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These are the notes from the The bbb'th Meeting of Noisebridge.

Date: December 8th 2020

Note-taker: relay

Moderators: Ⅹ, et al.

Next Meeting

  • One or two bullet points of high-level meeting summary.

Meeting Summary[edit]


  • Fundraising Update
  • Announcements:
  • Finances:
  • New members:
  • New philanthropists:
  • Consensus Items:
  • Discussion Items:


  • X - Space Hacker

Pyconaut he/him - watching anime (attack on titan) doing vr, ready for winter. Doing neurotech

Relay: notetaker I guess. Watching anime, python scripts, and FLOSS

Nthmost: apparently i make terrariums now? gonna make that obelisk like 2001

TJ : Making some stuff for 5mof, robotics and car robotics. It'll be cool.

KyleSewing: I own a sewing factory in SF now that started at NB, worked there alot. We hope he comes back to the new space

Carl: Flaschen Taschen Monolith? :-)

Tyler: do-er of money things

Tiffany: she/her, Free Code Camp and sewing sometimes

Jade: longtime neurohacker, but left due to covid

kevin: not at noisebridge much now. glad to be back virtually.

Dan (evil): lots of stuff at noisebridge has blown my mind. it's great to see us kicking off a new decade of noisebridge. I'm the head of the neuro cabal that we have here at noisebridge from time to time. We want to do more

Zero: I like to rollerblade through New York City and hack the planet

David: i've been working on CNC stuff. This weekend I'm working with vitreous enamel. Im kind of excited to try it out.

Dane (D-Pain): Zinemaker & member of Sudo Room , Omni Commons, & Bound Together Collective

Chickens in a suit: (strangely silent)

WE MAY BE HAVING TECHNICAL ISSUES, ssh says we should be ok

dan: on jitsi it is useful to go to low video setting in the manage video quality, in the three dot menu in thelower right corner.

Short announcements and events[edit]

60-second description per item in bulletpoint.

Naomi: Streamlit (where I work) does internal hackathons, and in 2021 we'll start doing public hackathons. Can noisebridge host this on our jitsi server, or help out? For the glory and power of Noisebridge! Sort of like how we hosted Stupid Things. Streamlit is an open source project.

Pyconaut: it is the holidays and often people donate during the holidays. Noisebridge is welcome to donations. If you want a means to do that, you can read our notes from last week. We still have issues with paypal. If you are worried about your recurring donations going through, contact Tyler on slack or double chekc wherever you send your recurring donations to make sure it is still happening. Nthmost becomes the new moderator as x leaves

TJ: Five Minutes of Fame Dec 17th! (Is a 5mof a five winged moth?) 5mof has a vascular system and exhibits wheel motion, making it unique in the universe, we checked.

there is also a 5 minutes of fame event where people can make 5 minute presentations. (RSVP here:

x becomes mediator again

D-pain: interested in creating a Zine library


Our One Rule is to Be Excellent to Each Other.

(What does that mean? How does the Anti-Harassment Policy fit into this? Are we SURE we know what being Excellent is? This is an important and fundamental conversation at Noisebridge, so let's give it like 120 seconds.)


Everyone at Noisebridge is a participant at Noisebridge.

(What does that mean? How do you get a door key? Access to Slack, Discuss, etc?)

Right now the best way to figure out how to participate is to come to one of these meetings. COVID-19 is a tricky thing to navigate around and we have had to implement rules that make participating at Noisebridge a lot more frictionful than we would normally prefer.


A Philanthropist at Noisebridge has earned enough trust from the community to open and close the space.

(What does that mean? What do we expect from Philanthropists? How do you become one? etc)

We have a lot of online info on this on the wiki

Membership Binder [edit]

Membership in Noisebridge entails community Trust in Consensus.

(What does that mean? What do we expect from Members? How do you become a Member? etc)

We have a lot of online info on this on the wiki

Financial Report[edit]

Anarchist societies under a capitalist state need money to survive and thrive, yo.

Fundraising Update[edit]

How's it all going

We have a store, buy noisebridge merch


Consensus is how the Noisebridge Membership may change how Noisebridge works.

(How does Consensus work? What types of things are good for formal Consensus? What is small-c consensus? What is a "block"?)

TJ:there are 2 types of consensus 1 is big c and another is little c

Little c is asking others around whether you want to do it or not.

big c is asking 2 meeting and any MEMBERS can block the consensus. they will block if they feel that it should not be passed.

Pyconaut: you don't need to be a MEMBER to propose a consensus items, but only big M members can block consenssus items. Even if you block, it means that there will be more discussions of the item. a block does not mean dead in the water mitch macconel style.

blocking is not a big deal you don't need to say that you are leaving over this.

Proposals from last week [edit]

(Add any items which are consensed upon or someone has raised a principle objection for to the Consensus Items History page.) originally posted November 17

Capacity Cap at 272 Capp Under Construction and Further Restrictions in this Time of Contagion

0) Respecting recently updated city / state requirements for coronavirus safety: Noisebridge is temporarily closed for “business as usual” - limiting activities at 272 Capp Street to “Minimum Basic Operations” and (possibly permitted) construction. While details may change, for the near term safe to say no in-person events such as classes, tours, parties, etc. The city's current 10 PM to 5 AM curfew may apply - in general, we'll be preferring to schedule work during daylight hours anyway.(See for details.) 1) Restricting the number of people indoors at 272 Capp Street to no more than 3 upstairs and 3 downstairs, and (as per current city requirement) mixing no more than 3 households total. 2) Relying on knowledgeable volunteers to coordinate efforts and facilitate safe working environment with good ventilation, distancing, and sanitation. 3) Prioritizing projects to safely open the space for more participants - especially ventilation and making good use of outdoor space. Also will need some specific signage and paperwork related to coronavirus precautions, as well as any permits required for construction - and deploying basic safety measures such as fire extinguishers and exit lighting. 4) Expiring these coronavirus-related restrictions automagically unless re-consensed within 90 days after initial Consensus. Frequent review and revision is expected via discussion at weekly meetings going forward.

Dan: I've put in some suggestions. I'd like some people to discuss this. This is coming out of a small c consensus and we are now willing and able to do a bit of unpacking and seen enough of what happens when we can do. It is a restriciton for what people are used to at noisebridge. I get nervous when people feel that they don't need consensus. We can keep talking about this if needed.

Nthmost: i just have a question. Is there somebody that somebody would be called a neutral party to this conversation? Is somebody able to narratize the conversation about this?

X: tj has seen different aspects in this. Relay has, I have. we can recap if we need to.

TJ: yea i'm cool with that David can speak first

david: I think this consensus item is excellent. I just have 2 things that I"m curious about and they are not showstoppers. Are we considering the driveway/sidewalk the first floor? for transparancy about who has access to the space, can we make that transparent who has access to the space?

Dan: yes the driveway is not included. we will fall back on the city's strong requirement and not mix households. As long as there are not too many people it should not be a problem. We should be able to socially distant 2-3 people in the outside part of the space as well.

david: i just want to track about who else has access to the space as part of our current consensus item. As for the driveway, SF shared spaces we have been promoting and using that like dining areas now.

dan: relating access it is part of the last item. it is discussed. You need to have a very good reason to be in the space and don't want people to veel like we are doing excessive gatekeeping. It's not just one person holding that stuff out.

Tj:also nthmost do you want me do go back starting now, or the brief history of what happened?

Nthmost: I think you can accomplish this in 2 minutes or less. what disagreements have there been.

tj: I know that alot of people have been wanting to get access to the psace. Alot of people wanted access to the space and did not know who had keys. It was hard to figure out who had keys to work on something or help move the space in august or september. on the other hadn the people decided that tere can be a few people in the space but we want to keep noisebridge closed. We are worried about people having classes or haning out and did not want to be ressponsible for virus spread. (mission has lots of this). I'm not shure where they are now that strongly argued against it. Now we are all in line with the ordinances. I havent' seem too many arguments against this. This has been aroudn for a while.

X: Id' liek the hear a recap from pyconaut

Pyconaut: yea I agree with tj. at this point in time, peplle agree that noisebridge should be closed for the most part. One or 2 people can access the space to bring in donations, check equipment, take out trash, etc. some of the comments I talked with dan about earlier. I've been testing a few things and they might be ways to spread the virus. We decided to not have food in the mission space. I don't think that we should add more to this concensus item. and that We should not drink or eat at noisebridge Even outside to much.

Nthmost: A useful vantage point I have is that my partner ("lemons" aka Signal) is the Chief Science Officer at a 10,000 person medical records company, and they're exclusively working with COVID-19 right now. They say that their clinical expert panel (doctors and disease experts) says that the vaccines are real and should be available by april or sooner. SF says shelter in place ends January 5, but nothing really will have changed substantially by then about the pandemic, so chances are high that SIP will extend into March. We should be prepared to be hunkering down till march or april. The future looks bright though, the vaccines are good and now we just need people to fuckin' take 'em.

TJ our lease starts after we are legally allowed to open. Tyler might know more aobut that. I'm not sure if we are paying rent just yet.

X: Based on previous meetings before, we would be cutting a check on december 1 to On november 1 there were no provisions available to start renting it out yet. (IDK not clear)

Tyler: We are not paying rent right now, and the timeline has changed since the extension of the stay at home order. Just had a email out to the realtor this morning clarifying that we are not open, and not permitted to be open given the current orders. Of course if that continues through January, we would likely get more pushback from the landlord about paying rent. But I can pretty safely say that we are not paying rent until the end of 2020

X: wow saving $9600 9k for rent 600 in recycling

Nthmost: quick question: how much money are we pulling in?

x: we'll cover that later, but we dont' know how much is in paypal now

Tyler: yea, with the paypal issue right now, we are down ~$2,000 this month. But we still pull in $4-6,000 per month with patreon + stripe + benevity.

Tyler: most of our income has definitely been crypto appreciation though

Naomi: maybe good opportunity to start pumping a different platform...

(evil) dan 21:05

Dan: details on recent edits...

last: relay had a suggestion to acknowlege the curfew in place. Its nice to have other people add to the consensus item first? went into a rant about knowlegable volunteers, public.I said that I could get small c consesnus but wanted a reality check. I keept ranting about how noisebridge should work and get messy as the notes in this section. I wish I could get some respect in the consensus. We don't want a trojan horse for knowlegable volunteers in this stack. The city and state and everyone else wants to not have people drown in covid. I dont' want to be doing because of the city. We are doing it for us. we respect the intent and want to make this as safe as possible. want to prevent power vaccums. Relay do you want to talk on this. DK and Carl also brought this up with wme regarging the gatekeeping. I want to hear from those without keys.

X: I promised a check in and want to know if we want to continue this consensus discussion before it goes on too long. I'll leave the floor open for a moment. Does anyone want to make a block on this? If anyone wants to see a good blocking reason, we can hear about that. Any blocks anyone? Does anyone want to be on stack regarding this? let me look Fellow jitsier that is anonomous would youlike to introduce

nthmost: I'm gonna explicitly say "yea" to this consensus item but i'll probably not say anything more.

evil) dan: well spoken lol

someone: how do we do minimal operations if you want to do things. WHo has access.

x we have not ever denied access to the space to help build something at the space. That has been on dan an I that we have done that. We are enabling others to do that. To your mimimum operations question dan elaborate

dan: maintain value of inventory. we are a functional hackerspace but unpacking would work. There is no urgency now but not just yet. Now it is making sure that the chiote is watered and cleaned the bathrooms. That is very minimal. You are welcome to clean the toilet. do it safely and with the fewest amount of people at a time. We just can't do commercial transactions. the more we do the more paperwork becomes relevant.

pyconaut: I agree with this. SF should be getting vaccines to us surely and slowly.

X: quorum is it possible?

dan: this is almost perfect consensus. Tyler said you have to take something out to be better. I think it is good enough for govt work. The last item to prioritize more items for more people. If we have a quorum next week, but I think that editing and reviewing this is fine.

x there have been no edits for a week. Tyler was cool if there were no changes anyways.

dan: tyler proposed dropping this:

   Note a recently suggested revision from @themanmaran - with the intent to keep focus on teh covids:  Prioritizing projects to safely open the space for more participants - especially ventilation and making good use of outdoor space. Also will need some specific signage and paperwork related to coronavirus precautions, as well as any permits required for construction - and deploying basic safety measures such as fire extinguishers and exit lighting. to  Prioritizing projects to safely open the space for more participants - especially ventilation and making good use of outdoor space. Also will need some specific signage and paperwork related to coronavirus precautions.

Dan: i feel like this topic is stale.

X: direct responses I want to reflect that with this change, we have a large big c consensus Item. I don't want this change. I have been talking about this with everyone in this space. I agree it must be covid focused. We also need fire safety and not dying due to other things is very important too. We need to have fire preparations and other safety precautions in place. I don't want any edits on this item. I'd like us to vote on this now.

Pyconaut: i wanted to mention that the written consnensus item is that it can be revised while it is in place. I think that we can do consensus tonight and review as we need it going forward. I don't think this should be discussed each week. and what we need to do. General saftey of the space can be discussed each week too. we need to keep the space safe in general.

Zach: I'm miking around. trying out many mikes here. (inaudible) I'm zach and I come to noisebridge and proposed noisebridge have covid safety. I'm late to the party, but we did not cover covid safety for mission.

X:We worked that out. This is a new thing for the new space that we are at now.

zach: i personally want to see something stricter. I think it is harder to enforce how many households that people are from (how would you know?). I know that I havent put in the work at meetings others have for this so I will respect that and sort of go with the flow here. I think safety is important to discuss every week as pyconaut said. Iv'e said that we are not out of the woods yet until theres a vaccine (during summer) but most everyone ignored me. I have friends in the infectious disease community. We have no vaccine yet and people need to get that. I'm glad that people are taking this seriously. I appreciate that people put in the work for this. and will not suggest any edits in the effort to get this passed.

X: A quorom of members is present, any indication of the opposing make yourself known.

X, nthmost, pyconaut, lxpk, bfb, brocolli, tyler are present for the consensus anything else to add?


the silence must mean consensus. much appreciation to everyone that has came to the meeting and protecting the value of our. Hope none of us have covid. Hope we can party after this covid business is over.

Consensus is done.

Silent clapping 

X: May it be shown that concensus is reached

Proposals for next week [edit]

(Add any new items for consensus to the Current Consensus Items page.)


Zach says the Jitsi link could be easier to use. Was gonna try to address them himself but didn't know how to fix it for good (as opposed to just for that one listing on Discuss).

Zach says contacted manuf for reflow oven stuff to source, it's gonna cost $40 per PCB, $20 per LCD and $40 for shipping. So that's lame. they said $40 total before.


door access money stuff Maintaining Our Inventory

Discussion Item 1[edit]

  • Access
    • Key Distribution 272 Capp St. Front Door
      • X
      • df
      • M. Name
      • Alchemist
      • pyconaut
      • tj
      • nthmost
      • jd
      • David
      • Robot

Look to notes above in the consensus item for more info.

Also in previous meeting note discussion and discuss

Discussion Item 2[edit]

Money stuff

X: Last week's meeting has details on pending crypto sales and other stuff

Relay: Can we invest in water futures?!

Dan: YEah yeah here's what we're gonna do. Gonna find some deep pockets and crowdraise as not-NB and make some grubstake, get filthy rich and donate to NB. ACKSHULLY we're not speculators k.

Dan: Back to nthmost's question, how 'bout that INCOME?? What are our recurring, monthly, one-time, etc...?

X: Yeah, we're losing about $2k/month in paypal donations.

N:is the money coming in and we can't access it? or...?

X: Paypal is CANCELLING all payments towards Noisebridge. So that's totally lost money.

N: Maybe good opportunity to move away from PayPal? It has so many problems.

x: Also FYI, does not exist do not give it money

X: works and is powered by Stripe so that's an option. Patreon, Benevity. Also we're not sufficiently maintaining Stripe infrastructure (it's getting a lot of spurious card swipes from crackers) so that's at risk.

X: Also, referencing Pemulis's response on "Towards an Anarchist Hackerspace", he talks about how administration can work at Noisebridge. We gotta do better with our money.

Fo shizzle.

more info from pemulis on how $$$ can work at noisebridge

pyconaut: we talked bout this last week as well check those notes as well.

Discussion Item 3[edit]

Maintaining our inventory

X: Maintaining the value of our inventory is important, but also Stay Home whenever possible. Zach mentioned reflow ovens, i'll follow up. I just donated a 2x4 ft CNC machine that'll be great. Just talked to JT who's been working on the woodshop area.

X: Being able to securely maintain and protect this equipment (water damage, broken parts, etc) is important. We also have a pick-and-place in the wings, we just got some vending machines... Went by the space today and the space is locked up nicely. Nothing likely to be damaged or overlooked. I cleaned out the fridge, unplugged the machines, turned off devices, left a couple of computers running like Jitsi. We're in a medically induced coma basically.

X: I'm taking downtime, will participate in meetings every other week or maybe weekly. Really appreciate this community and willingness to pull together and keep NB chugging along!

    • cheers**

N: (rum and egg nog)

X: (describes his robotic brothel)

pyconaut doing vr anime neurotech stuff

End of Meeting[edit]