconfrtable, wether physically, socially or in any way, you can absolutelty ask them to leave you alone, or to leave. if you feel uncomfortable doing that find someone in the space that you trust to help you ask the person to leave. Generally, it's absolutely unexcellent to harrass anyone in any way.

Excellent thing you can do in this space:
Cleaing up, donating, teaching, helping others, opening the door /not opening the door, giving tours, fixing equipments, recycling, cleaning the bathroom, (PLEASE HELP FIX IT, back bathroom is messed up, sink too)

This place is run under doocracy -- Just do it. eg: no toilet paper, go buy some toilet paper.


Everyone at Noisebridge is a participant at Noisebridge.

(What does that mean? How do you get a door key? Joining guildes? Access to Slack, Discuss, etc?)

Perfect segway into participation!

Fredi: Anyone can participate in noisebridge, doesn't require you to be a phil or member. Just ask the ppl in the area, see if anything they need help.
Join our online communities,, and our wiki.  

Tim: just build it. eg: Dave's locker (thanks!) 

Ryan: Participation is achieved do-ocratically
For stuff you wanna do for the space go throgh small c consensus, just ask other people in the space if it's ok to do so (small c consensus)
Also you can participate by helping others through teaching/ assisting other people's project. Eg group doorcracy such as izac's bar! 

= Financial Report =

Anarchist societies under a capitalist state need money to survive and thrive, yo.

Potentially posted later Our treasurer is not here at the moment, he's gonna be posting it on these meeting notes later tonight For now I knwo we have approx 166k in the bank and about 10k in bitcoin and eth as well as I have (ryan) on this weekend talked with the noisetor person who currently has the information on how noisetor is doing. NoiseTor is currently down, it was taken down on purpose bc they wanted to do a bit of analysis on how to set it up to be more efficient. Check our invoicing from paypal bc noisetor has earmarked donation thru noisebridge's paypal. They may go to a different fund, not sure about it. In general it's usually self-sustaining Tim talking about the fee -- Ryan: since it's down its not costing any money right now.

Fundraising Update[edit]

How's it all going

Ryan: I know that we're currently working on applying for a 50k artist space improvement grant. We are waiting on a couple of other things to be finished before we apply this month. We also need to figure out what it's gonna be spent on. The ppl writing the grant thorugh about safety improvement and an audit of our fire system would be very important. Perhaps build a wall to move woodshot to church.

Also when it comes to fundraising at this point of the year -- it's tax time. Remember for everything you donated for the space, you can write off those things, eg:

   improve tools in woodshop would be very help, 2 by 4, cartridges for sew stop, duct fans to improve  ventilatiom, dust vacuum type stuff. You guys get to save money by donating stuff you buy. Its a win-win, that's what tax deductions do. Also corporate matching will work, if you have a company.

Also if your company is getting rid of a bunch of computers, give them to us, especially if they are new. (esp mac minis)

Donate wielding. eg: the ps4. Wielding things around expensive stuff kinda work! Case design wield shoulding be theoretically removable.

Talk with people, try to donate, it's useful. Noisebridge is also saving money for the building.(4M :) / 12M)

If you find bricks of gold, bring them to noisebridge.


A Philanthropist at Noisebridge has earned enough trust from the community to open and close the space.

(What does that mean? What do we expect from Philanthropists? How do you become one? etc)

Philantropy is a way to help more and get 24h access to nb, once you're a trusted person in the space.
What does a Philantropist do ?
- a phialntropist knows how to open and close the space.
- a phialntropist donates (40 starving hacker rate, 80 in avg) anyother rate can be discussed with our trasurer.
- gives tours, introduces nb to new people (a non philantropist can of course do this too)

If it's hard to donate money you can donate time or materials! Time is going to keep nb much more functional and will make nb costless to repair.
4 hours a time taking care of NB would save NB around 200$. eg: the case of lasercutter

To apply for Philanthropy you need to find a memeber who would sponser you and you need to fill out a form.
we have one philanthropest application today:
Richard barnes here? Not here now.
Tim supports: he's a cool dude

Please be at the meeting so we can actually confirm you

Membership Binder [edit]

Membership in Noisebridge entails community Trust in Consensus.

(What does that mean? What do we expect from Members? How do you become a Member? etc)

We dont have enough members here to start the confimation of any of the ppl who applied
Who has applied: Dave, Tim, Tyler

Ryan: big M membership is the higher level of trust at NB. It gains you nothing expect responsibilities. So the process to become a big M Member. Be here enough so people start assuming you're a member :) Then you get two current Memebrs to sponsor you and then you can fill out the memebrship application form, bring it to one of these general meetings. We'll announce it, that starts the process, where each week your name will be brought up and discussed for 2 weeks and at the second meeting, if there are enough Members present either phiscally or digitally they can decide whether or not to block your membership. Youll be asked to leave (who's applying) during that period of time. Then for the 2 weeks afterwards, any memebr can revoke your membership for any reason and you'll have to start over. The 4 weeks process is baout how long we want it to take. Also, menebrship is for life, unless other memebrs dont want you to be a memebr anymore, or you can just step down.

The only thing that memebrship grants you responsibility wise, you're now able to block big C consesus items. Which we'll touch on the


Consensus is how the Noisebridge Membership may change how Noisebridge works.

(How does Consensus work? What types of things are good for formal Consensus? What is small-c consensus? What is a "block"?)

What is Big C consensus? Something that fundamentally change how nb operate, eg: adding big equipment. If you're not sure, ask someone if this should be a big c consense or not.

Some consensus are not big C. If anything that doesn't go over 5000 or more, then it's prob not a big C. 

Eg: lasercutter, elavator. Any extremely powerful tools, they generally are big c item. 

How to? The big C consensus are brought up at 2 meetings. Mention the consense item in the first meeting. Anyone can propose a big c consense item, you can just post it in wiki/ discuss (more exposure).

and at the end of the 2nd meeting, if no one during the proces didnt bring anything wrong with the idea, it would go to a consensus action, any member can block the consensus item if it wasnt something suitable for NB.

Proposals from last week [edit]

(Add any items which are consensed upon or someone has raised a principle objection for to the Consensus Items History page.)

Proposals for next week [edit]

(Add any new items for consensus to the Current Consensus Items page.)

Currently there is no consensus items, or enough members to handle consesus items.
If you have any question abt the meeting note, read other reading note/ wiki.


we currently have 4 discussion items.

Discussion Item 1[edit]

lactation room / dorkroom / music room / call room

what's going on: Ryan and other people had wanted to update the room for quite a while. Put everything outside, then put on wood pallet siding, then put on fabric on the room, then accoustic baffling foam and fix the storage area above it.

Right now we're at the stage of get the pallet, and we need a lot of help for it.

can't mount anything on the wall because its a dry wall and everything would fall if mounted to it.

we want to mount a carpet to the pallets. The wood level (for second layer) will go back. The ceiling was only being held on by 2mm of wood, if you have kicked one fo the poles the ceiling would have gone down. Need to re-cut all the 2by4s that we can cut to the correct length, probably around 6.

Right now we're just working on the pallets, we can easily get more pallets, we deconstructed some already. Need to angle grind all the nails from the pallets, then mount them to the walls. if you want to help it's on discuss.

We have a lot of the wood, just need to de-nail it, sand it so it's flat. PLease come talk to me (ryan) to help out. Mainly working on this at night from 11pm till 1am. Fun times at nb! OVer by the elevator there are 9 deconstructed pallets of wood (done last night) If people want to help with donations, sanding paper (60 and 120 grit) woudl help a lot! And also 2 by 4s would be quite useful. also keep an eye out for acoustic foam that could be cheap. NB has most of the stuff already. we might need maybe 300$ for the fabric. we need to talk to Tylar on how that can be reemberced. I generally think NB improvement should be similar to equipment. in general it will not cost that much in materials, its mostly time. a 100 man hour to finish. we need to finish it asap so it can be usable again. Ryan: i will get one of my friends to bring an audio tuner. someone has already donated all the materials. i am working on building a sound diffuser panals. (Ryan showing QRD) I want to do a fractalised 2D QED, using the highrise formula they also look really cool. we have materials to build 20squarfeet which is more than what we need.

Discussion Item 2[edit]

New Website

Ryan: will bring up the video, Marco made.

  • Showing the video* This is awesome, THANKS MARCO! <3
we want to push this website pretty soon, now it require one of the Wrake people to do.

Can we host everything on .info/.net?
Who's owning them: James, Naomi. 

Ryan: we want our website to be asap on the .org,

SEO optimization: having 3 websites operating at the same time could have countereffect. 

for now if we can push this to the .info that would be great, all we have to do is disconnect the 3 direct.

things that would be helpful is to take pictures of the space when there is not many people in the space. Ryan: i might take some photos tonight, the problem is uploading them. if you have any wish list item write them down and give them to me, me and Tylar have an Amazon wishlist and working on it. its very important so people can know what we need and what we want. there will be a voting system so people can chose what we will get.

lets update our website so it woulds like a website and not a single redirect page.

any questions or comments? no

Discussion Item 3[edit]

Guitar stolen
    Safety for music area, too exposed!

Fredi is very heartbroken. Someone stole the blue guitar with stickers last week. The person were trying to boot up a mac, and someone saw the same person bringing out the guitar.

Ryan: also the violen was stolen, also has anyone seen our zither?, also a few macs

Solution 1) Lash the guitar to the table

Someone's skateboard is taken too :( Is the camera by the door recording? It's plugged into a DVR. Ryan will check manual -- if it has wifi chip on it, it'd be a problem.

if anyone knows where the manual is we have more cameras for it but we are not using them we are not sure if the camera is recording. its on discuss that the camera was instaled. 3 people have 3000$ stolen from the space. audio equepments, VR...

We should have safefy measure for the camera, eg: who can access, how to retrieve etc. Ryan + Tim checking out the DVR.

We talked about having the camera recording 48 hrs and only certain ppl can access. We can also focus on building system that protects items in the space (RFID, Mary can yell it out)

Tim: There's a harddrive in the DVR. Let's take that harddrive out right now.


Discussion Item 4[edit]

Earl / door system not working :(

The wires are very exposed. Audio broke downstairs.

Noisebridge needs some security issue, but specifically not affect people's privacy. Eg: when it's recording, there should be a sign says "Recording".

If someone do the recording on their own cognition, now we're aware and we are taking it down. We are destroying the harddrive tonight. It's against every value noisebridge has.

That's why people should watch their own stuff and not leave them here. The harddrive is probably encrypted.

  • skatebroad got stolen discussion*

Solution: We need to improve our security, get the RFID for things, get a tune of LoRa devices (in Oakland, long range, 20 miles) They are about 30 dollars per each and they are very low power, can power for couple months.

Discussion Item 5[edit]

bath room / sink

The second bathroom: make sure pull the le up everytime. Empty out the bowl under the sink.

Solution: need someone who knows plumping. Chris can help on Friday.

Meeting is now over.

End of Meeting[edit]