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These are the notes from the The 574th Meeting of Noisebridge.


Date: March 10, 2020

Note-takers: ryan, Naomi (nthmost), tyler, John

Moderators: Tim

stuff is going down


TIM - he/him - biotech stuff

Joel he him (f)un-employed data scientist, into game dev

Kesh: Blockchain engineer, founder of startup that does sneaker collectibles

Dave: Im dave. I do software. He him. Fixed the lock

Tiffany: she her, free code camp and sewing

Wheezy: he him / software engineer by morning / music ian by night / 2nd best fortnite player at NB (who is the 1st best???) Tim?

PKater: product ux manager

Relay: Play around with FOSS software

Zoey - software pretty much whatever

Noah: he / him, stats nerd, build stuff, hack stuff

Tyler: he/him work on everything and crashes ripstick and does money stuff all hot steam laundry

Chris: he/him, hangs out in music section

Kim: she/her - pretty new to noisebridge. LIke want to learn how to break things. Pretty good already

Tony: I do work with non-profits. Getting into more IT / networking stuff. Been around noisebridge ~10 years. First time meeting.

Steve: Hey I'm Steve - He/him physicist musician, work mostly in AI / machine learning stuff and things

Ryan: he/him: I do VR, and I take care of NB, I talk a lot

Roberto: CIRCUIT HACKING MONDAY - every monday - he him

Matt: From NRL supposed to be back there

John: TWITTER HERO!!! he him - software - really bad hardware

Devon: she/her - cities and software? something like that

Omar: he him, program stuff

Kevin: He/him also software stuff

Gabriel: (is great) do a variety of things - ususally cutting and grinding metal

Jay - mess around with weird audio and visuals stuff.

Mark(Remote): ArchGuildmaster and Games Dude

Naomi (nthmost): only came 10 minutes late and you guys already started the meeting? like ON TIME and shit?! i like taking notes.

Tinnei: she/her - physical interface, joining in cuz tonight's epic

(Wheezy just missed a shot) (picking up trash that he missed)

Short announcements and events[edit]

60-second description per item in bulletpoint.

Horhey: Dance party on April 4th 10PM will be put on meetup soon.

Robert: want to incorporate coding into IOT, teach coders a little bit of hardware (Circuit Hacking Mondays)

Ryan: so noisebridge will be having a number of small GDC events in the next couple weeks. FMOF next thursday (19th). GDC detox - even though people aren't toxed

Tyler: STUPID SHIT THAT NO ONE NEEDS AND OTHER TERRIBLE IDEAS March 28 (3 days)! HACKATHONNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN We got sponsored! Judge will be 10 month old baby Lee. Will be running NLP on him as he babbles. w00t!!!

tim: also the MILLION DOLLAR TOILET (on slack #milliondollartoilet)

Wheezy: Noisebridge is MOVING. (I was gonna say million dollar toilet - but tim took that) (snooze ya looze)

Keiarra: Please eat the plants that are growing in the hydroponics tower if they're fully grown (don't eat the baby ones).


Our One Rule is to Be Excellent to Each Other.

Tim: we have ONE TRUE RULE - that is be excellent to each other

Ryan: We have one rule, be excellent to each other, that can mean many things. But generally it means respect others, respect the space, and the tools, and be excelent to yourself. Also we have a strict antiharrasment policy.

  • naomi walks in the door with a cool hat*

Naomi: this is my "I mean business hat"


Everyone at Noisebridge is a participant at Noisebridge.

(What does that mean? How do you get a door key? Access to Slack, Discuss, etc?)

Naomi: Creative tension between do-ocracy and consensus. So we do a lot of do-ocracy because it moves fast and we get to break things. But we don't want to break people. So you should check in with people before you break them or their stuff. To participate, you show up! You are all participating by being here (wow so many attentive folks here tonight). We want to make sure it doesn't cost money to be here. That's one of Noisebridge's top values.

Tyler: Gatekeeping items! If you want to get in ring the doorbell. There are people who have more access via cards and things. If you want to know about stuff, the primary ones being discuss and slack channel. Talk to people in the space so you can get on 'em

DAVE IS A HERO AND FIXED THE GATE (blame him when it breaks)

Tim: I tell people to fix things themselves, and Dave is the only one that actually does it

Ryan: also we have a WIKI.

Tim: Yeah, RTFM, hackers!


A Philanthropist at Noisebridge has earned enough trust from the community to open and close the space.

Tim : philanthropist!


Robert is also up!

Robert/dave (SIMULTANEOUSLY): efpihaghoa3a-9uah9h-u]awety[0[uPIARGOPYAAP98YRGY08A0A0TYP08AE0[9Y8AS9Y9T7A

Robert: Shut stuff off (things that go verr and roommmm, and hot things)

Robert: You have to kick people out. It's one of your responsibilities. As someone who has shut down the space before - you have to give people a bit of warning.

Tom: would you ever leave youself and leave someone who is not a philanthropist

Tyler: Can you name the antiharrassment policy?

Dave: The safe space policy is that if someone's giving you a hard time or you feel unsafe you ask them to stop. If they don't stop, eventually you may ask them to leave. (Tyler insert: you don't have to be the one to do this, you can ask for help). Important part is Brave Space; You need to speak up

Robert there difference between people who speak about uncomfortable topics is different then people saying things directly at you and are targeting you.

Jay: if they're shoving shapes down your throat - you've got to tell them to get out. And everyone else will rally around.

Ryan: what improvements do you think you can do to help Noisebridge:

   Robert: I will be coming in and helping pack up Noisebridge
   Dave: I don't have a lot of time - but I do fix stuff everytime I come

Noah: can verify - Dave is extremely excellent. Fixed the door today

Dave: I don't necessarily have that much

Naomi: I would rather see a large variety of people doing small things than a small cabal of regulars doing way too much. (mark agrees)

Dave: also I would love very much to spread knowledge. Next time I will teach someone else to fix doors. (Mark: could we start a maintenance guild?)



Q: Meaning of excellence?

A: Acting well to others, this space would be not as good to live in if people did not respect others

Q: What is our antiharrasment policy

A: Don't harass people? There's like the porn stuff... don't hit on ppl in the space. It's a place where ppl come here to feel protected from sexual advances. Porn & sexual things can make ppl uncomfortable, please ask.

Q: What happens when someone breaks the AHP?

A: Then they get kicked out of the space.

Q: What would you like to improve at Noisebridge (or have you improved) as a philanthropist?

A: Sophia: haven't done much as I'd like. Not totally sure. A lot of ppl come here for laptop work, like at first I thought of NB as the hackatorium, this table. Maybe it'd be worthwhile for me to intro more ppl to the things ppl do apart from that.

Q: What would it take to convince you to become a Member?

A: I have to be willing to commit to San Francisco. I would have to really commit to the space. Something i want to make a really big part of my life. Not willing to commit fully just yet. Want to understand and get more of a handle on the ppl and history of the space. The history of hackerspaces as a whole.

Tim: OK who's willing to sponsor Sophia?

<Lots of people willing to sponsor>

<Sophia becomes a philanthropist. CHEERS!>

Membership Binder [edit]

Membership in Noisebridge entails community Trust in Consensus.

No people are up for membership

Naomi: During Reboot, we brought on 6-7 members. It was period of time (summer of 2014) where we had to shut down the space, clear it all out, rehabilitate a lot of stuff here at 2169 Mission street, take out literal tons of junk, and start the space from scratch. A lot like what we're facing today.

We should bring on a bunch of members just like we did during the Reboot. Members are like philantropists, except. Requires 2 people to sign off on being a member. Doesn't cost more in dues. Entails FULL PARTICIPATION in consensus. Anyone can participate in consensus, but only members are imbued w/ the right to block. Block is saying "you guys are nuts, we need to deal with my PRINCIPLED objection." Blocks are NOT bike shedding. Blocks are for stopping poor decisions from happening. And we use them to continue conversations, not shut them down.

Application process involves a 2 week readoff period to become a member. Then a 2 week "refractory" / "oh shit" period.

Membership is about forming a trust network. The formal process is about being VERY careful about who we admit.

Kesh: Sounds like a blockchain / DAO

Tim: We'll discuss that later

Noah: Can current members nominate other members so we can get more.

Tim / Naomi / Ryan: We nominate Noah!

Ryan: I nominate Mark. <Naomi seconds!>

Financial Report[edit]

Anarchist societies under a capitalist state need money to survive and thrive, yo.

Look here:

Tyler: Total donations down $20k. Less donation drive attempts. Biggest $ in 2018 was a biiig 100k donation. Still down 20k from that year.

2019: $20k+ in NoiseTor server fees. Supposedly were being offset, but not much proof.

Was noisetor offsetting donations? We still get about $100/month flagged for NoiseTor.

What is noisetor? Noisebridge operating as a tor exit relay. At one point was operating 5% of traffic. Need hard evidence of $ coming in to cover expenditures

It is starting back up again

Blew 20k on grant writing consultants. We learned some stuff from it, but it was mostly inefficent. It's a touchy subject. (Naomi: we should have a retrospective about it.)

Lost 28k last year in total.

if we did not have consulting and we payed things on time we would have made 5k

More optimistic perspective from Naomi (being an old fogey): Back in my day, we only ever had like 2-3 months of rent. We had to send out emergency emails, in the snow, uphill both ways, just to survive.

Kesh: Has anyone proposed setting up a node for blockchain as a $ raiser

Tim: Got roasted by Kraken to the tune of 150k.

We made more in the past two months than all of last year. We are going to spend some (a lot) of that money in the near future. Would like to get to member donations getting us to breakeven.

Dave: Wherever we move will be more expensive

Tom: The money we spent on consulting was beneficial because one of the contacts we made helped us eliminate $100,000 bill we had.

Chris: has there been any change in opinions on bitcoin since our last meeting


Fundraising Update[edit]

How's it all going

MILLION DOLLAR TOILET discussion item (on)

Will be discussed in million dollar toilet section (it's a Slack channel, apparently?)

Getting more swag and the password to the current swag shop would be nice.

GuildMaster's Report[edit]

How organized is Noisebridge?

The current state of organization at Noisebridge is: moderate? Definitely getting better and healthier.

What are guilds? A totally optional layer of bureaucracy on top of normal, anarchy noisebridge should anyone want to participate and improve their organizational skills. Can't stress enough that guilds DO NOT IMPOSE RULES ON NOISEBRIDGE AS A WHOLE. They simply aid in moving conversations and improvements along.

(Someone could try to take a stab at adding their own interpretation of what guilds are/should be)

Online comms:

   We have a public Discourse forum! Sign up and chat!
   We have Slack! Get to know some Members, maybe you'll get invited!
   There is a Wiki! 
- Guild Reports -

-MetaGuild - Online discussions have been good. I am now an admin on Discuss, so I can create categories for Guilds as needed and help out individual guildmasters with stuff there too!

We added a "wiki meta discussion" topic on Discuss. Point out things you think are out of date/need fixin'

We might need a PR guild? Does someone want to volunteer to lead something like that? I have some ideas of what it will entail, we can discuss outside of this meeting. There is a PR guild category in discuss now. Lets use it to chat!

-WoodShop - Noah: (not spoken): Lots of stuff shut down, will be continuing discussion on the slack channel for the #woodshop

-Gamebridge - I am moving our Thursday game development class to Saturdays @6pm so as to give us some breathing room (from both ourselves and other classes that want to happen on Thursdays) and also so that hopefully more people will be inclined to attend. Wednesday's Art and etc class will still be on Wednesdays!

-New-Space - Has anything new happened since last week?

-Electronics - We updated the electronics Wiki page! There are 2 listed maintainers! There is more up to date info! Next steps are to add more resource/project listings to the page.

-Philosophy - not having a meeting this week, it's too dicey what with the virus. Last mtg we had 18 (!) people crammed into Sparkleforge. We'll resume again in 2 weeks.

-Hydroponics - (Mark)I just created a category in discuss for this Guild. They had a cool class on thursday. Anything to add, Kierra? Come to the meetings on Thursdays at 7. Also, please eat the (grown) plants.

Starting an indiegogo for the hydroponics guild, come on thursday at 7.

-Other - ???

Naomi: We have recursive knowledge problems wher things start to faila as institutional knowldge being lost.

That is why we need guilds, to take

Jay represent music guild

Jay: I"m going to throw a show by the end of the month, find room for peopel to play, let people know if you make EDM. Check out #gnwr on slack

Ryan: The VR system is back up and functioning now and should be until we move. He bought some extra stuff for safety because of Coronavirus

Tom: there's a colorful list of guilds at (rattles off the list)


Consensus is how the Noisebridge Membership may change how Noisebridge works.

Proposals from last week [edit]

(Add any items which are consensed upon or someone has raised a principle objection for to the Consensus Items History page.)

Proposals for next week [edit]

(Add any new items for consensus to the Current Consensus Items page.)

From | February 28, 2020 | Tyler Maran | Setting Hold positions for crypto currency | Noisebridge will never maintain more than 20% of it's total liquid assets (cash and equivalents) in crypto currency.

I am suggesting this in light of the $156,000 BTC donation from Kraken. Which brings our BTC to more than 50% of our current assets.

This check will be assessed quarterly (in line with fiscal quarters) and balances greater than 20% would be liquidated.

20% will be a maximum number, and not a target number. i.e. if we increase cash balances we will not buy crypto to maintain that ratio. It is just a measurement of our maximum acceptable risk. | Tyler Maran

Ryan presenting above: Lower max to 15%.

Tyler: working on stock caveat. Minimizing exposure to volatile/speculative investments (crypto, stocks, etc).

Tyler: Could be boiled down to "NB will not have more than 20% of total liquid assets invested in a single asset class" Probably too high, but NB is heavily into crypto world. Tim: Limit to 10 mins Gabriel: Ask/recommend not hard limit

Whoever's doing the notes: i can take over --Naomi <3

Tyler: yeah we're going to sell off at stages, not all at once.

Kesh: Stablecoin? Yeah for example you could move some % to stable coin.

Tyler: Right but it doesn't do... much. if it's just trying to mimic a doller then why not stay in dollars.

Main reason would be to allow for anonymity in transactions.
is there a guild for cryptocurrency? Crypto guild exists. It is highly secretive and requires one go through a vague and cryptic process to become part of. Naturally. Quite accessible though so...

Naomi: A lot of people don't know this, but Tyler worked professionally as an investment banker. Tyler: I was CFA(?) certified so I know a bit Naomi: I want to reenforce "step up and step back." Tyler is best treasurer we've ever had. He knows what he is doing. When he speaks I just want to make sure you guys know he speaks from a place of experience and expertise.

Naomi: I want to emphasize having a culture of recognizing expertise. Also, this isn't to shut anyone down, this is to lift Tyler up.

Tyler: ok so how about numbers

<messy straw poll show-of-hands for percentages>

20: 7

15 8

10 1

Whatever Tyler wants: <many hands>

Steve: i am blocking because this is a fucking mess

Dave: i move we table this until it becomes relevant. If he sells at some % per month it'll be several months before

Ryan: We want to make sure we have enough cash on hand for whatever comes up. Right now we have $135k in cash.

Noah: Is anyone against making the max about 20? <3 people> Raise your hand if you like 20 or below. <many hands> I propose consenting at 20, reconsensus for future to drop to a lower # in the future.

<Wheezy takes the mic>

Jeremy: we should consider the treasurer's forethought in that 20%. crypto is volatile. Reducing too much could reduce growth. I'm not a treasurer, i support Tyler.

Steve: agreeing with Jeremy to defer to Tyler. From what i remember from Tyler he preferred 15-20.

Robert: Dunno anything about crypto, would go w/ what Tyler knows. Would ALSO recommend ppl come to Kinnard's discussions that would lead to talking to Tyler.

Tyler: I agree w/ Noah. Let's set it to 20% and we can then re-agree on 15%.

Sophia: the markets have been fluctuating like crazy

Tyler: BTC lost $1000 in value.

Wheezy: we are anarchists in a capitalist country, and Tyler is our buffer.


Tyler: I think we have formal consensus....?!?!?!

Ryan: For those who don't know, consensus blah blah blah -- we see if any Members want to block b/c only they can block. Do not say you block if you aren't a big-M Member.

Tim: I agree with Ryan!!!!!!

Wheezy: do any members block this item?

  • crickets*
  • applause*


  • We are moving!

Naomi: Let's set an agenda here: What should be on the agenda for moving?

1) Tyler: What spaces should we be looking at? Noah: We should NOT be discussing WHETHER we should move. 2) Ryan: Infrastructure of moving

Robert: What actions do people need help with for the move?

Jay: Each guild should be responsible for moving THEIR part of Noisebridge Mark: Some things don't belong to guilds and thus must be moved by general community members of noisebridge. We possibly should create a checklist of such things and ensure everyone knows what they are going to help move. 3) Gabriel: More formal rubric for how places are being evaluated - please check slack (#new-space) and discuss. There are a lot of details.

  • Dave: Can we talk more about Guilds? --> Mark recommends Discuss, see link
  • Million dollar toilet. --> move to Slack

(Mark: I'd like to keep discussion of guilds out of the general meeting just for now in order to keep it from going for too long. Lots of stuff re: moving we need to discuss. Create a topic here though and lets discuss! )

== Discussion Item 1 == [On Moving]


Tyler: where we are in the process -- two potential space options we can move into. Most ideal space is literally the place behind the building, 272 Capp St. 6000 Sq ft. Garage level & upstairs level. Rent proposed as $8500 (1.5/sq ft) they came back at $10,500. Pushing for $9k-9.5k as max we can afford. We need to fundraise to meet that.

Wheezy: we're getting more confidence w/ our rent but we should always start negotiations much lower.

Noah: Making argument against 1077 Howard. Relies on one individual's ability to afford the space. He was recently fundraising for his business. It seems untenable. He doesn't know if he can keep this for 10 years. Great to have NB but this is a risky move.

Tyler: we could end up stuck with a $20k lease.

Noah: I'd rather stay here longer w/ broken shit while finding another place.

Robert: Question for Tyler/Noah -- where's info for why we're moving

Tyler: this is on Discuss and also Slack. #new-space

Sophia: A lot of stuff w/ this place like how long it'll last. we're month to month here. have we discussed w/ the landlord here about a term here?

Tyler: proposal on 272 Capp, he just came back with a $10,500 lease w/ 10 year term.

<assent on idea of 10 year lease>

Tyler: could potentially sublease the space if there's a problem.

Tony: There's a place, MVLS, they did a partnership with MEDA who are about to lose 701 Alabama st. Eng company was renting a space. It's fully industrial. Used to be old labor bldg. Did training for workforce here in SF. Sq ftg is about 5000+. Asking $14k/month. My idea is it's a consortium of nonprofits. If NB wants to be part of the community here it'd be great to team up and work w/ other nonprofits. Maybe they'd be willing to lower the rent. We'd be getting more connection to the Latino/a community.

Mark: 14k is expensive. The only thing stopping us from not getting more connection to the Latino/a community is us not courting them to come hang with us. imho (I agree 100% --Naomi)

John: What's our current rent here?

Tyler: $7k/month

Wheezy: no yadda yaddas?

Tyler: Nope, just $7k/month.

Tyler: Tony if you could do an email intro to -- by all means, do-ocracy this shizz alright

Jeremy: Timeline?! I was here last year when we didn't move. What are we looking at pragmatically here?

Wheezy: 2 months left. Probably by end of April. PPl will come here and taking down the walls, etc.

Tyler: Some contractors will come in here and do deconstruction of walls who don't care about NB at all. So we need to be in the process of leaving by then.

Kim: Is the landlord going to try to recoup some fees to deconstruct walls?

Tyler: I don't know! He could probably do that unless we can demonstrate that he had prior knowledge of us doing construction. Naomi do we have any evidence Brian has prior knowledge? Any warning

Naomi: eek. I'll look!

Dave: In an effort to maybe buy more time, would we consider getting a storage unit?

Naomi: Logiclly speaking yes, but culturally it is a crater in our momentum, and would be a big issue.

Mark: I am going to be temporarily storing lots of stuff at my apartment. Mostly all the gaming stuff. Just to get it out before the main move. I suggest people start packing things up soon so that we don't NEED a storage unit(s). But you can do whatever you want. Just one person's approach.

<Naomi informs ppl of what Mark says in the notes>

Tyler: That involves moving twice. Big community ask.

Jay: I saw the Capp space and it looks awesome, i'd like to ask for more information!

Tyler: Can i show a YouTube video??? <general assent>

<Tyler shows the awesome video>

<oohs and aahhhhs>

Jay: This looks promising! We can unify a lot of groups of ppl that have been here a while. More artists and musicians! More community superpowers! This space may be a little expensive but. we can do this.

Dave: Love the space! Concerned about security. Seems more spread-out. More places for ppl to hide. We've had trouble w/ that here. I plead for us to rethink some of those policies if we move in here.

John: Apparently this place had 3 stairwells...

Ryan: <frustrated at being skipped a few times>

Steve: am i correct in assuming that we could just go over there and give them $10k/month and we're in?

Tyler: Yep. worst-case, we're next door paying more than we can afford, and we go into hardcore fundraising mode.

Ryan: We have other portions of the moving discussion to talk about! Lots of things I've worked on that I need to present. Addendum (clarification from Tyler): there is no hard deadline for moving -- while being in the space with it partially dismantled is not ideal, we don't actually have to be out by any particular date. could continue to operate with the portions of the

Potential building (272 Capp):

== Discussion Item 2 == [On Moving]


Ryan: We'll need a lot of stuff for moving. I spent about $300 yesterday, also want to thank ppl who donated about $70 to cover some of that. We'll need a lot of boxes, a lot of ppl to help move stuff. Will post a Google form for ppl to sign up to help w/ various parts of moving. We measured a couple of things and to get the laser cutter out, we can move it out the window...!

Tyler: Ahhh we're gonna fix the elevator.

Ryan: OK I will let ppl discuss.

Kierra: Thanks for being invested enough to spend money on boxes but if you got to dollar general early, you can ask them for all their boxes. <-- great hacker tip

Ryan: Reach out to your family & friends, find boxes and bubble wrap and tape. Let's find out if we have a Uline account. We might need special sized boxes for certain things. We'll need ppl to pack every day from here on in. I packed box 000 last night!

Naomi: Maybe some companies would be willing to donate some stuff? Let's think about that.

Jay: We should all come together and do all this!

Tyler: Don't break your personal bank accounts to do stuff for NB. Part of the money we just got is to help w/ moving! But also if ppl are donating a lot of their time, don't worry about donating money as well. If you want to help but can't afford it, get receipts for what you donate.

Naomi:Agree w/ Tyler but ALSO let's let the community step up in the ways they feel good about. This is going to be a great coming-together moment for the community. Ppl will come out of the woodwork, e.g. "I do plumbing and I want to conrtibute $500". We should let them. Increases buy-in, good community feel, etc.

Sophia: how much can we reuse the boxes? multiple trips?

Tyler: direct response? we're gonna be doing construction at the new space and keeping NB packed up while contractors are coming in and out. It'd be better to have a Big Unboxing.

Ryan: Agree w/ Tyler. We need to leave space buffers for finding out things about our electricals, ADA compliance, building ventilation, walls we might want to build, etc. We shouldn't usetoo much of our war chest; make sure we have enough immediate liquidity to quickly go to comm'ty members who are certified electricians, plumbers, etc. To avoid problem we had with Sparkleforge let's do things right the first time! We don't have time to spend months lowballing lots of other spaces. Let's move quickly.

literally 100s of craigslist postings right now for free boxes. FFS people.

Kierra: also Habitat for Humanity, we can check them at their end of their day for building supplies. The Re-store another good place for that kind of stuff.

Sophia: 272 Capp, how OK is the landlord w/ building stuff?

Ryan: Yeah some landlords were interested in having tenants to do the improvements. ADA would allow them to get more money for a space with certain upgrades. We should use this as leverage for lower rent.

Ryan: talk to me afterwards

Kim: I will commit to going over and bringing back some stuff every day if that's helpful.

should we shut down the space 100%? or what?

Naomi: just my opinion, let's shut things down one chunk at a time, not all at once. E.g. electronics area gets caution-taped off, but hackatorium still open.

Ryan: Certain equipment we shouldn't use right now. Certain areas that get little use that a number of ppl will be packing up and storing elsewhere.I'm leaving the VR area to pack as fast as possible. The library isn't really used right now, so we can start pack up. As well as the circuit hacking area. I recommend guild master to start thinkng about packing.

(Mark: There are certain ppl who use the library. Ask around and see if they want to start moving)

Ryan: it's things like our door system, our servers, and some other stuff that we don't want to take down until the last second.

Noah: Can we agree to a 1-month deadline for personal stuff? Clear it out in 4 weeks??

<general agreement>

Dave: quick response, but we hould make that a consensus item

Naomi: uhhh it'll take 2 weeks to make that decision. Soooo...

Tyler: let's put up a sign that says 30 days. If we put up "30 days" it'll take ppl 60.

<general agreement>

Jeremy: About guilds -- Ryan's doc could involve guilds so we can leverage ppl's existing alignments there.

Gabriel + Noah conversing about the locker and time to move things out.

Ryan: if you have tools in your locker to help w/ moving that's fine. I'm gonna take over some lockers to store supplies.

Discussion Item 5[edit]

Current status of equipment in the space -- what is/is not allowed to be used? What constitutes "hot work"? To what degree do we want to be shutting things down before having a new space? Wasn't able find any info about "current status of noisebridge" online

Discussion Item 6[edit]

Any interest in temporarily re-homing some hot work equipment to another space?

it's 10 o'clock, some stuff will have to be discussed next week!

Kim: what's an Excellent response to ppl trying to use tools that are shut down?

Naomi: I'd ask them if they're willing to volunteer to help us move!

Ryan: Ppl need to respect the signage b/c that's jeopardizing the space

Dave: Why don't we turn off the circuits in certain places?

Steve: yeah it's a deterrent.

End of Meeting[edit]