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These are the notes from the The 546th Meeting of Noisebridge.

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Date: 11-19-19

Note-taker: Ryan, Tinnei, Fredi Moderators: Ryan

  • One or two bullet points of high-level meeting summary.

Meeting Summary[edit]


  • Fundraising Update
  • Announcements:
  • Finances:
  • New members:
  • New philanthropists:
  • Consensus Items:
  • Discussion Items:


  • Pyconaut- He,him- I help take care of stuff at noisebridge, I currely am in charge of the VR area. I am always avaliable to help
  • 10A - She/her, I design and I make signs
  • Fredford - he / him I like data, helping in the library project
  • Ramiro-New, interested in woodworking
  • Sandro- New- from Zurich, Robowoodworking
  • Sophia- She / her - I like sewing, lasers, fashion
  • Bri(e) she / her - Im here for fun, I like... these days circuits (circuit hacking monday)

Short announcements and events[edit]

60-second description per item in bulletpoint.

  • Fredford -

Lets fix the library, we can do during or after the "let's improve nb meeting" on Saturday

   - Need woodworking help: may replace shelf while tagging. Will be using thicker wood this time. 
   - Working on a way to re-tagging the books with ID: remove a section at a time and tag them. 

If interested, join #library on slack.

  • Ryan -

Dorkroom improvement Still on-going, need help processing the wood we got (behind iZac's bar). Need to start sanding. Anyone want to help, come at 11pm to 1am at nights (check). If anyone has acoustic foam, please donate. ;)

  • Sophia -

We have good amount of fabric, but maybe we can encourage people to donate fabric from thrift shop thrown outs. (Ryan: usually they recycle them + cost them money to recycle so maybe good tohelp them out. But we need to build better fabric storage first. we do need more fabric for people to test/practice on. Different type of fabric will be helpful.) Not just for testing, but moreee.

  • Ryan: FASHION SHOW. (ask sewing ppl)


Our One Rule is to Be Excellent to Each Other.

(What does that mean? How does the Anti-Harassment Policy fit into this? Are we SURE we know what being Excellent is? This is an important and fundamental conversation at Noisebridge, so let's give it like 120 seconds.)

What is excellence: Our One Rule is to Be Excellent to Each Other. That means that you dont need to be "nice" to everyone, but you do need to be excellent to each other.You might need to be harsh with people if they bother you or if they do something wrong. Being excellent is keeping not just yousefl safe, but the community and others safe. This may mean to tell someone to stop doing something, or kicking them out. Especially if that person is harassing someone in any form.

Excellence is to do anything good for the space: help clean up bathroom, clean out trash, opening the door (but you don't have to neccessarily do it if you're working on sth)

Excelence is also being excellent to yourself


Everyone at Noisebridge is a participant at Noisebridge.

(What does that mean? How do you get a door key? Access to Slack, Discuss, etc?)

What is participation: participation is participation. That entails be excellent in the spacing by using it - hosting event, cleaning up, etc. You can also participate online, eg: Discuss (Discorse) and Slack (or discord for some classes).

Trying to move out from Slack to Discuss.

+ come to this space. Come to the general meetings - help to know what's happening in the space + what needs help + remind people how to function as a community.


A Philanthropist at Noisebridge has earned enough trust from the community to open and close the space.

(What does that mean? What do we expect from Philanthropists? How do you become one? etc)

  • What is philanthropy: philantropist is someone who donates to the space regularly and also has a 24 hrs access. Aside from that, they are not any higher than any other member in the space. Also they are the people who should be able to open and close the space.
  • Question: how do you become one?
  • Ryan: I'll explain that. After coming to NB for a while, after you're trusted in he space, people will start asking you if you wanna become a philanropist. You'd come to a general meeting like this, fill out an application form and then during the meeting it will be discussed.
   * ryan realized he needs to grab the binder* 

If no one has any problem with you become a philantropist, you become a philantropist. At that point, you'll be asked to do some form of recurring donation: $80 regular rate, $40 starving hacker rate. any other rate can be worked out with our treasurer. Donating your time also EXTREMELY valuable. Keeping this space clean and organized saves us money.

  • Question: who can grant 30 day access: philantropist++/ a member (more in the bottom). Any philantropist can renew the token.

Membership Binder [edit]

Membership in Noisebridge entails community Trust in Consensus.

(What does that mean? What do we expect from Members? How do you become a Member? etc)

What is membership: Big-M membership is the highest level of trust at NB. It's a very hard process to become a member. 

*Tyler walks in with beers.*

So NB has multiple type of membership.

1) Philanthropist: Walk in the door, be excellent with each other. 
Then become a philanthropist 

2) Member, after hanging for about a year/ helping out. 
only added advantage is access to the Big C consensus decision process
as a member you can choose whether or not to block an consensus item. 

Membership is for life, but many people come and go. 

    *talking about # of active member about 8 local active members*

    *Question arises - "oh wait Tyler isn't a member?". 

In this case, that a sign you prob can be a member. If you 
are often thought to be a member.

[EVENT] December broad member election 

 * primary role of board is to do nothing

Asking internet archive for ADA access, will be early in the afternoon (5/6pm)

Tyler is up for membership

Ryan - i am only member present (it was preset ftr)

while members < 2:
        continue # mmh not sure about the break here

    *People laughed*

You need to be sponsored by other 2 members 
to apply for Membership.
Gets discussed at two meetings ---> followed
by members going through big C consensus on 
you at the second meeting, followed by a 2 week 
period for Members to potentially block that 
application post acceptance.

Takes really 4 weeks before you're a real legit 
confirmed member

maybe this:

Financial Report[edit]

Anarchist societies under a capitalist state need money to survive and thrive, yo.

Tyler can talk about it. 

169k in the bank right now, pretty much

We've been in a holding pattern recently. 

About two months ago we paid out Roguelike, we were
fiscal sponsor for them (for their event ticketing).

They basically used us to not recognize revenue 
themselves. As a 501c3 we can sponsor them and take 
the funds and make the payments out for their costs
and we get 5% on it (500 dollars or so).

We've basically been breaking even for the past 2 months.

Cash has been really low the last two weeks (170-180 dollars
a week, usual avg 300-350) maybe people are going out of 
town and stuff.

We had another fund thing in the woodshop for the drill 
press. 91 dollars. NB matches half of that. so 180 dollars 
towards the drilling press (with warranty for the next 2 
years. (Ryan- will warranty cover "noisebridge use")).

CRYPTO: made my life a little bit easier by automating 
our crypto reporting:


Last couple days I put together this dashboard.

Not tracking the coinbase account (where we have 1 BTC).

The hardware wallets, we got 800 dollars of total in money 
in there 300 dollars in BTC and 500 in ETH.

Stablecoin (Sai): make crypto work like money. We got 
500 dollars worth of Sai. 

[EVENT] Usually Wednesday / BUILD group

Anyone who's interested in crypto? Come to the crypto 
class. They want to make noise coin working again. Instead 
of cash paying, we can have coin paying.

Eg: mob bathroom for coins.

"Coiner of the month" v yes very sidetracked. 


Fundraising Update[edit]

How's it all going

It's holiday season! and that means soon 
people will have to deal with taxes, as 
do non profits.

If you guys donate, that's tax deductible, 
whether it's material, tools, objects or 
money. Time does not apply :(

And anything that your company donates to NB 
is tax deductible. If you happen to work for 
a company that does tax matching, we can get 
"benevoty" donations.

Amazon Smile (make sure ppl know that nb has 

We also have a wedding registry (serious?)

Go to, select NB as 
the non-profit to donate to.

WE have a store: 


buy shirts for ppl during the holiday season!
and other stuff, like noisebirdge  

  *someone looking to donate laser coasters! (maybe we can sell here) *

Some time in the future -- looking to improve the entrance. 

Maybe good to bring back the vending machine. (need fix)


Consensus is how the Noisebridge Membership may change how Noisebridge works.

(How does Consensus work? What types of things are good for formal Consensus? What is small-c consensus? What is a "block"?)

What is consensus - see membership

Proposals from last week [edit]

(Add any items which are consensed upon or someone has raised a principle objection for to the Consensus Items History page.)

Proposals for next week [edit]

(Add any new items for consensus to the Current Consensus Items page.)


Discussion Item 1[edit]

Library sign (someone is looking for some books he donated a while ago)

   Books are 
   - PoC or GTFO (Vol 1 and 2) -- probably gone... haven't seen them in a while. Last I saw them it was ~2 months ago
   - MoxI vol 1 and 3 -- never seen this :(

Action item:

   - look into area next to VR cart
   - maybe we can build locker for some books? 
   - maybe add RFID to books? (Ryan: will look really cool as in fantasy stuff. Lock up book is really cool. Tyler: add chains to it) 

Discussion Item 2[edit]

People looking to fix the () recording area - next whole week will be working on it. Getting carpet squares off craiglist to pad interia for sounds proof. - he has good idea how it should look, he'll be very helpful

Looking for a orbital sander (around $30/40 on amazon). Belt sander is kinda broken :(

Question on how to purchase wood for the space? Tyler: can use equipment fund. NB contribute 50%, project contribute 50%. If things are low budget ~$100, esp for library/directly in the space, we can even do 100%. Maybe we can phrase it as "space improvement fund" Fredi: project collect fund and use it towards the project. Ramiro: We can even ask homeDepot to donate. Ryan: We've had donation before from (?) Tyler: Grizzily donated tools for us. maybe we can ask other stores to donate based off that.

info on what company owns what tool brands


Discussion Item 3[edit]

Website: we have to talk about the website Marco is asking what should we do to host the website he coded to one of the domains (.info or .net) Tyler: ok, so for .info go to cryptosteve (elmisteve), he's really responsive. He put up my crypto thing pretty quickly We have a bit of ahang up on the .net, cause we dont have real access to the domain (owned by Naomi), been a slow process to have those transferred over.

Hosting stuff on .info shouldnt be as hard as the .net stuff (no ansible script deployment) currently hosted in a colocation place.

Another option is: we got an AWS account. They gave us 500 dollars of.

Concerns with .info: multiple ppl have access so ppl might lose access.

Ryan: .org (owned by Naomi) point to .info.

Tyler: Servers are managed by SuperQ

Fredi: CI bro?

Tyler: you gotta write unit test to convince SuperQ

Action item:

   - Marco talk to Crypto Steve -- push the website in a weekish. 
   - Need to move stuff to .info. 
   - Also we need to set up email to .org.

End of Meeting[edit]

HAVE A NICE NIGHT. End time: 9:36