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These are the notes from the The 600+th Meeting of Noisebridge.

Date: December 1st, 2020

Note-taker: relay

Moderators: Pyconaut

  • One or two bullet points of high-level meeting summary.

Meeting Summary[edit]


  • Fundraising Update
  • Announcements:
  • Finances:
  • New members:
  • New philanthropists:
  • Consensus Items:
  • Discussion Items:


Pyconaut- He/him Doing VR stuff, fixing noisebridge web stores, getting ready for holidays relay:he/him likes Free and open source software and half finishing projects TJ: he/him looking forward to 5mof on Dec 18 wants to half finish a project as well. Evil Dan: he/him I like noisebrige grow and change for the better bla bla neurotechstuff and microctonrollers and I like noisebridge Curtains: no gender and nothing Gaardn:she/her used to come here often and want it to do well. Want to get the laser cutter in good shape! CarlG: he/him I live in the east bay and hack on the Flaschen Taschen and code for the internet archive and work on mobile stuff. Am a library commissioner. Long time noisebridger. Catlyn: they/she used to go to noisebridge a lot last year. by day i work on security for a video game company. I'd be happy to help clean up the website. Gwen: I"m into tiny homes and wheels. try to keep up what is happening. Ⅹ - space hacker, got flaschen blink'n again & stream'n (+CarlG) dan: he/hom Ive been to noisebridge a couple of years ago. after covid I wanted to go back. works on radios and raspberry pis

Short announcements and events[edit]

60-second description per item in bulletpoint.

ft is on-line look for updates soon on how to view/hack remotely, anyone interested in particular day/time to do mods?

tj: every third thursday of the month there is a get together where everyone speaks for 5 minutes or something that they are interested in. I find that this is a good reason to get together to explain what they have been hacking on. This one should be December 17. Pretty informal occasion. it would start at 8 on

Carl: Pitch to help out the omni commons and sudo room. The pandemic has hurt them alot. they need more money and we can do a fundraiser for them. Maybe a holiday fundraiser. link to fundraiser:

Ryan: Flaschen Taschen is online again and will be remotely hackable. You can see it on the user "devil" at that's pretty cool

Financial Report[edit]

Anarchist societies under a capitalist state need money to survive and thrive, yo.

  • Funds in bank: from Nov 17
   cash %-71.93%
   crypto% -28.07% 

we have between 4 and 5 bitcoin as of two weeks ago

We've been having problems with paypal and our stripe account. no isuses with patreon. (definately have issues with paypal as of this morning) If you do recurring donations you may want to switch over to patreon Can do custom donations. Please donate to patreon Benevity is something that we ask people to contact tyler about. We need better documentation for the donation to noisebridge. It is probably running fine. We might need to check to see which account it is going to. It transfers to our bank account directly. We had some of these issues for a long time for not having transparency on how our money gets to noisebridge. Our donate page was down for a bit and we need that to be kept stable. Link to benevity payment link:

If you need our 5013c we have that info:

Fundraising Update[edit]

How's it all going We have good funds, but in the new space requires some mods. This will eat up our funds. Our monthly rent will also be higher and we should do more active fundraising. I need to reoganize our donation page. We have about 40 pages now and growing and they are all messed up and lots of info is out of date and with accounts we don't use. We need to update all of that before we call for fundraising just yet. Evil dan: actually, Omni Commons have a scheduled refinance in may. And they need to show they can do funraising . Learn more from them


Consensus is how the Noisebridge Membership may change how Noisebridge works.

(How does Consensus work? What types of things are good for formal Consensus? What is small-c consensus? What is a "block"?)

Big C Concensus is when a decision needs to be made, about something that can fundamentially change something that makes what noisebridge is. It is brought to multple meetings and is discussed and if no Big M member blocks the item, and there is a quarum of Big M Members present, and no one blocks it becomes a concensused item.

Proposals from last week [edit]

(Add any items which are consensed upon or someone has raised a principle objection for to the Consensus Items History page.)

Capacity Cap at 272 Capp Under Construction and Further Restrictions in this Time of Contagion

0) Respecting recently updated city / state requirements for coronavirus safety: Noisebridge is temporarily closed for “business as usual” - limiting activities at 272 Capp Street to “Minimum Basic Operations” and (possibly permitted) construction. While details may change, for the near term safe to say no in-person events such as classes, tours, parties, etc. (See for details.)

1) Restricting the number of people indoors at 272 Capp Street to no more than 3 upstairs and 3 downstairs, and (as per current city requirement) mixing no more than 3 households total.

2) Relying on knowledgeable volunteers to coordinate efforts and facilitate safe working environment with good ventilation, distancing, and sanitation.

3) Prioritizing projects to safely open the space for more participants - especially ventilation and making good use of outdoor space. Also will need some specific signage and paperwork related to coronavirus precautions, as well as any permits required for construction - and deploying basic safety measures such as fire extinguishers and exit lighting.

4) Expiring these coronavirus-related restrictions automagically unless re-consensed within 90 days after initial Consensus. Frequent review and revision is expected via discussion at weekly meetings going forward.

Relay- Can we add a section that adresses the curfew issue, and that we plan to follow it, and are aware of it.

Dan- We have already been doing only daylight hours recently. Also we have issus with meeting the sanitation guidlines for if we want to be open right now.

Dan- I will add a sentance about the curfew to it to alleviate concerns

Carl- quick question> I'm wondering on number 3. Do you still need some extra signage.

Pyconaut: we are supposed to have our own written guidelines.

evil dan: we can get the signs form the city if we want them. but the paperwork would be personel screening and non personel screening. It might be overkill for what little we are actually doing. Do you care enough to post these arbitrary signs? We don't have to make our own signs. Maybe we can make a health and safety plan, but that is another whole bag of worms. um yea., but all these things are doing the signs and setting up some basic ventalation. Open the doors, we can do that. It would take me a month to get the sign. I don't know if we'll get in trouble with the city. It gets complicated real quick.

Minimum basic operations are the simplest things. It has lots of leweay. Section 8D maybe not whatever. "Maintain the value of your inventory" also payrole and teleconferencing. it could be a hackerspace with stuff in boxes and setting it up, that should be fine. as long as we aren't wheeling and dealing and working too much with or putting wage slaves into the space, we should be fine with the city. Item 0 is definately see what the city expects from us. Taking a hard look

Relay: I can get those signs if we need them.

Pyconaut- as i know we don't have a quarum, and it was rewritten. Have not heard any blocks. We'll see about this next week

Proposals for next week [edit]

(Add any new items for consensus to the Current Consensus Items page.)


fundraising and money

Discussion Item 1[edit]

Pyconaut regarding fundraising and money I guess we'll talk about this. first. I want to mention that noisebridge has means that you can support them by purchasing goods and a zazzle store. We have to update some to have the new location. We now have all of our moving shirts up and the old prototype shirts and the new finalized moving shirts. so if you want to get some noisbridge swag, you can go online and get them. THere are a couple sales going on on zazzle and threadless and get noisebridge merchandise. We more options will be added in the coming days. quite a lot actually. If noisebridge is a 5013c we can also have our tax decution number on our website. I"ll make it easier to find. We also um do corporate matching, and you'll need to talk to Tyler about that or benevity, which we talked about earlier. another third thing is if you want to reach out we have a list of items you can donate to us for Noisebridge's wish list for the next day or 2. You can also buy stuff on amazon with and send that to Noisebridge. I've donated about $100 with my personal purchases on amazon so far. I don't think that anyone else is doing that right now, but it is very easy. YOu can also donate to other noisebridge adjasent nonprofits like omni commons or sudoroom, hackerdojo, internet archive, EFF, Im forgetting alot of others. Ask other noisebridgers about that. Everyone needs money right now.

our web stores,

Relay: where can I buy masks? Gwen: where can I get shirts?

Pyconaut: they are on the threadless store right now. Hmm some disappeared. We need to bring those back. We also might brand some hand sanitizer for sale. We can't get noisebridge brand hazmat suits ... yet. Any other questions?

Grants: if you know anyone that wants more grants, but we need help applying for grants. If you have a grant that you think that noisebridge should apply for, if you want help writing them, We'd be happy to help. We pretty much missed all fall grant applications. but we could use help preparing for them. If you know any companies that have any old hardware, and please get them to donate to noisebridge. We had some companies donate some stuff before. (post 2013 or so computers or electronics equipment). is there anythign that anyone else wants to talk about regarding this topic? I don't hear anything. then is there any discussion items that people want?

Discussion Item 2[edit]

Catlyn: I have a question about the webiste? what needs to be done?

Pyconaut: alot of the wiki. One of the most useful things right now is to get rid of all of the redirect pages, like if i go to noisebridge and i um bla bla um yea uuuh speacial pages and we want to go through the maninance and dead end pages. that don't link to things that they were not supposed to link to. No broken redirects. DOuble redirects we want to get rid of too. What you do to edit these is to check which links to this page go to that page and see instead if they go to the redirect that they go to the proper redirect. which in this case would be this page which doesn't do much either. we want to delete these 2 page redirects to, yea. Make sure that you don't break things when you delete them. it takes a bit of time, but that would be very helpful. we only have 69 double redirects. we also have uncategorigized categories. they need to be fixed again. yea. oh here this is the list of redirects. I think we how many redirects do we have right now? We only have 732 redirects to clean up. another thing is to make sure things are up to date. I'd say make the main pages up to date. particularly anything that is part of the manual. Fix the location every time it is mentioned.

Catlyn: ok I"ll do that tomorrow.

Pyconaut: take your time. what we need is a picture of the new noisebridge. I'm happy it says old right now. I cleared up the upcoming events section. a bit. yea. so here is the info poster needs to be updated. resources looks clean. cool. Both of these are still correct. it looks like alot of the front pages have been cleaned up very well. It's more. 12000 pages used. we have alot.

Catlyn: neat

Pyconaut: we can get of the ones with 0 bytes in it. alot of the other ones should be yea. I heard we have an archive page. we kind of need to fix all of the orphaned pages so that they link to things. That can be another thing to do. If something doesn't have a link, we should link it to something else. The meethign notes are orphan pages. hmm. oh wow we have a lot more images that i thinkw e haven't categorized correctly. fore people who never seen noisebridge, was this the old place. oopps that was a place we visited to look for places to move to. that are not properly categorized. I"ve been looking for quite a few of these actually. hmm. yea. hmm. yeh Oh wow I think i'll have to go through the wanted pages and fix all of those at some point. wow. they really do have alot. links to this? (safer space) yea. that's probably a mistake.oh the merit badges. there is a lot that can be done on the wiki. We don't want to add moste of these pages and find out what they are supposed to be linking to. unityversity is probably supposed to be linked to gamebridge. so every page that links to unity versity, should be redone so that they link to gamebridge instead of unityversity. wiat we don't ahve a hackatorium page? wait. huh. I'm kind of surprised we don't have a hackatorium page. Alot of these are supposed to be linking to huh archive version of fundraising call? was this page? this page should still exist, that's wierd. ok. yea. it guess there are some pages that we need to actually create. (goes through a bunch of blank pages of things that should have obvious things inside of it). THere is a lot of work to do on the wiki. Get some tunes and have fun editing the wiki. that is pretty much it. I reccomend having an account on the noisebridge wiki so that you can easily undo or edit the mistakes or have them ask you about the edit you made. you can use a fake name if you want to. if you want ot ask why something was changed. there is a couple of people that know things like

me, x and LXPK that have posted on this. 

Catlyn: i'll ask questions about things if i need to. I"ll figure that out

Pyconaut: you need to edit a certain number of pages in order to delete pages one really useful thing going on is to check which of htese pages are relevant to the current noisebridge and should be remapped to 272 so... yea we have alot of pages that say 2169. there are alot of things that should now say... like secretariet, should be changed. now we need a safe way to drop things off at 272, so we reccomend market street. yea. so introposter needs to be changed. the letter head needs to be changed. wait just a sec. yes our letterhead still has mission street. so, overall there are some simple things that people can use to look at noisebridge, they'll be able to find us if they ever come to noisebridge and update our logo,w hich im'm in the middle up doing.

??: we need to archive these old logos and put them in a logo archhive section

Catlyn: i have a quesiton. are we tracking the work that we need to be do?

Pyconaut: no we can't do that because it is very hard to coordinate what needs to be done. pretty much, we want to make it so that information is easy to find. if information is easy to find, it should have up to date info, focus on the front page and things that are found on the front page. we need to add our tax number to this. I thought I did. huh. wierd. I thought I did. I guess not. yea. if you see anything form one of the links on the front page that is obviously wrong, please fix that. We dwant to change it to 272 cap and our current jitsi link. I wish i was logged in and I'd change these now. UM there is alot of things that we need to wait to update because we are modifying the space so much. Um yea. yea. still thank you for offering to help. That is a very excellent thing to do. that is one of the hidden tasks that nobody says thank you for and yet is so critical. if you have ever did wiki edits.

lxpk and X did alot to make the wiki have a great top menu. the one problem is that these are still nte not the best method of getting around. yea. hopefully its' going to get better. umm. because alot of these are kind of confusing. to.. go through. I need to make sure that the internet archive has a current update of the current wiki first, just to have a record on how the wiki was just in case we manage to make it worse. if we want to reuse the closing page, we'll have to take most of the things off. Most of the stuff has not been changed in a long time. Now it no longer applies, so all of this would disappear. And people don't know how to look for the old verisons of our wikis. ok um and any other questions about wiki edits or anything like that. and you can contact me at slack or discuss if you need help editing. i've been pretty busy editing this outreach suff.

Evil Dan- just edited the wiki Concensus item according to relay's request:

   the city's 10 pm curfew may apply: but we'll only work at daylight hours.
   meeting ended at 10:08 PST

End of Meeting[edit]