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These are the notes from the The 577th Meeting of Noisebridge.

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Date: May 5 2020 Note-taker: Everyone Pre-Meeting Moderator: Pyconaut

Moderators: Pyconaut

Meeting Summary[edit]

FILL OUT AT END OF MEETING AND SEND TO MAILING LIST One or two bullet points of high-level meeting summary. TLDR what happened at the meeting:

  • Announcements:
  • Finances:
  • New philanthropists:
  • New members:
  • Consensus Items:
  • Discussion Items:



Our One Rule is to Be Excellent to Each Other.

(What does that mean? How does the Anti-Harassment Policy fit into this? Are we SURE we know what being Excellent is? This is an important and fundamental conversation at Noisebridge, so let's give it like 120 seconds.)

Excellence is about caring for yourself, others, the space, and the community, it is about calling out when you see something wrong, and being availble to help others. Being exccelent can be doing things like taking out the trash, fixing a broken machine, cleaning up one of the areas, etc. As long as you follow the one rule, you will be welcome at noisebridge. We also have a Strict antiharrasment policy, so if you are making people feel harrased through your actions, you will be asked to leave.


Everyone at Noisebridge is a participant at Noisebridge.

(What does that mean? How do you get a door key? Access to Slack, Discuss, etc?)

There are many ways to participate at noisebridge, this includes taking a class, teaching a class, giving a presentation, using our equiptment, etc. You can also do just about any project since we run on do-ocracy. But if you think that the action or project might disturb others, please go through small c concensus and ask the community before you take any actions. Once you come by for a bit and gain some trust from the community, you can ask for a 30 day access token which will get you in the noisebridge door from 10am to 11pm for 30 days (then it then needs to be renewed). You can also participate digitally through our different online systems- noisebridge slack noisebridge discuss noisebridge wiki noisebridge meetup

Philanthropist definition[edit]

A Philanthropist at Noisebridge has earned enough trust from the community to open and close the space.

(What does that mean? What do we expect from Philanthropists? How do you become one? etc)

Once you come by for a while and have a lot of trust from the community, people might start asking if you want to become a philanthropist (you can also apply right away if you think the benefits are worth it). A philathropist is the next trust level after daytime access (30 day token) usually in escalating participation. You get 24/7 access during non plague times, pay some money (40 to 80 dollars), give tours and introduce new people to the space. We want more of them to help more people be able to access the space!

Membership Definition[edit]

Membership in Noisebridge entails community Trust in Consensus.

(What does that mean? What do we expect from Members? How do you become a Member? etc)

Big M Members are different from just being a member of the community, this is the highest trust level of the noisebridge community, it means that everyone in the community trusts that you would make good decisions about how noisebridge can move forward. This is an annoying bureocratic level of trust, as the only theoretical benefit is that you get to block big C concensus items, and vote on who we place on our board. To become one, you need to go through a four week process, where you fill out a membership form sponsored by two big M members. You bring it to a tuesday meeting where it is submitted, your membership will be discussed at that meeting, then at the next tuesday meeting your membership is discussed again and if it gets to concensus, you will be asked to leave the room while the members present decide if they want to block you or not, if no member blocks your membership application you become a member. For the next two weeks any big M member can retroactivly block your membership for any reason. IF you get blocked figure out why, fix the


Consensus is how the Noisebridge Membership may change how Noisebridge works.

(How does Consensus work? What types of things are good for formal Consensus? What is small-c consensus? What is a "block"?)

concensus is the process by which things that can't be done through basic do-ocracy (things that affect others in the space.) It has two flavors, small c and big C. Small c concensus is the process where things that might cause slight issues in the space (events, big projects, moving rooms, etc), you just talk with the community before doing things. Big C concensus is the process by which action are taken at noisebridge that are to big, to expensive, or to critical to be done by small c concensus. These are things like Moving, spending a lot of money, or doing legal bureucratic garbage. This is a two week+ process where an item is propsed one week (if possible you should already have the item posted in draft concensus items, and the binder). At that meeting it will be discussed for a while, then the next week it will be discussed again, and if people feel confident, it will be brought up for concencus, and if no big M member blocks the consensus items it passes and becomes a Consensed item.

Guilds Definition[edit]

Guilds are how groups at noisebridge organize.

(What is a guild? How do you join one? etc)

Guilds are groups at noisebridge that rally around a common interest. Any group can create a guild by writing a Charter AND maintaining the group according to the metaguild guidelines:

Pre Meeting Discussion[edit]

*Paul unmutes his microphone*

Ryan: so, everyone here know we might be consensing on weather or not me move tonight? we wouldn't move tonight, but we consensus on signing a new lease (20:03:33)

(mark?): we just need that 24hr notice meeting, right?

Ryan: well no, the (24hr) meeting notice was put up yesterday.

Ryan: we'll just wait a couple more minutes before starting, please fill out introduction section (20:05). and if you have any announcements, please put those in as well (20:05:15).

*tyler (the compiler) joins zoom call* (20:05:44)

*discussion about waiting for more people to join* (20:06)

Ryan: Tyler can you @here on slack. let people know that we're trying to do consensus on having the board sign the lease.

Tyler: I already used my @everyone and pretty sure I'd get banned (20:07)

Ryan: *laughs*, uh, yeah. I'll do that in just a sec (20:07)

Tyler: Mark, are you a member?

Mark: No (20:07)

Tyler: why aren't you a member of noisebridge?

Mark: I just try to be. I'm just a phil.

Tyler: I think Mark should be a member of noisebridge

Mark: you think I should apply?

Tyler: I think someone would sponsor you (20:08)

Mark: Want to have an extended private discussion with you. there would be some thing to discuss (20:08)

Tyler: heard from nthmost "get on with your bad self", which, uh, I think means she's in favor of the proposal. (20:09)

Paul: Going to try again with the flopotron.

Ryan: I'm just posting that here (20:09:36)

Ryan: Paul you're muted again (20:10)

Paul: You can hear me talking though.

*discussion trying to help Paul unmute audio* (20:10:20)

*Flopotron blares across the zoom call (starwars)*

Tyler: there is a gcode snippet that you can add to the end of 3d prints to make any 3d printer do the same thing (play a song).

Ryan: you can also do that with a fiber laser (?). really cool to make music. It is really cool. (20:12)

Ryan: cool to @everyone

Tyler: quitting noisebridge if I get a notification

*discussions on quitting noisebridge*

*TIM has joined!*

Ryan: assuming that I didn't hear the last two minutes of talking --- it's sent.

*more discussions about quitting noisebridge* (20:13:44)

Ryan: What are you quitting?!

Tim: idk that's the point!

Ryan: if it's quitting drugs that's a good thing!

*more discussions*

??: rumor has it there's a new lease?

Ryan: So we might have on tonight?

Tyler: We have one. We might sign it.

Tim: Tonight is the night we might sign it.

Someone: 24 hour or 2 week deal?

Ryan: yeah, i mean, tyler put his @everything out yesterday, well earlier than the 24hrs necessary. he did it yesterday at 1:30pm. it's been, like, 28hrs. it's been too long!

@everyone has been done. *** 

Necessary procedures have been observed...

Tim: Oh yeah.

Ryan: oh wow, a ton of people are waiting to be admitted. I guess @everyone did work, which is weird. usually everyone throws their phone out the window.

Tim: I woke up 10 minutes ago, so why not?

Ryan: what planetary time cycle are you currently living on? I think I switched from mars time to jupiter.

Tim: Dude..

Tim: uhhh pretty sure it is venus? Every 198 days. Ohhh I see wheezy...

Ryan: *laughter*

Ryan: Lots of ppl are joining, that is good.

*General banter.*

*talking about standing desks*

*Saying they prefer to be at Noisebridge right now* *Yeah*

Carl: what's the light on your wall romy?

*discussions about backgrounds of people in the zoom call*

*discussion about LEDs*

Tim: Yo Ryan we got some more people in the waiting area (20:19)

Ryan: right now we're up to 21 people. this meeting is getting pretty big. If people can please fill out their names, and if they have short announcements, please put those in too. (20:19:57)

(put them in THESE notes)

lxpk: you mean, we don't have to explain what consensus is every time?

Ryan: *got scared that premeeting may have been deleted*

Ryan: I'll be the moderator tonight (20:21), um, and, if people can just help.... who's been helping take such excellent notes?

Tim: that's probably jaguar.

X - we should consolidate these conversations

Ryan - It looks like it works out the way it should

Ryan: should we wait much longer, or, should we start the meeting? 

paul: vote, using the participants box

Tyler: click yes if you know how to click yes (20:23)

*discussions about how to use zoom*

Tyler: wait alex, how'd you get a thumbs up on your screen?

alex: there is a reactions button.

lxpk: uggeon we can use the voting feature?

Ryan: that could be useful. have 21 participants. pretty much a fine time to start the meeting. can everyone put their name in the introduction section? if you have an announcement, but it in the announcement section. we wil lgo throug hall the short announcements in 5 minutes. will go throuh intro's in 3 minutes.

boredzo: this is in the notes 

ryan: oh yeah, the riseup pad notes.

(??): introduce on zoom?

Ryan: yeah *moves to intro section*.

Main Meeting[edit]


Ryan (he/him) - exploring VRCHAT Virtual market 4 exploration

Carl (he/him) - foo bar baz flaschen taschen

Mark - Vidya games and Guilds and stuff

Ⅹ - Occasional 🚑 driver, general space h4x0r (currently rebuilding a radio shack)

Tim - (he/him) - Biotech tomfoolery.

NinjaA - (he/him) - Living a pandemic dream

lxpk-he him - gamebridge & vr

romy - gamebridge, art, missing nb! i miss the library sooo much
	romy's cat: meow/meow. Meow. Meow meow me.

TYLER = {pronouns: 'HE/HIM', interests:['NOISEBRIDGE', 'HACKING']} 

Robert - Dude.

Kelly  - (she/her) - 3D printing, infosec

Aaron - interests: 3d printing, finances, and backend

Fredi - watsup (what's upppp fredi!!!! -jaguar)

boredzo - (he/him) sewing, COVID-19 action, 3D printing

GHOST OF JAGUAR - like a magical person that you would want to meet. 

Dan, 'Evil' - pre-occupied counting curried prawns

wheezy: least interesting man in the world.

karl: feel like I just got invited to the cool kids club!

kinnard: um, I'm also here.

david g: what's up? tim: tell us pronouns and shiz yo. david: he/him. super messy ass room, don't pay attention to that. wheezy: you'r cap is lit. tim: it's a dope cap.

Short announcements and events[edit]

60-second description per item in bulletpoint.

Come to CHM online only Every monday @ 7pm Start.
5mof happening on May 21 at 7pm <<<cool, the signup sheet will go on the wiki, and, um, the meetup and stuff soon. I hope to finish that tomorrow. ummm.  who's typing about sutro tower? I want in. I live right next to it. Wheezy: wanna climb sutro tower?

[illegal suggestions redacted] <-
X: Can haz Sutro Tower VHF repeater, any Technicians, or aspiring HAM's, remote testing now available
Join Tim's wet guild so we can make spicy fireflies as a service together. how? can we call this guild the Frankenguild?

Ryan: join Tims wet guild we we can make spicy dragonflies together.

Ryan: wait, when you say spicy does that mean they're pre-cooked and just fly into your mouth?

Tim: it doesen't have to be pre cooked.

Romy: meat substitute companies are booming right now, did not expect.

*discussion about meat, if it's real, etc.*

Kanye West Burger (Current friend's pitch...cause disease, a lot of yeezy...)

Romy: Speculation around automation

Tim: Elaborates on meat berries (grapes to ... umm... )

Carl: Gross to try ***** ##### **** 

[illegal suggestions redacted] <-

*Conversation degrades into ethical cannibalism*
*like, is it ok if it's lab grown?*
The company I work for (NinjaA) is teaching appliance repair for free online: Appliance repair academy ... ... they are really good and if you pick up skills they give good techs 2-3 jobs / day in the Bay Area ... good wages for hackers looking to be essential

Ninja(aditya): The company I work for (NinjaA) is teaching appliance repair for free online: Appliance repair academy ... ... they are really good and if you pick up skills they give good techs 2-3 jobs / day in the Bay Area ... good wages for hackers looking to be essential
Pyconaut- Join me in VRCHAT (you can guess my name, pleasses message me somewear else to let me know who you are).

ryan: join me in vr chat. I've been exploring the virtual market and a number of other things. it's free, its un, a lot of fun, and you don't need a vr headset to use it. please msg me if you're trying to friend me. I can't ID 3D avatars related to real people yet. You can also just guess my name. obvious if you know me. send me a friend request

lxpk: currently working on uploading sim-bridge. some version should be up for us to try out at the end of the meeting. can use the tool to brainstorm about layouts of the new space. more interactive than zoom.
Ryan: talked about starting a nb brewers guild. considering the bay area already has a bay area brewing guild. nb could be a sub-section of the main guild.

Tim: we'd be brewing strange stuff.

Ryan: like, something that we don't get much in the us is bug-fermented alcohol. in asia, using hornets to fermet certain types of whisky it popular and it's increadibly hard to get in the us. it's really good. I think I've had it twice.

KArl: wer you drunk at the time?

romy: isn't that tequila too?

ryan: yea. 

karl: it's decorative. only cheap tequila.

tyler: I've also seen snake tequila.

*Discussion about the lack of direction in the meeting now*
* tim brings us back into the meeting*
hydroponics rig

. . .

Talk about the stack so more people can talk (orderly I guess)

Q: where do we write about stack in here??

*moving on disappears over the horizon*


Alchemist: do we have any alteratives to using zom for our meetings? (20:49)

Ryan: i can speak on that quickly, then, X can take over. number of pneople trying to put jitsi on nb servers so we can connect to that and won't have the bandwidht limitations lat time we used it.

Alchemist: decided to change name from Karl to alchemist. zoom required a lot of extra work to get the name change in. low and behold, a shockingly large number of websites forced re-captcha. after decing to bend over my desk and re-enable re-captcha, it locked me out of my account (thinks I'm a bot), and now I can't change my name. It's done the same thing to all of you people transparently depending on how transparently you have your privacy settings. *talks about cameras in the space*. I recommend we move to a site that does not require google re-captcha, and, if we need captch, we can move to a captcha that pays.

Chaz: the thing is we need a working solution. if Jitsi works, that's great, we should do that. Don't know what other alternatives there are at the moment trying to get 30+ people joining.

Alchemist/others: *talks about bandwidth*

Boredzo: we need our own instance.

Carl: Gigabit laser feed.

Ryan: buying a new server instance at our ??? location that's much newer than our old one. our increased bandwidth limits should be able to handle about 50 or 60 people over a jitsi meeting without, uh, um, bandwidth limitation on a per-access basis. the thing we mainly need: people who know linux to help migrate our servers to this new one, and to a new version of Debian.

Jaguar: NixOS???

Ryan: if we do this fast, we can have this done in less than two weeks. right now its's about making sure our current stuff is upgraded and then moving to a new instance.

Karl: what do they do at DefCon?

Ryan: Jitsi?

  • privacy ranting intensifies*

Karl: Can we look into startups?

Other: Can you look for that data?

Karl: I am packing up to move back to Canada. I am just throwing out ideas. I am moving to Protospace hackerspace in Calgary... *talk about sharing ideas/lessons between Noisebridge and Canadian hackerspace*

Wheezy: Proposes marriage to Carl... (Probably to get to Canada)

Ryan: Look at is open sourced...but lets take it to Slack. First, one last announcement. Quickly.

Robert: Nope, nope nope, I won't say Circuit hacking monday coz you guys already did. Robert: IBM Q, the real quantam computer right at your figer tips. Giving away creidts, and you can play with a real quantum computer in Python. Let me know if you are intersted. That is it.

Ryan: Another one only mentioned for a second but it is important. Hydroponics group stared a kick start to build more kits.

Wheezy: I wrote that in the meeting notes. I got a rig and it works really good. recommend everyone gets one. you can grow [REDACTED (lol)] in here, any plant you can think of. if you're an idiot you can grow in this! go on website and get yourself a rig!

Ryan: post this in general and in the meeting notes <- Hydroponics kickstarter link ... please donate!

  • Lady Red appears*

New Philanthropists[edit]

*Moving on*

Anyone up for philanthropy?


*continued silence*


Robert: there are no applications in the binder

New Members[edit]


Ryan: any member applications?

Robert: not that I saw. I did not see any.

Financial Report[edit]

Anarchist societies under a capitalist state need money to survive and thrive, yo.

Tyler: guys, we need $4,000 and we will hit $300k in our bank account. great financial position. bitcoin has gone up higher than it was when re receceived our donation. sold off 3/4 of a bitcoin, but still at 170k cash, and like, 130 crypto. I can look real quick and give you the exact numbers...

Ryan: that is really awesome. if people can, yeah, please donate to noisebridge. going to probably use quite a bit of this in our move. need to pay security deposit.

Tyler: yeah. 27,000 down payment just to move in (+ like first months rent). our current balances are: 181,000 cash, 115,000 in crypto. 39% crypto, 61% cash.

Chaz: do we know what works, lke. how much deposit do we have on our current place. will we get any of it back?

Tyler: yeah. right. doubtful we'd get any of our deposit back.

Chaz: yeah, it's been 10 years, so, everything is wear and tear at this point.

*talks about deconstruction*

Tyler: but, as far as moving into the new place. two months security deposit isn't terrible for new leases.

Tyler: when we're moving, we're taking those windows.

Ryan: planning on cutting art from the walls.

Karl: No dude. Probably asbestos poisioning.
Or use a projector to project a picture of it and trace.

lady red: as someone who likes to paint, you know, why don't we make new paintings?

*Should Noisebridge fear change?* (Comments around this)

Ryan: I could get Nicholas Cage to buy it.

Ryan: alchemist, keep it short.

Alchemist: found out how to click to raise my hand. I got into Noisebridge, looked at the folding @ home computers set up. Pretty sure they are burning a ton of electricity

*General sentiment: that it would be wiser to spend the electricity money on other causes? * 
*What are ppl's thoughts?*

Ryan: They are not running correctly. The other 2 should not be running.

Carl(Alchemist): My take is to turn them off to save the $$ on electricity.

lady red: appreciate you don't see them as space heaters and smash them.

Tylr: Our electricity bill is down $140/mo.

lxpk: what if we only run these projects at night when people want heat? a folding @ home computer could do that.

*Talk around using bitcoin miners a heater*
*Or folding at home as a heater*

*Talk around energy prices*

Ryan: Can someone check which of the 3 machines is running correctly and turn off the other 2? 

Alchemist: I think they should all be turned off...due to electricity cost...

lady red: was everyone happy with keeping the one working machine on?

chaz: yeah, we can't spend all night talking about this.

Alchemist: alright alright I'm done. muting.

Fundraising Update[edit]

How's it all going


GuildMaster's Report[edit]

What is the current state of structural organization at Noisebridge?

  • What guilds are active? (Read the active guilds from Guilds wiki page)
    • (For each guild mentioned, ask if guild rep is present for a brief status update)
  • Would you like to or start a guild? Checkout our guidelines or contact MetaGuild for help.
Mark: you're in luck, it'll be really short. I have nothing to report. If you want to make a guild please write a charter. thank you.


Proposals from last week [edit]

(Add any items which are consensed upon or someone has raised a principle objection for to the Consensus Items History page.)


Proposals for next week [edit]

(Add any new items for consensus to the Current Consensus Items page.)


Ryan: Now we are in current consensus items. No proposals from this week, none from last week.

Emergency consensus item[edit]

Ryan: tyler, can you explain what our current lease consensus item is? 

Tyler: OK. Ahem. So for those of you who are unaware. It has been pressd on NB that we need to move. The biggest reason is that we are not up to fire code in our building meaning that the sprinker system is not up to code for anything that involves hot work, which is a big giant term that even some sewing machines would not be allowed... So we started looking for a new place, and a nice place occured , only 8 feet away, rihgt behind NB, we came up with a 10 year lease, 9K/ month, . 6000sq/ft... 2 floors... (More details)

It is move in ready type situation. Because of all the corona, we got favorable terms on the lease, and got a redline from our lawyers all were accepted, including 2 very fvorable changes, 1: lease break options should the city say we can't operate in the space. that is is unlikely as the prior tenant was an auto body shop... should be ok as long as we are not doing anything more dangerous than an autobody shop.. 

Someone: What's the zoning?
Tyler: It is PDR. Attornies feel this zoning is the best type to look for.

2nd point: Start date of the lease is 30 days after the official lifting of SF or the CA shelter in palce. whichever occurs later. But the lease won't technically start till then. So if we sign now it would give us at least 60 days of access without needed to pay rent.

This is the situation to consense on tonight.

Tyler ends his conversation.

Alchemist: 1. How long has that building been in use as an auto body shop? Do we know that?

Tyler: ummm. I think at lease since 2015. I found a picture from it in 2015.

Alchemist: If its use extended into the 70s, autobody filler used to contain see if the landlord would throw in an air quality study...maybe $1500 to be sure it is not contaminated with asbestos.

2. transferring things between nb and this new space. as i understand, it's directly behind us and a short drop. recommend you go on youtube and look at how they move trees downhill on cables. given a taut wire line between two columns... this is actually pretty common when moving between low-rise apartment buildings.

3. (Totally forgotten by Alchemist) Letting ppl roll.

Chaz: One thign we need to take into consideration is the internet, we need to talk to Monkey brains to see if we can get the same sweet deal, and inform them we are moving out and they may be counting on us, because they are relaying stuff on th eroof right now, and we should not shut down power on them, so we should let them know so they don't get agry at us.

Alchemist: just to follow up, when I was on the roof, I only saw a laser tranceiver. did not see us being used as a relay node.

chaz: just saying we should reach out to them if someone knows a contact point, or, I can reach out to them directly if we don't have a better contact to just see if there is equipment that either we or they could move to the other location, or whatever. thought we should bring that up so it's not a surprise later.

Alchemist: We also have to contact the air quality people whose monitors are on the outside of our back walls (?).

Ryan: have quite a few contacts at monkey brains. have been trying to get them to get into twin peaks since 2012. so, I have a couple contacts. I'll email them after the meeting letting them know that noisebridge is moving, and that we need to check if they can move to the building next door, um, since. roof is quite a bit lower. they might need to contract with.... oh great.... someone near us, and I do think they know there is a noisebridger next door.... 

Tyler: 272 capp st. has line of sight to bernal heights.

Ryan: It does? 

Tyler: It does

Ryan: OK that solves a lot of questions

Wheezy: We can also build a tower. It can reach both sutro and bernal

Tyler: We can also leave the one in place and throw an ethernet cord over

lady red: does anyone feel like the internet is going to prevent consensus on the lease approval

*no, on to the next person in stack*

X -- Question: Is it one 10 year term, or does it include multiple renewal periods. (10 year total. Then option to renew )

Tyler: It is a 10 year term.

X: Were shorter terms with options to extend discuss... inital lease was 3 years with multiple 1 year extensions. Curious of how ppl feel about this space vs what is going to come after Corona.

Mark: not to be rude, but we had a stack going. All good, put my question on stack above, and was q'd by mod.

Ryan: We did discuss a 5 year term, and ppl were unsure of if we would be able to get a better deal or keep raising money, considering the expenditures we might have in the time of a 5 year lease. A number of long disucssions have been happening over the last couple months about how a 10 year lease is currently the best option ebcause it is something a lot of locations really like and it gives us some pretty good options in certain aspects... but I would like Tyler to talk more about this after the other questions get asked.

Aditya: what is our estimated time when we'd move?

Tyler: 30 days after lifting the shelter in place.

Aditya: but that could extend to July 31.

Tyler: 30 days after lifting the shelter in place. We'll move after signing the lease and paying the deposit. the lease does not start / we can't occupy the building until the lease starts. we can have construction going on inside. as soon as we start occupying the building, I'm pretty sure they'll consider the lease as starting at that moment. the guess is that we'd be moving at the beginnging of June, but if the shelter in place gets moved another month, then we'd push it back another month.

Ryan :NExt up is X then Alchemist...the Carl... 

Mark: The list is clear on the notepad.

Ryan: Is it? I did not seethat there. OK. Sorry Carl (go ahead).

Carl: want to know what inspections that we've done on the space such as plumbing and electrical

Tyler: we haven't. we are, um, that's kind of something I was looking for. finding someone who is willing to come out and do an inspection for us, but so far no one has been willing

Carl: I think that is a pretty important thing before signing a lease, just my opinion.

Ryan: We would need to install 240V outlets (there are none currently). Layout of light switches is also pretty terrible. Would need an electrical overhaul. Plumbing looked better - multiple bathrooms that looked plumbed correctly from a quick glance. Not sure if they meet current guidelines though.

X: Yeah, so, uh just revisiting the lease term here, this is one 10 year term rather than a term with additional options. Noticing provisions in the lease, there is a 3% annual rent increase...that would be every year, curious as to what would be explored for options around this... maybe a 3 year term with multiple is also common to tie the rent increase with certain market indicatiors, like CPI...but 3% is typically in an economy...but we probably won't have 3% growht, so then some of these terms are worth considering.

Tyler: I mean, the only thing I can speak on that is, a couple of things. (1) a lot of these lease things we've been trying to get community input for more than a month now. the lease is kind of baked (red lined). was widely distributed for feedback. the initial rent that they asked for was 12,000/mo. in our first terms sheet was 9,000, then they came back with a 9,000 + 3% increase per year. seen as a decrease from 12,000/mo. 9,000/mo is payable amount of rent.  have not tried to tie the annual increase to a market indicator. at this point, it might be too late, I don't know. lease changes at this point would not be in good faith. in our last red-line, everything we asked for, was granted. IF we ask for more, not sure if they'd agree to it or not.

X: I appreciate that, I know these conversations have been ongoing and there is a consensus item, and it seems like there is a current membership quorum, but looking at my archives I don't see that much notification around this lease, but in the future, lets try get more discussion, but if there is already enough ppl on board, so be it... Just running the math, it looks like our final year would be $12,000 / month. In short, this seems reasonable, but addressing the current time, we might renegotiate,and we could also find someone to take over the lease if needed.

Chaz: I think that there is some. the wanting to have options. but at the same time, having a 10yr lease could be a positive aspect. we know that we don't have to move for 10years. I think that's also something to consider, that, having a 10yr lease isn't always a downside.

Tyler: the last 3 years have been stressful. we've had 1yr renewals. now we're operating on a text-message lease at 2169. we don't even have a lease right now. imo, the 10yrs are good. it lets people say that we are definitely  staying at the current location for awhile. a lot of what I've heard the last couple years is: "why build at noisebridge if we're moving soon".


Wheezy: ..Yes umm so, lets just say all of this is agreed on, but when are we going to start moving stuff? 

Tyler: uh, that will be, ah. right after we sign the lease, pay the security deposit, and demonstrate that we have $1M in insurance, which we have.

Wheezy: When were you planning on signing the lease?

Tyler: That could be next week. Or over the course of a week.

Wheezy: I am pro moving to the new space, and I think for the most part ppl wwnt to move.

Chaz: Lets get through this, then talk deciding!

Ryan: even though at the end of the day this is going to rely on the big-M members to choose whether or not to block, this is something we want buy-in from the community. this effects everyone. absolutly everyone.

Kinnard: Now is not a good time to try to uh, do something, that is one of the most disruptive things for Noisebridge... and I think that is especially considering the general circumstances, like it would make more sense to wait where we can have one general meeting where we can hear from everyone and there are generally segments of the comunity that don't want to move, and over the past several weeks, like I don't know about previous meetings, but I would say that NB's process is not what it could be for making a decision like this. Like it is going to have ramifications for more than a decade and this is nothing to do in a hurry, and I am taking on the lease at Crypto castle and his advice was delay delay delay as the market is shifting to ppl that are renting.

Ryan: very good point, but. are there any direct responses to Kinnard?

Chaz: We would ideally like more time to talk, but the alternative to moving is putting our stuff in storage until we find a space. We can put it off a little bit, but we can't just not move.

Kinnard: yea, I think, we should try to buy the building that noisebridge is in now, and, expand to other buildings based on zoning. what what i've heard, it's not like noisebridge is being pushed out. doesn't make sense to layer this disruption.

Chaz: we're being pushed out. it's not like. staying in this current spot. we looked at our finances... no where near to buying building. not interested in selling from what I've heard.

Lady Red: We're not up to fire code. Alternative to moving is just NB becoming stagnant. It is under fire code lock down.

Kinnard: IF you look at housing prices, there is  the first annual drop since 2011. so we should not lightly walk away from the option to buy the building that NB has been in for more than a decade.

Ryan: yeah, that is, like, I do know a number of peolpe who want to stay in the current building. very few of those people have had to deal with our landlord and know the exact details of problems. we know this building better than the landlord (by a long shot). even if we PWNED this building, I know a lot of people that want proper zoning. proper electrical. somewhere we can grow even if it's for the long term.... definitely problems with a 10yr lease, and, probably why they gave us the majority of what we wanted in the redline. added things like a lease break term, which, is literally like a slap in the face to the new landlord, and they're letting us have it. something very few landlords would be ok with. it is sad that we do need to move. some people care a lot about our current space, but, in the last three years..... noisebridge has been a great community, but the space itself has hurt the community more than it has helped. no large projects. no retrofits. we've kind of given up on the current space.  it would be really hard right now to reKindle the Luv in the current space. IT is sad but we need a really quick option to buy or stuff like that if we want to do anyhing like that, ... *more talk around solving th lease... and so the situation as is will push ppl away from NB and they have up and left because of things realted to moving and fundraising and trying to get a new lease and NB has lost a lot from it. Our momentum is pretty low and it is often due to this situation.

Kinnard: One of the things I have noticed is that there is very frequently a disconenct between ppl who come to the meetings and it is very NB, but for making a decision like this, but at least for the biggest global crisis that any of us have experienced trying to make a decision like thisi n a hurry, it is not a good process.. and we should fundamentally shift would we think about that.

Mark: I'm sorry, direct response. this is not a hasty decision and it's been under discussion.

Kinnard: It is not hasty for the ppl who have been discussing it.

Mark: those that haven't shown up online anywhere are not a part of the community.

*General discussion around what is fair around attending meetings. Who can attend, how fast and fair has this decsision has been*

Kinnard: Maybe it would be good to consense on this once we can have an in-person meeting again.

Chaz: at that point, the lease is going to be done for.

Kinnard: My take is the improvement on rent market, so we should not rush.

Chaz: we've all got your point, we're going around in circles at this point

Mohammed: excuse me guys, I want to say something really quick. what kinnard brought up is something serious. It would have been perfect if it wasn't for Covid and I don't want to be paying $9000 when the rent might drop to $5000 and this is a crisis, that is all.

Ryan: moving on to stack.

Alchemist: *Audio problems, ppl discuss audio problems*

fredi: try join by audio on the left

Alchemist: Trash talk... OK. Ladies, gents, and every gender spectrum inbetween *speech around depression and what it could mean for us* Still got audio? Yup

When the lease was authored the economy probably was not that bad. But hese desperate times require desperate measures, like a deperssion clause! (Yas).
Like if the economy really tanks then the landlord has to lower the rent. Coz right now I feel like the landlord is suckering us. 
Landlord might be getting a good deal since the economy is tanking and we should all reflect on that. And we could maybe save a lot of dough $$$. a lot of bread, if we think about it. Just sayin'!

fredi: direct response

Ryan: uh, um. direct responses um. I saw "f" and Carl.

fredi: oh, yeah, let's not forget about the clause that tyler said that we can break out of the lease if we're not to code.

Alchemist: There's a lot of capital involved in moving Noisebridge though.

Ryan: any other responses?

Wheezy: I would l ike to say Yes to Alchemist, it would cost a lot to move, but if we have a lot of time on our hands, it would not cost so much to move little by little... 

Alchemist: Yes, but it takes a lot of resources, and a lot of mistakes will be made with the many volunteers involved. Also a lot of money will be spent in building improvement construction, etc.

Chaz: I have another direct response. 

Chaz: the other thing, is that, we're saying it's expensive to move the space. in a situation where we might not be ablet to find an acceptable space in the time frame that we have. will have to move the space into storage. that's going to be even a bigger problem than just moving the space once. yeah, so, if we have to move it into storage, that's definitely going to be somewhere farther than around the block. some cost to getting the place started up. that there might be instability in the real estate market, but it's the benefit of the 10 yr lease. things might go up, might go down, but. I don't think it's a garaunteed negative thing to sign this lease and move into the space.

Alchemist: I agree and you have some good points, but CONSIDER the following: It is illegal to evict a commercial tenant for several months. So there is a possibility of some breathing room even if we get evicted.
The storage might not be to bad if we do go into storage, then NB can do some soul searching.

Tyler: that's the fallacy of community voluneering being free. that means we have to move twice. 

Alchemist: Unless you use a zipline, you still have to put NB's things in a container and move them around the block.

*More theoretical storage container talk*

Alchemist: I'm not talking about waiting a year, I'm talking about waiting a couple months.

Lady Red: even if you're right, and we sign a lease, and it's not as good as we could have. so, we're overpaying a bit. we can still make the payment. what if it goes back up and we lose this chance? have been part of the new space movement for 3 years. this is as much as a unicorn space that we've found so far. We should consensus on it immediately.

Alchemist: Lets try to bargain the lease more given how bad things are right now... and the 3% compounding is a lot of money...

Lady Red: I have a question about the new space. There's no elevator, right? First floor accessible, second floor not?

Ryan: THere has been a lot of discussion around getting a stair vator...they are steel re-enforced, and they have floor bracing, and we could put a stairvator 
*more talk around how to get around not having an elevator*

Lady Red: will the second floor become as accessible as we envisioned? 

Ryan: Yes. Also the 1st floor has at least one ADA accessible bathroom. The 2nd floor bathrom if we took out the shower might be ADA once we have a stair vator. If anyone knows any other stairavator companies we are looking for an inclined...

Lady Red: oh wait. ryan, don't wanna talk about ada anymore. my question has been completely answered.

Aaron: Hi guys. (hi! ---jaguar) I will try not to take too much time, but coupla questions. 

in these unprescedented times where interest rates are cut to zero. not only is there...

*more economic doom talk*

From the perspective of the sole propriotors , the landlord, regardless they would be saving money on any real estate, they are still saving money on low interet rates on cap gains, and I wanted to

If we got it verified from our lawyer, if there is any other costs, after putting the cash up front. So passage 20, if there is any, or if we add any physical capital, CNC mill, "improvements" etc.. that it will increase cap costs for the property increasing our lease, at a max of 150K depending on how much we modify the property depending on the landlord...

Tyler: Let me read it again. That's not my interpretation of the lease. We set a cap for making capital improvements without landlord approval. After that, we would have to ask for approval.

2.Another question, just general, do we have any plans for security cameras? I saw some spots for security cameras, but it is difficult.
Also, how is the parking, in the new space?

Tim: Direct Response. as alchemist will frustratedly tell you, we're anarchists, we don't record anything in the space.

Alchemist: That is our greatest detriment. It is why we can't have nice things! Split it in 2: Camera coverage/no coverage. Everything expensive goes on the camera side.

Tim: dammit karl we know!
tim: and the parking is...

ryan: I mean, so yeah, security is one of those things that we do need to improve anonymous style security of some sort. we do have a lot stolen.

*alchemist inturrupts*

*talk around thievary*

ryan: on your first point, yes, we will need to put a lot of money in. I want Tyler to respond to you directly. Everyone please read the current lease agreement. That will give you an informed opinion about the lease. There is an outdoor gated space... There are 2 cars-worth of parking space in front of them. Parking would be better than it is currently at 2169.

lady red: is the parking going to effect anyone's opinion if we confirm the lease or not? 

ryan: I would spend more time at nb if we didn't have to pay for parking

alchemist: non-gasoline vehicle parking only.

lady red: omg alchemist

ryan: I think there are no other responses unless Tyler has anything else about the lease.

Tyler: just read it. does not seem to imply what aaron was saying. says that we have up to $15,000 in improvements. did not see what you said with it being added to the lease. to address the lease posted in the riseup pad. the lease date of march 12th was the signing date or the proposed signing date when it was origionally sent. that date will be updated to whenever the lease is updated

aaron: cool thank you so much.

Kevin: I wanted to hear more about what Kinnard was saying - I don't really understand the desire not to move at this point.

Ryan: can we discuss that after everyone else in the current stack talks? I have a couple devil's advocate things I'd like to mention, but I'd like to wait until later. 

David G: yea, uh, I just want to say I'm also concerned about the new space. it's never going to be perfect. there are a lot of new areas that are less visible. a lot of places that people can camp out. it's less open. there's a lot of harm that's happening by not moving now. we're paralized. can't do new things. caused a lot of stress. important to consider this 10yr lease. what if we want to move in 3 yrs. knowing that cost might make people feel more comfortable. does it cost 20k, or 30k to move? that's the question I have.

Tyler: Direct add-on. Those who are not wanting to be locked in to 10-year lease - you people don't want us to move even when we're about to be evicted. Having a 10-year lease with set rent increases gives us so much visibility into our future.
As opposed to say, every 3 years, we have to find some ppl to renegotiate the lease.

David G: I want to know what the cost is for breaking it. like. what does it cost to break it?

Tim: that's in the chat right now, and Mark is saying it's $20k .

Ryan: monetarily it's 20k. logically it's a lot more. Because if we break a lease, no one will want to lease to us. It is a very bad thing to break the lease.

Tim: my question is, if we find a tenant to take over, it's not so bad to break a lease.

Tyler: We have a sublet ability in the lease. We could find someone to sublet from us.

Ryan: If we have more mooney, enough to buy a building, then we could do something like sublet at a small loss and then buy...etc...
Make sure we leave on good terms. Etc...
*talk about how to get a good lease, long leases*

Alchemist: This is a direct response. This is a really different economic situation.

Ryan: next up is Carl, and then, oh wow. this is a long stack. can people keep it quick?

Carl: 1. I understand that one of the reasons NB is moving is because of the sprinkler situation. How are the sprinklers in the new space?
2. If we do decide to consensus on moving to the new space, and it fails inspection, then do we get ourselves into another expensive fix situation?

Chaz: we have in the lease, if we can't be in the lease due to permitting issues, I think, that means we can get out of the lease. the fire inspector for the current building wants sprinklers for the entire building, including the basement, for us to do hotwork.

Carl: If in the new space they need to replace the sprinklers, is that covered in the lease?

Ryan: during the tour, at least, the sprinklers were on both floors.

Carl: But we need an inspection right?

Ryan: considering it was leased to an auto-body shop .....

Carl: But this is making assumptions tho..

Ryna: no matter what, sprinkler system is better than what we currently have

Lady Red: If there's some (City SF BS) reason we can't have NB in the new space, we can walk away, basically. Lease covers sprinklers, bathrooms, anything else that could go wrong.

Tyler is gonna read the escape clause in the lease:
    Basically: (Note taker paraphrase)
        If the city screws us, no worries, we are covered, we can terminate the lease.

Alchemist: So that means the landlord can kick us out for not maintaining the building (like not be willing to fix the elevator)?

Chaz: there is no elevator. the whole... that's... you can say that about any lease anywhere. what if the landlord hates you?

Kinnard: Lets think about buying. So we have more latitude.

Tyler: We would need 4 million dollars.

Alchemist: Why would we want to own if leasing helps our growth objectives.

Kinnard: yea, a lot of advantages. as a community. have building change decisions. don't have to go back and forth with another party. e.g. if we owned 2169 mission. 

Chaz: I'm sorry. I got to go guys. It's been 2hrs and I've got to go. Good luck.

**Note taker ponders conolizing hte moon. Hmmm the moon. No laws there... Yes,so much space. Space all around the moon.**


Alchemist: Welcome to Noisebridge. Thank you. Come again!

PYconAut My Computer CRAsHeD WIllBE Back In A Minute 

*chaz has to rage quit - meeting getting too long*

X: if anyone feels the need to leave, it's a sign that we have been unexcellent
Nice X!
Thanks X! -- Jaguar

Carl: Back to what I was saying, I'm concerned about the language covering sprinklers, etc. Just don't want us to have a major expense.

Tyler: *reads sections of the lease to the meeting, again.*


Carl: Is there any way we can get inspections beforehand?

Tyler: Yes, if anyone knows a contractor... I could call any random contractor out of the phonebook, but I assume someone knows a contractor. Point me towards them! That would be awesome. I haven't heard any feedback in the past month of asking though.

Mark: maybe we should do that before consensing.

Tim: I would love that. there is a lot of objection. I don't want to kick a hornets nest by consensing on this at the moment. people have raised some valid points. kind of nice to have Alice in a meeting while consensing on this. she's really the one who did the reviewing. am I right on that Tyler?

Tyler: yes.

Tim: it is getting late, we've had one rage-quit so far, and I'm getting tired.

Tiffany: Notes still being done!

DannyQ: sorry I didn't introduce myself either. just wanted to say we're chatting a lot about moving, and it's uncertain, and it's uncertain for the world. what's remarkable is how much it reduces noisebridge's uncertainty. sounds like noisebridge can afford this for awhile and will survive during this time --- even if we might be able to get a better deal or something else comes around.

Mark: In response to Tim and to X's point. A check on the members: do any of them feel like they would block?

lxpk: order of how that goes. this is a meeting night, every tuesday. we've agreed about a 24hr special meeting. we could still do something before now and next tuesday. if someone wants to ge an inspector in there in 48hrs, or, if someone wants to brainstorm about the lease, or whatever, we don't have to do this now, we can get back to it in 48hrs.

Tyler: People feel like they're left out of the decision making process. If we say we'll do this again in 48 hours or something like that, there are still going to be a lot of people who haven't read the consensus proposal.

Tim: possibility, but, even reducing that push would be good. things I'd like to see: some inspection. Karl brought up inspection. would like to see the true cost of moving there. think the lease is good, but think the inspection is really good.

Tyler: I have done a lot of work on this personally. I don't have a lot of free time. Could SOMEONE find a contractor? If not, I'll pick the first one on Yelp tomorrow and pay them for an inspection.

Tim: A lot of objections have been put up about this. Tyler's been doing A LOT of work on this. Does anyone know a contractor? Ryan does. Can you get them to respond within the next 24 hours?

Ryan: I doubt it. they're a family friend on my distant side. up in sonoma. pretty dang booked up.

Tim: next question, anyone willing to do the Yelp review? stressed out. can anyone else spare some time?

Alex: To look for a contractor? OK. Sure! :)

Tyler: Is anyone friends with Jarrod and can ask him who the last contractor was who worked on Noisebridge?

Tyler: This questions is blowing my mind because every time we talk about moving ppl are all like: Oh yeah, my BFF is a contractor, etc..

Carl: if we want to consense on delegating or spending money on inspection we should do that.

X: if someone wants to volunteer to do this, it would be excellent, where like, all costs would be reimbursed. 

lxpk: I would be willing to pay a contractor out of pocket if I get reimbursed later.

X: These are all excellent doocratic things. But I want to pull back to actual consensus. It would be great to know if we have a quorum of members to do big C consensus. We don't have ability to have consensus tonight.

Ryan: We do. We do. Tyler posted the announcement being able to have our board sign a lease within the 24 hour period. There is a quorum, there are at least 5 members present.

X: I'm totally comfortable that there is enough people in this room that effects the next 10 yrs of noisebridge. tons of open conversation. indication that people would like to explore a bit more. more at the point of, is there anybody that feels extremely strongly that action has to be taken ''tonight'' to commit to this lease, or, is it reasonable to push this on to another week. and. at any point can call a special meeting.

Ryan: did have a quorum last week. if we find a contractor tomorrow, we can immediatly call, the next day, that we have the board, um, contract out the contractor to look at the building, and then we wouldn't need to go through the regular system of allowing someone to pay out of pocket and reimbursing them.

Alchemist: want to clarify that contractor does not mean "general contractor" and means "engineering building inspector" who knows the building code.

X: Commercial Building Inspector would be ideal. actually a profession explicitly for this inspection. lxpk has proposed a current item on the wiki, a day after the last meeting, lx, if you can clarify where this thing is.

lxpk: consensed a year ago on the 24hr approval process. about a month ago, we said: 'let's do that again' --- added building improvement proposals. added the idea to a building improvement proposal. gives board approval for a lease. wasn't that process approved already?

Ryan: yes, the process was approved last week. I don't think we ever put anywhere that that needs to be put on the wiki in the consensus items that we call a meeting, but, it was supposed to be sent out over as many channels as possible. don't remember if Tyler sent that out on other places.

Tyler: put it out on Slack and Discuss.

Ryan: do want to get it out on the email listing.

Tyler: just as an FYI, I don't know what the mailing list is. Slack and discuss are both available. anyone who knows about this, knows how to send email (on discuss?)

X: open hacker challenge: who can figure out how to send an email out on the old mailing list?

lady red: the 4/14/20 the current consensus item has alredy passed? 


x: it was passed in 2018

lxpd: we passed a new version last week.

X: jesus! I'm fuckin' quoting scripture! this item for re-consensus should have been posted after the last meeting, to a meeting, say tonight, it could be consensused on.

lxpd: it's been going on for three weeks.

Jaguar: check the riseup notes?

lxpd: ready to pay for a contractor tomorrow.

Tyler: have access to the noisebridge debit card. that would be fine and easy to pay for a contractor as well. what do we need? not a general contractor, but a general building inspector?

lxpk: yeah. a general building inspector. will reach out to jarrod and see if he has any recommendations.

Ryan: looks like I made a mistake when transferring the consensues items in the wiki. I am going to move that right now, um, yeah. 

X: if people...
Ryan: it's my fault...
X: if people want to reconsense. so. uh. the. are we under the instant-vote-call period where we're trying to execute a lease at the moment. does that mean it's in the hand of the board?
lxpd: yes. still have to consense on this.
X: so, this is to give 24hr notice to give the board decision to decide.
Tyler: majority of the board is present.
X: would love to hear board decision on this. if they want community input, or, if they want to get this shit done and have 10 years in the bank. would love to have a board opinion on this.
lady read: yeah, hey, I'm on the board. would love to get a contractor on this. also kind of concerned. would love to move quickly. feel that the inspection would be wise. sounds like alex is going to find one. and get one in there. as soon as we hear back from the contractor, meet next week. that's my opinion as a board member

tim: I'll jump in. would never let you know I"m on the board of noisebridge. it's up to the members to consense. the board literally does what the members want. as a member, we have a great lease in hand. I wnt to give them the challenge to come up with ideas in the next week. can't ignore people's very valid concerns.

Tyler: uh, yeah, treasurer & member opinion is that is should go to whatever the members of noisebrideg decide on. having a contractor come in is a good idea. don't think we should stall the landlord indefinitely. have to move forward understanding that there are some risk's in life. might have to do things like building improvements as we move in. biggest fear is that. we're talking about a larger space that's literally touching noisebridge. biggest fear is we miss the oppourtunity here if we delay indefinitely. if we start going two months, they could rent to 
somebody else. back to square one. same deal again. but, yeah, spending another week or so to get inspectors in is worthwhile.

lxpk: want to do a meeting in 48hrs to speed this up?

ladyr: want to hear from an inspector. as soon as we hear back and get a report, then we do a 24hr meeting.

gabriel: am I right there are two inspections to do what we want: (a) zoning, and (b) contractor to get building improvement costs.

Tyler: Inspector who figures out zoning doesn't exist. We'd have to figure it out with the city (Planning Department). It's something a business usually would not do. Building inspector - I don't know what particularly we want them to do (sprinklers, electrical, etc. are all separate inspectors).

Alchemist: This is my area of expertise. You want an air quality survey done $500-1000 (will find asbestos and carcinogenic compounds). We'll want electrical inspected, make sure wiring is up to modern code. Will want structurally inspected (no cracks, no shifting, no seismic nonsense). We don't want to have spend so much money and time, and have the city say the building hasn't had seismic retrofitting or whatever done. Asbestos was used in auto body fillers up to the '70s. We will also want a general building inspector (to check the roof, the plumbing, sewer lines, etc). That's pretty much it. 

Lady Red: Alchemist. do you think you can help us find an inspector? sounds like you have the most knowledge on this.

Alchemist: I can give a little bit of time, but I'm moving back to Canada.

Tyler: The building was built in 1992. 

Alchemist: We will need a key/unfettered access. We need the landlord to understand we're going to basically x-ray the building.

Ryan: Can we ask when the last inspection happened? Check with the City?

Alchemist: Don't trust the landlord's say-so.

Tyler: we already checked that there is no outstanding violations that have not been cured.

alchemist: This is like if you have a new sexual partner and want to get them tested.

lxpk: There's an #inspection channel on Slack. Everyone who's down to help, go there!

James: Can we just do this in #general? This is important.

X: I volunteer to coordinate inspections. I will host a daily inspection briefing.

Alchemist: Like Hunger Games tribute??

X: Hopefully it doesn't come to that. Briefing at 4:44pm!

Ⅹ Volunteers to co-ordinate inspection efforts, and hold a daily briefing

*tyler signs off*

Ryan: Anyone on stack still want to say something?

lxpk: [plugs #inspection]

Evil Dan: I'd like to see the move happen, but after people have taken the time to discuss more. We should discuss with people who have concerns. If we're still talking about this 2 weeks from now, that's okay. More discussions as necessary is okay.

Ryan: Ok, that's the end of stack. I don't think we have any other discussion items.

lxpk: Regarding procedure for next week - if we cut out all other discussion items, that would help.

Tim: Or maybe we should have special meeting just for this topic?

Ryan: Ok, we'll put all of the other discussion items as pre-meeting.
Will start next week's meeting at 7pm, and get all other front matter done by 8 so we can start this discussion at 8.
If you have any issues with us moving, please be active in Slack/Discuss! Write your opinions down so they can be discussed. If you aren't comfortable using Slack/Discuss, find someone to proxy for you. Otherwise your opinion will not be listened to because it will not be heard. You must speak up, and do your part to help.  People need to step up.  If they want other options 

Tim: A lot of that response was probably aimed at someone not in the meeting anymore. We should share that sentiment with them. 

X: Direct Response, where's Alch, and I know a guy RE: inspections and leases

This part is on slack in #new-space \/ \/ \/

    Only allowed use is "maker space", does not leave much room for hacker space ships.
    Have there been any insurance quotes generated, per requirements of lease
    Point 7 of addendum, activities that may increase rent
    We are responsible for all repairs and maintenance of roof, foundation and plumbing for next 10 years, have we had a commercial insperction

[Link to Lease] Fuck ya <3: --> Uhhhhhh, requires slack login?

These should be public?


Can confirm /\ /\ works ok without login

This lease indicates a start date of March 12th, 2020, aparently the most revision, and will be updated.

this meeting has ended, died, and now we are burying it.

epic smell eminates from deep below the basement, with a bitter aft


just nope

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