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Tuesday Weekly Meeting

7pm warm up

8pm main event

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These are the notes from the The th Meeting of Noisebridge.

  • Note-taker: Nthmost
  • Moderators: everybody. or nobody.

Meeting Summary[edit]

FILL OUT AT END OF MEETING AND SEND TO MAILING LIST One or two bullet points of high-level meeting summary. TLDR what happened at the meeting:

  • Announcements:
  • Finances:
  • New philanthropists:
  • New members:
  • Consensus Items:
  • Discussion Items:


(We watched Hackers in its entirety... over Zoom.)

Nthmost wants to produce a book called _At Least We're Not Noisebridge_, a collection of stories and advice from hackers and makers.

"Noisebridge is an experimental spaceship. NB doesn't have a goal of being a superconglomerate hackerspace that takes over the planet." --Pyconaut

Noisebridge is what happens when you take a hackerspace and subtract things that don't work. --Rikke

Noisebridge is a sculpture! --brinda

Robert: the reason techshop passed and NB is here, the number of problems we've solved over the years, we need to put in that book.


Our One Rule is to Be Excellent to Each Other.

Do what you believe to be Excellent. Check in with what others believe is Excellent if you're not sure. Or just for fun. Noisebridge is constantly working on what Excellence means, and you are part of that epistemological effort just by virtue of Doing things at Noisebridge.

We have an anti-harassment policy in place as a backstop against people who really can't figure out what Excellence means. We've been fortunate that we don't have to invoke this policy all that often. We feel safer with it in place. Ask an old fart at Noisebridge for the history if you like.


Everyone at Noisebridge is a participant at Noisebridge.

Show up and do the thing. You don't need to be a Member or any other official designation. See also Excellence above.

  • How does someone get access to Noisebridge?
  • 272 Capp isn't yet built out so it's kind of up to everybody to start defining what this all means again.

Guilds Definition[edit]

Guilds are how groups at noisebridge organize.

For the sake of a short meeting just go look at

Philanthropist definition[edit]

A Philanthropist at Noisebridge has earned enough trust from the community to open and close the space.

You pay a monthy fee and are trusted by the community a big m Member vouches for you and you understand the space on a decent level. You gain 24/7 access to the space.

Membership Definition[edit]

Membership in Noisebridge entails community Trust in Consensus.

Biggest thing about membership is that members have ability to Block a Consensus. So Membership carries a bit more weight, so it has a longer process:

   * 2 Member signatures
   * 4 total weeks person's name announced at Tuesday meetings.


Consensus is how the Noisebridge Membership may change how Noisebridge works.

IT is the big decisions you need full concensus of all Big M members. These are things that affect what noisebridge meens to people. It can be blocked by any Big M member and that should start a discussion about why it was blocked, but as the item has already been talked about for a few meetings, any potential blocks should have come up already.

Consensus works by making sure we integrate and synthesize as many people's opinions as possible, so people know they are valued, and so Noisebridge makes the best decisions possible.




Nthmost -- Hi I'm Venix Flytrap, welcome to 2600. Pyconaut- He him -- El Jefe b/c I showed up in a Costa Rican hotel with a machete and no one cared. Rikke -- Queen of Crows Dan -- Evil Dan of Moisebridge Brinda -- RMC Squared Maven -- i like energy and physics Robert -- NAN X -- The X at yahoo dot com RTJ -- because i hack in R (no relation to run the jewels?) Gwen -- going to bed early J --

Short announcements and events[edit]

60-second description per item in bulletpoint.

Pyconaut- I updated our threadless shop, we now have face masks, and moving logo items

New 3D model images on the 272 page on the wikii

New Philanthropists[edit]


New Members[edit]


Financial Report[edit]

Anarchist societies under a capitalist state need money to survive and thrive, yo.

Fundraising Update[edit]

How's it all going


Discount for people helped move noisebridge

GuildMaster's Report[edit]

What is the current state of structural organization at Noisebridge?

  • What guilds are active? (Read the active guilds from Guilds wiki page)
    • (For each guild mentioned, ask if guild rep is present for a brief status update)
  • Would you like to join or start a guild? Checkout our guidelines or contact MetaGuild for help.


Proposals from last week [edit]

(Add any items which are consensed upon or someone has raised a principle objection for to the Consensus Items History page.)

Proposals for next week [edit]

(Add any new items for consensus to the Current Consensus Items page.)


The ELEVATOR in the Room[edit]

Dan: There IS a lot of stuff that still needs to get removed from Noisebridge that is movable without the elevator.

Naomi: OK but the BULK of stuff that remains requires the elevator.

Dan: Yep, just sayin'.

Naomi: Here's the stuff I know [stuff]

Dan: Oakland Elevator Company is a company we could maybe hit up.

Pyconaut: Day or night? Are we going to be noticed??

Rikke: Nah. No one cares.

Brinda: Safety concerns?

Naomi: Yes. we have those.

X: person getting it rolling should know they're taking responsibility for what happens.

Dan: My take is... it'll be fine if there's no problems. But if it gets stuck, that'll suck. We should maybe explore options further before we resort to the Just Get It Moving plan.

Naomi: We should definitely move things out in a priority order, in case we break the elevator mid-move.

Rikke: Maybe let's talk to some pro movers who've HAD this problem, i mean c'mon.

Evil Ryan, petting evil cat in lap: Some stuff we could break down into small parts, e.g. barbot could be cut in half. It was built 3 inches too wide and they measured wrong.

Rikke: Maybe the space has a bigger door when we move out. Just sayin'

X: Ramps, pulleys, cranes... there is a pathway, getting a Certified CAlifornia Elevator Mechanic on-site. They can legit operate the elevator when they're on-site.

Robert says he knows a guy.

Naomi: Great, Robert's the captain of the elevator in the room.


Robert pulls Naomi into the quicksand with him.

Ryan mentions the Elevator operator union or something. Ryan's gonna send info to Robert on Slack.

the Doors and the Exhaust System[edit]

Dan: Let's get Sparkleforget completely empty. The Exhaust system, for example.

Dan: We took all the doors off the hinges. What did we have when we moved in here?

Rikke: We BUILT everything that's there. Walls, doors, the works.

Dan: OK well we need to get rid of that illegal exhaust system.

Ryan mentions the acrylic doors in front of the elevator we need to remove them to get the laser cutter out. And the front metal gate. Check to see if the acrylic doors are ours.

Great time to rethink how Noisebridge works[edit]

How about we start thinking about this.

What have we liked about how NB works? What do you wish was different? Any fresh new ideas for Membership, how we give people Access to the space, our cultural norms like Ask to Leave, etc?

Can we potentially make our space more kid and parent friendly?

Add non-alcoholic drinks to barbot.

Other great ideas that didn't fit elsewhere[edit]

  • let's USE our awesome t-shirt maker -- BYO shirt to press a NB logo on to.
  • Custom t-shirt party (when this is all over)

Pyconaut - we should take the laser out of the laser cutter before we move it. So we don't damage the tube (wewill need to recalabrte it no mater what after the move).

End of Meeting[edit]