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These are the notes from the The XXXth Meeting of Noisebridge.

Meeting Summary[edit]

FILL OUT AT END OF MEETING AND SEND TO MAILING LIST One or two bullet points of high-level meeting summary. TLDR what happened at the meeting:

  • Announcements:
  • Finances:
  • New philanthropists:
  • New members:
  • Consensus Items:
  • Discussion Items:




Our One Rule is to Be Excellent to Each Other.

(What does that mean? How does the Anti-Harassment Policy fit into this? Are we SURE we know what being Excellent is? This is an important and fundamental conversation at Noisebridge, so let's give it like 120 seconds.)

You can do what you want, but do it with respect. Treat people well


Everyone at Noisebridge is a participant at Noisebridge.

(What does that mean? How do you get a door key? Access to Slack, Discuss, etc?)

Pyconaut: Participation can be in many forms. You need to figure how best you feel you can participate at Noisebridge. Not everyone participates in the same way. Some people like helping others, some people like being left to themselves. There's nothing wrong with people participating in different ways. You just need to be bringing your best, like Dan said, and being excellent to others. You can also participate digitally through our different online systems- noisebridge slack nosebridge discord noisebridge discuss noisebridge wiki noisebridge meetup

Guilds Definition[edit]

Guilds are how groups at noisebridge organize.

This section is still being defined, can be discussed during discussion if people want.

Philanthropist definition[edit]

A Philanthropist at Noisebridge has earned enough trust from the community to open and close the space.

(What does that mean? What do we expect from Philanthropists? How do you become one? etc)

Gives 24/7 acess,, and is a higher trust level, must have one Big M member vouch for you, you must learn how to give tours, open and close the space, and shuld pay between 40 and 80 dollars a month.

Membership Definition[edit]

Membership in Noisebridge entails community Trust in Consensus.

(What does that mean? What do we expect from Members? How do you become a Member? etc)

People who want to do stuff for noisebridge, including being able to block big C concensus, It is the highest trust level. Must be vouched or by two members . Takes 4 weeks, 2 where it is discussed and two weeks where it can be blocked retroactivly.


Consensus is how the Noisebridge Membership may change how Noisebridge works.

(How does Consensus work? What types of things are good for formal Consensus? What is small-c consensus? What is a "block"?)

concensus is the process by which things that can't be done through basic do-ocracy (things that affect others in the space.) It has two flavors, small c and big C. Small c concensus is the process where things that might cause slight issues in the space (events, big projects, moving rooms, etc), you just talk with the community before doing things. Big C concensus is the process by which action are taken at noisebridge that are to big, to expensive, or to critical to be done by small c concensus. These are things like Moving, spending a lot of money, or doing legal bureucratic garbage. This is a two week+ process where an item is propsed one week (if possible you should already have the item posted in draft concensus items, and the binder). At that meeting it will be discussed for a while, then the next week it will be discussed again, and at the end of the second meetings concensus section it will be discussed again, and if people feel confident, it will be brought up for concencus, and if no big M member blocks the consensus items it passes and becomes a Consensed item.

Dan- Big C concensus is not easy, but it encourges getting good communty input and makes sure people are heard. Small C can be as simple as leting people know you are going to make some noise or have an event.




Pyconaut- he / him likes VR, building things, and helping people. Tj- He /him I like to work on robotics, and is currently working on a noisebridge pet robot Marys lamb. Matt- Work on software, intrested in art stuff, and lazer. YYeeee Dan- Lazer stuff, brain controll robots, neuro stuff, more robots at noisebridge X- local space hacker, regular bla bla bla D-Pain (Dane)- He/Him or They/Them. Open-source proponent and DIY/grassroots autonomous social centers advocate. I also make zines. (unable to Zoom Zoom at the moment )

Short announcements and events[edit]

60-second description per item in bulletpoint.

Pyconaut- Next tuesday is Voting day, plaese vote early, if you can. Mail in is great. Suport the broken country we live in and make it slightly less broken

TJ- We have nosiebrige special spicy coffee.  

X- Saturday is halloween, and friday is halloween eve, noisebridge should do something, remotly.  We can make a telepresence haunted house.  Could do donation drive.

X- SF hardware startup meetup collablration possible

Pyconaut- LoRa project that has been mentioned a few times over past few months is nearly in a sable release , and we need testers who can help us set up a bay area network. 
It's called Celsol, no links at this moment while website changes

Dan- Thursday might be one of the last scheduled move out day of 2169. We really need to be out by end of week.

New Philanthropists[edit]


New Members[edit]


Financial Report[edit]

Anarchist societies under a capitalist state need money to survive and thrive, yo.

Fundraising Update[edit]

How's it all going

Pyconaut- Do we have emails yet, so we can start seeming more professional?

GuildMaster's Report[edit]

What is the current state of structural organization at Noisebridge?

  • What guilds are active? (Read the active guilds from Guilds wiki page)
    • (For each guild mentioned, ask if guild rep is present for a brief status update)
  • Would you like to join or start a guild? Checkout our guidelines or contact MetaGuild for help.


Proposals from last week [edit]

(Add any items which are consensed upon or someone has raised a principle objection for to the Consensus Items History page.)


Proposals for next week [edit]

(Add any new items for consensus to the Current Consensus Items page.)



Thusday move

Discussion Item 1[edit]

Thursday move

Who will post where Slack- Pyconaut Discuss- Dan Discuss mailling list- X Discord- TJ

I will spam at everyone

We will have a RSVP so that we can estimate how many people will show up

We can deal with overflow

Let people know that there are no lights at noisebridge, so go home beffore dark.

Buddys will be provided

Discussion Item 2[edit]

Ourdoor space

Deliniate between driveway and beyond driveway,

we have also applied for shared street which would allow ut to apply for a parklet out in our street. Parklets are annual. Shared streets are free and easy to do.

We will find out more in the next few day. This is also being discussed with our treasurer.

We can create outdoor covid bubbles.

We need to bring the stuff in at night.

What can we have in this space

Robots VR Gamestuff Phonechargeing station Soldering station Hands free style gaming area (kinect, DDR) Droplet visulizer Movie watching Stomp pad png on flashen tashen Long distance talking system (parabolic system, tin can with string) Farady cage to get away from 5g and everything else

Make everything modular and mobile

Can we get some inflatable structures

Discussion item 3[edit]

272 critical infrastructure

If you come to noisebridge to help, we are under development constantly, and people need to be aware that stuff is being worked on in imroving the space.

A few importaint pont is we need to improve

more fire extinguishers, double check all exits all work, make sure we can start moving forward on ADA stuff. Also we need to get to work of front gate area and front door.

Ventalation, and roof fans in skylights. We need more filtration, especiially if we strat doing more forced air. First floor will be harder, but second floor rooms are more critical.

We need a minister of sanitation to be a contact with recology.

Pyconaut - I definitly want to help with this Robotic trash cans trash bags bins in all the rooms etc

Dan- self cleaning no touch bathroom

This stuff will move to discuss

End of Meeting[edit]